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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 6

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Chapter 6


Claire’s POV

“Good morning Claire” Mr Knight greet me with a sly smile. “Or would you prefer I call you Hazel?”

I’m doomed……

He turned his attention to the other interns.

“It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing some of you around,…. A lot” he said the last part looking at me. Uh-oh .

Mr Knight dismiss me us and the rest of the day went by in a blur.

Before I knew it, it’s time to go home, I gather my things and left the office. I arrived at the penthouse, I didn’t expect Mr Knight to get home before me or sit on the sofa waiting for me to come back.

“So let me get this straight, not only am I your boss under this roof, I’m also your boss at the office” he said immediately he saw me.

I’m screwed,.,…..

You lied to, and not just about your name. When I asked about your day job, ‘intern at Knight Gaming’ was not your answer”.

There’s a perfect explanation……. ” I tried to explain but he didn’t let me.

Meeting you at the bar… Hiring you as my housekeeper… Was that all part of your plan? ” He asked.

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What in God’s name is he talking about?

Plan? ” I’m confused.

I should have known better than to trust Lucas’s lousy idea. A questionnaire to discern character? Nonsense! You’re just like the housekeepers from before, you’re all after something from me, except you are more ambitious than the others. It’s not just about the apartment, is it? You’re after recognition at work as well” he yelled angrily.

N-no, of course not”

The photo you took…..” He paused and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Then something like realization flashed in his eyes. “It all makes perfect sense now, how were you even hired at my company? Was it through deceitful means as well? ”

Mr Knight takes out his phone.

” I have to speak to Raven about this”

This is, I draw the line here, I’m absolutely livid, how dare he suggests something like that. I stand on my tiptoes and snatch his phone.

“What do you think you are doing?” He asked.

“I submitted a portfolio just like the other candidates! I got in fair and square! I have no idea how we met at the bar, but you kept your identity secret for the housekeeper application. There is no way I could have known it’s you” I take in a shaky breath to calm myself down. “Call it a crazy twist of fate or something……..”

Killian cuts me right off.

” I don’t believe in fate”

There was pin-drop silence as his words hang in the air.

“Your collection of films says otherwise”

He clenched his jaw in frustration. I’ve definitely hit the right nerve this time, his dark eyes are glaring daggers at me. This time, however, I’m not afraid to stand up to him. But getting emotional has never been my strong suit. It’s as if the floodgates have crash right open and tears begin to well up in my eyes.

“I… didn’t ask to be cheated out of my savings… I didn’t ask to be harassed at the bar… I didn’t ask to be someone’s housekeeper… I just wanted to prove my mum wrong. I just wanted to get out of morfield and design a game of my own”

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Killian seems taken aback by my sudden outburst. His expression soften a little.

“I….” The doorbell rang, cutting him off.

“Who’s there?”

Killian walks over to the video intercom and I trail behind him, wiping my tears away. On the intercom is a beautiful brunette that could easily pass as a model with her tall frame, perfect curves and immaculately symmetrical features.

Her luscious lips are pressed into a pout as she glares at the screen.

Killian’s POV

Fuck! How did she get up here?.

“Who’s that?” Claire asked me.

“Open the door Killian! I Know you’re in there!” Chloe yelled into the intercom.

I pinched my nose bridge, my eyes land on Claire, then an idea popped in my head.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I need your help. Play along” I told her. Before she have time to react, I wrap an arm around her waist and pulls her close to my side. Then I open the door.

Claire’s POV

Killian open the door and I come face to face with the woman.

“About time…. Who’s this? The lastest in your string of conquests?” The woman


Really, Killian? The old ‘ fake girlfriend’ trick? Anyway I decided to play along.

“Who’s this sweetie?” I called him a sweet name as sign to start playing along.

“Er…” Killian was short of words, he wasn’t expecting that. “No one important, my love” he said. I suddenly forget how to breath.

The woman’s cheeks flush with anger. If she were a cartoon character, smoke would be billowing from her ears and nose by now.

“I’m sorely disappointed Killian, at least pick someone better to make it look more convincing” she said.

What’s wrong with the way I look?.

Well if it’s convincing she wants… she’ll have it…

I reach for Killian’s neck and pull him closer to me, he furrows his brows in confusion but doesn’t resist. I plant my lips on his.

He freezes.

Uh-oh, I shouldn’t have done this…if I pull away now….

I gasp in shock when I feel his tongue brush against my lips. The way his mouth move expertly against mine had me curling my toes in response. He cups his other hand around my neck and angles my head to deepen the kiss. Our lips move perfectly in sync as the kiss grows passionate. I have no idea when he took control but I’m not complaining.

Never minding there’s a woman gaping at the two of us. I lose myself to my senses. There’s something intoxicating about the way he tastes and from the way he’s licking….. Sucking….. Bitting……

I can’t help but wonder if he feels the same way about me.

“Okay I get it” the woman interrupt us.

Both of us are breathless by the time we pull apart.

“Can we talk, Killian?” She looks at me, then back to Killian “Alone”.

Killian sighs, he turns to me.

“We’ll continue this later, love” I nod.

I take one final look at the woman before going back to my room. I pressed my ear up against the door to listen to their conversation.

“What are you doing here?” I heard Killian ask the woman.

You refuse to answer any of my calls!” She replied. “I told you we’re over”

“You didn’t give me a reason!”

“We were hardly together to begin with. I remember telling you clearly that I’m not looking for anything serious and you said you were okay with that” Killian told her.

She scoffs.

“We hardly ever hang out. You’re always busy with work and when you’re not, you’re playing those lame-ass games!”

That. That is exactly why we didn’t and will never work” Killian said sounding angry.

I agreed to it when you insisted we keep our relationship, or whatever this was, a secret, and this is what I get?” She asked Killian. “I was dating Killian Knight and I didn’t even get to tell anyone about it. We don’t even have a cute couple post on my feed”.

Why do you have to tell anyone about it?” Killian ask.

Ugh! You wouldn’t understand” she said and mumbled something that I couldn’t catch. But even from behind the door, I can hear the sarcasm in her tone.

I guess someone caught yesterday’s interview.

“Well, I’m sorry I refused to be your show pony” Killian said to her.

Then I heard glass smashing….. Footsteps stomping out…. A door slamming shut.

What happened?

I step out of the room immediately.

“Kill… I mean, Mr Knight, is everything alright?” I asked him.

I see broken glass fragments all over the floor. Killian is standing in the kitchen with his back towards me. I take a close look at the shards. Is that….. blood?.

“Stay where you are. There’s glass everywhere” Killian told me.

He’s ransacking the cupboards slamming doors shut when he can’t find what he’s looking for.

“Where’s the god-damned bandage when you need one..” he muttered angrily.

I quickly make my way over, taking extra care to avoid the shards.

“Erm… The first aid kit is here…”

Killian turns to face me and my jaw dropped to the ground. There’s a deep gash across his palm. Blood is oozing out, staining his closet.

“A bandage isn’t going to stop the bleeding! We need to get you to A&E!”

“There’s no need for that…. It’s just a small cut” from his tone, I’d think the gaping

wound is just a superficial injury, except it’s clearly not.

“At least put some pressure on it”

I grab a clean towel and wet it with warm water before carefully pressing it down the cut. Killian winces.

“Sorry” I cooed him. I looked up to meet his gaze, and I’m suddenly aware of how close our faces are. Up closer, his dark brown eyes held a gentle hue I didn’t realize was there before. Nobody said a word, but the air felt heavy.

Killian clears his throat, he’s the first to look away as he turns to take out a roll of bandage from the first aid kit with his good hand. He fumbles a little as he tries to unravel it. He finally gets the hang of it and wraps the bandage around his cut.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, huh” I said.

” You must have heard us ”

Sorry I got curious”

You probably think I deserve this….” He said. I choose not to say anything.

Thank you for what you did just now…. Leave the glass. I’ll have someone clean it up tomorrow” he said.

Huh, who? I’m the housekeeper” but he’s already headed to his room.

And what about our conversation from before?” I ask no one in particular as he shuts his bedroom door behind him…..

To Be Continued…

Love y’all


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