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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 24

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Chapter 24



Killian reflect on his mistake



Killian’s POV



I left Knight Gaming and drove straight to a club… Not that I planned to flirt with girls… I’m angry at Claire, that isn’t an excuse to cheat on her… I just come to the club cause I needed something stronge…



I didn’t bother going to the VIP booth… I just grabbed a random chair and sat down.


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“Welcome sir, what would you like to have?” I raised my head and saw a female bartender standing in front of me… Her cleavage on full display.



I looked away quickly.



“Get me your strongest drinks”



“What about something that isn’t in…. The menu” she begins to run her


fingers through my hair… I quickly caught hold of her hand and jerked her away.



“I’m okay with just the drinks… And get me a male bartender” I hissed at her harshly.

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She scoffed and storms away….



The loud music blared in my ears… But I wasn’t listening to it… My thoughts keep going back to what transpired between Claire and I back in my office…


Maybe I overreacted a little, but my parents are just too much…. Since I was


little their relationship has always been on the line and I don’t think there is anything anyone can do about it… Not Claire… Not even me.



“Here’s two bottles of tequila for you, sir” a male bartender said and placed the bottles of tequila on the table in front of me…



I grab one bottle and took two large gulps… While the bartender sat on the chair next to me… I took a proper look at him and noticed… He’s not the bartender..



“Girl problem?” He asks me.



I ignores him.. and continue to take large gulps of the tequila.



“You know I believe that in every relationship.. girls are the most reasonable ones” he continues. “When a woman loves a man… She can do whatever it



takes to see a smile on his face… I came here to get drunk because I let go of the only woman that ever truly love…. ”



“Then go get her back” I said… I just want this dude to leave.



He lets out a dry and pained laugh.



” It’s too late for me now…. She’s dead”



This got my attention… I turned to him in confusion.



” What do you mean? ”



She left the house that day we had an argument… And that was the last time I saw her smile… She run over by a truck and she died on the spot” he raises his head to look at me. “I don’t know you… Or your girl… But take my advice.. go to her and sort out whatever shit that went down between you”



He stood up and staggered out of the club.



He might be right… It wouldn’t hurt to know why Claire met with my mom…


She did mention something about divorce…. Maybe I should have listened


to her instead of yelling at her…. Hurting her feelings…



I need to apologise… And listen to her.



I stood up and head out.






Few minutes later….


I stepped into the penthouse and head towards Claire’s room…. I begin to


knock on her door.



“Claire?” I waited for some seconds… But received no response.



“Claire… Please open up” still no response… I turned the knob and the door open…. I step in.



” Claire?… Let’s talk” still no response.



This means she isn’t home yet…. I checked my phone and saw it’s already 9:33pm.



I head back to the living room… And dialed her number…. And waited for


her to pick up… The phone rang and rang and rang until the call ended….


Claire didn’t pick up…. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to me… I’ll just wait


until she gets back.. I sat on the sofa and decide to play some video games until she gets back…



Claire’s POV



It’s been three hours since I sat on this bench in the park….. Watching kids


play, but unfortunately, the kids parents are taking them home now since it’s already late… I was hoping Killian would call me… But he hasn’t called.



Stupid Killian! Stubborn Killian!



I know I should be feeling hurt right now… But as a saying goes ‘two wrongs can never make right’….. Since he’s behaving immaturely, I’ll be the mature one.



I’ll go back home and give him the silent treatment… Until he grows up and listen to me like an adult.



I picked up my bag and head to the bus station near by…. Immediately I got


to the bus station, I feel my phone vibrate against my pocket… I reach out for the phone and check the caller’s ID…. It’s Killian calling… I scoffed and keep the phone back in my pocket.



So now he wants to talk to me…. He still needs to clear his head… Maybe by


the time I get home, he’ll be calm.



The bus arrived and I entered…






A few minutes later…



I dropped at two poles away from Killian’s penthouse….. I walked a few


meters until I arrived at the tall building.



Just when I wanted to go in…. Someone tapped me on the shoulder… I


turned and saw…






I took a step back.



“Hello, Claire! How heartless can you be… You didn’t even think to call me” he said.



Memory of our last meeting flashed through my mind…. My heartbeat


increased immensely.



Is he here to do worst than kissing me forcefully?!



I wanted to make a run for it… But he held my wrist before I could….



“Hey, hey tigress… Calm down.. I’m not here to hurt you, I only wanted to know if you can have dinner with me tomorrow”



Dinner with him? He must be kidding me… Even though I forgave him…. I


still have that fear installed in me… That his intentions are no good.



“Let go of her” a loud voice boomed behind me…. Killian? What is he doing


here… I thought he said he doesn’t care about me.



“Oh?… Mr Knight?” Derrick let go of my hand.



“Leave Derrick!” Killian said.



“Aww, but Claire haven’t said yes yet… So how can I leave? ”



She won’t be having dinner with you… Not tomorrow… Not ever” Killian growled. Pulling me to himself… Wrapping his arms around my waist.



Derrick looks at Killian’s arm around my waist…. And clenched his jaw and





“Claire… I’ll see you some other time” he said



“There will be no other time” Killian gritted out.



” We’ll see about that” with that Derrick left.



I removed Killian’s arm from my waist… It won’t hurt to make him suffer a little bit… I took two steps away from him… An innocent smile on my lips.



“Thank you, Mr Knight! But your help wasn’t needed… I was handling him just fine”



” Claire.. I… ”



” Good night, Mr Knight”



I flipped my hair and walked past him singing this song as I go



‘let me hear you say please, let me hear you pleaseeeeeee’



To Be Continued








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