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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 27

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Chapter 27





Claire’s POV



“You’re awake” I know that voice… Could it be…. I turned to the voice.





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What?! How long was I out? When did Mom arrived at San Francisco?



“You’re pregnant” she said looking at me in… disappointment.



O! Boy… What can I say now?



“M-mom… How come you are here?”



“How come I’m here? I’m on your emergency contact remember?” She shifts her gaze to my stomach and sigh in frustration. “I received a call from this hospital… That my pregnant daughter was hospitalized. I thought you were better than this, Claire.. And you even lied to me.. your mother. You promised you’d keep yourself… So what is this?”


I know I failed my mom… I even failed myself. I thought Killian was the one…

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I thought he was different from the men my mom used to talk about.. but..


alas I’m wrong.



“Mom.. I’m sorry, I..”



“You’re lucky he took responsibility for it”



Huh? Killian knows about this?



“What do you mean Mom?” I asked.



“The man who impregnated you… He’s the one who brought you here”



Killian? Killian brought me here?” I asked excitedly…. Maybe he’s come to explain things to me.



“Killian? Who’s that?” Mom asked.



“Who brought me here?” I asked instead.



“I did… Babe!”



Huh? What?…. Derrick? But how……?


He looked at my stomach with a little frown… Instinctively I wrap my arms


around my stomach as if to protect my baby… Then he looks at my face


with a smile… More like a grimace.



“This is your boyfriend, right?” Mom asked… Looking between Derrick and I.



Why did Derrick lied to Mom? I can’t let Mom know what’s happening here… I can’t stand her nagging right now…and also I need to know what Derrick is up to.



“Yes Mom…” I replied.



“So what’s your plan, Derrick?” Mom asked Derrick.



“Mom… Let’s not talk about plan for now… How about we get home first” I said the last part giving Derrick a knowing look.



“Yes.. Ms Mary… This is not a good place to talk about any plans” Derrick said.



There was silence… None of us said nothing… Until I decide to break the silence.



“Mom… How long was I out?”



“Almost a day… I took the first flight to come here immediately I received that call”



I eye Derrick cautiously….. I need to convince Mom to go back to morfield…


I don’t think Derrick is up to any good.



I turned to my Mom… With my… Everything is perfectly fine… Kind of smile.



“Mom, why don’t you go back to morfield right away”



“Why? How can I leave you alone? And besides I need to know if Derrick is serious about you and your baby…. I need to make sure everything is ok with you”




Mom, I promise you… I’m perfectly fine. You can’t just leave your restaurant to run itself… Even if it’s a small one”



But.. ”



Mom, just go.. I’m okay and I have Derrick with me”



Mom hesitate for some minutes… Looking at me suspiciously… Trying to figure out if I am really okay as I said. I plastered a very big smile on my face… To make her believe I’m okay.



“Okay” she gave me a small hug and kisses my forehead. “Do take care of her” she said to Derrick and I did a eye roll.



Mom step out of the room…. I turned to Derrick but he’s already looking at


me…. Well my stomach.



“So you are pregnant…. With that bastard’s child, huh?” He said, detest can


be heard in his tone.



“Derrick.. what are you up to? How did you even know where I was?”



“Don’t worry about that…. What you should be worrying about is….. That”


he points to my stomach.



” Huh? ”



“We’ll be getting married soon…. We can’t let that come in the way”



“I’ll never marry you and don’t even think of hurting my baby…. ”


He laughed sarcastically.



“We’ll see about that sweetheart…. Thank God your mother is gone back to


morfield, it gives us chance to abort that thing and maybe replace it with….





In your dreams, Derrick” He laughs again.


“Don’t worry I’ll send an invitation to your mom, she wouldn’t miss our wedding”



He leans in and wanted to crash his lips on mine…..I quickly move my face


and kick him where the sun doesn’t shine. I need to get out of here… I can’t marry Derrick or let him harm my baby.



I stood up and head for the door but I was too late…. Or maybe he


recovered from the kick real fast….. He grabs my arm and pushed me back


on the bed…. My head hits the rails of the bed. And he kicks my stomach….


Real hard. I clenched my stomach.



“I will have to do this the hard way then” he blows something on my face….


I think it’s chloroform…. Gradually my eyes closed and I fell unconscious.



Derrick’s POV



After I put Claire unconscious…I hurried to the doctor’s office and sign the discharge papers. I carried Claire bridal style and step out of the hospital.



That bastard Killian got my Claire pregnant….but that’s not a problem, I can


always abort the baby….either willingly or forcefully….I must marry Claire….I



have the right to be with her since I saw her first. After we get married, I’ll leave San Francisco and make Claire love me.



I can’t lose to Killian Knight….I don’t care if he’s the most richest man in San





Killian’s POV



It’s been almost a day since Claire left… I’ve been looking all over the city for her but no luck…I even went inside the rain… showing her picture to people… asking if they’ve seen her around but they all said they haven’t seen her. I had Lucas get my private investigator to track down her phone…but he couldn’t, I guess her phone ran out of battery.



I pace around my living room, running my fingers through my hair..


sometimes pulling it frustratingly.



“Killian you need to stay calm, we’ll find her” Lucas said.



“How can I stay calm?… Claire is out there and only God knows what she’s going through.. I need to find her…but where can I look…where?”



Right on cue…my phone begin to ring in Lucas’s hand.



Who’s calling?” I asked him. “A strange number”


I quickly grab the phone and placed it on my ear….it might be Claire calling


for help.




“Hello.. Claire?”



“Killian Knight…. long time no see” I heard a male voice… though the voice


sounds awfully familiar but I can’t remember where I heard the voice.



“Who are you?”



“Forgotten my voice so soon?.. alright take a lucky guess” listening to the voice closely… realization dawned on me.









“The one and only….I and Claire’s wedding is in two days”






What the do you mean?”



Claire and I are getting married in two days…. now listen, I’m not selfish and I want to marry Claire fair and square….so I’ll let you in on a secret….


Claire’s pregnant with your bastard, I’ll give you the whole of tomorrow and if you can make it in time….if you can find my location in time…then you can save your baby and maybe get Claire back….but if you can’t, I’ll have Claire abort the baby….so I’d advise you start now”



Did he just say Claire is pregnant? Was that what she wanted to tell me at the restaurant? I’m going to be a dad…I’m going to be a DAD!!



“Derrick if you dare hurt my baby or Claire I promise I’ll make you suffer worst than you’ll ever imagine” I growled into the phone.


“Let’s see if you can make it first” then he hangs up.



I turned to Lucas with a smile.



” Lucas….I’m going to be a dad…”



“Yeah I heard….but we need to save Claire first”



Immediately he said that… reality slapped me in the face….my family is at


the mercy of that asshole.



“Did you trace this call just now?” I asked him



“Yep…but the location is a little out of town… it’ll take almost a day to get there”



” Then we must set out right now”



I picked my jacket from the sofa and head out with Lucas right behind me.



” I’ll call the cops…just in case” Lucas said…I nod at his idea.



Wait for me Claire…I’m coming to save you and our little Claire…. or little


Killian…how I love the sound of that.



To be continued

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