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She Belongs To The Kitchen – Episode 11

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Like before you Read…….


Lawrence: Madam please I can’t find my wallet again. Can you follow me to that ATM over there let me withdraw and pay you.


Seller: Follow you where? you must be out of your mind.


Lawrence: Madam please I’m begging you


Seller: Alright but on one condition..


Lawrence: What is the condition?

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Seller: You will give me #17, 000 instead of #15, 800.


Lawrence thought about it for a while before accepting the condition.


The woman called her daughter to stay at her shop while she followed Lawrence to the bank.


When they got there, he withdrew the money and pay her. He went to where he packed his car and drove off.


On getting home, he started doing house chores.


He swept the whole house and outside then he washed the toilet and bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, the rooms and parlour before dusting the chairs and tables. By the time he finished, he was sweating like a Christmas goat.


“Oh thank God I am through”


“At least I can rest before its 4pm”

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As he was going to his room to sleep, he saw the heap of cloths to be washed.. Lawrence:hmmmm, I am really going crazy, so I can never rest again. look at this heap of dirty cloths waiting for its servant to wash it..


I really wish I had listen to Bekky and bought the washing machine when she begged for it, anyway let me wash them.


He sluggishly packed them to the bathroom and started washing them, as he was washing them, he slept off. by the time he woke up, it was 4:30pm already. “haaa what have I done to myself, this children must have been waiting for me. Let me start going.”


He went inside his room, changed his cloth and left. When he got to the school it was almost empty, he started looking for the kids.


After some minutes he saw them at one conner waiting for him, Eva was already crying.


Lawrence: Hi kids, how are you guys?


Deborah: We are fine daddy, Good evening Sir


Wally:We are not fine daddy, we have been waiting for you for so long, if its mom she will be the one waiting for us and We are even hungry.


Lawrence: I am sorry OK, let’s go home now, I will buy food for you guys on our way.


They entered the car and left, when they got home he told them to go to their room and change then come downstairs and eat the food he bought for them.


He went back to the bathroom to wash the remaining cloths and spray them to dry.


by the time he finished, his hands were paining him very well.


He went inside the parlour to check something, on getting there he was dumbfounded at the state of the parlor. the kids has scattered everywhere.” What is happening here? what is the meaning of this? now that I thought am through with everything, at least I can rest now but you kids intentionally created another work for me.


Deborah! Wally! on your knees now! ” He thundered and went inside his room brought out a cane and beat them before telling them to go to their room and sleep. Lawrence started tidying the parlour again, by the time he was through, he was extremely tired, he sat on one of the cushions in side the parlour resting. “hmmmmm, just one day that I stayed at home to do house chores and take care of the kids all the bones in my body has broken.


Now I understand the kind of work my wife does here, I thought I was doing her good by making her a house wife while I work to earn money but I never knew she has been the one doing the main work, there is no job as hectic as that of a real wife/housewife, I can’t believe I made my wife go through all these since we got married and the worst part of it was that I was never grateful, appreciative, I was always complaining, I have been so selfish.


All these while I was so blind to see that my Bekky has been suffering .


Oh my God please forgive me for failing as a husband and I hope she can forgive me too.


He said almost in tears

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