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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 20

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Chapter 20



Say yes





Warning:- mature content (love &sex)



Claire’s POV


“Claire? Mr Knight wants to see you in his office” Lucas told me.

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It’s been two hours since I stormed to his office…. Just few minutes ago, I saw


those men come out of his office… Now he’s send for me. I just hope he doesn’t fire me, or else….


Then I remembered what Lucas did, I eyes him suspiciously.


“What? Why are you giving me that look?” He asked me.


“Don’t play innocent with me,… How the hell did Killian know about the Derrick thing? ”


“He’s the boss, he needs to know whatever shit that goes down in his company…


Besides, that Derrick guy got what he deserves” he said nonchalantly.


” Lucas I… ”

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” Shh.. tick tock, tick tock, Killian is not a patient man… Let’s say you’ve spent 10minutes arguing with me” he said cutting me off.


Ugh! Lucas!! I’ll come back for him later.


I head towards Killian’s office.


Standing outside Killian’s office door…. My heart beating fast in fear… Fear of


Killian firing me and sending me out of his penthouse…. Maybe I should beg him


to let me stay.. Derrick did do wrong after all and I have no right to argue with my boss…


I braced myself and knock on the door… I heard a faint ‘come in’… I opened the door and step in.


I bowed my head.. I don’t have the courage to raise my head and look at his angry


expression… Killian cleared his throat and I fling a little….


Maybe I should start apologizing now….


“Mr Knight.. I… Please… D-don’t.. I..” I stopped instantly. Gosh, what is wrong with me, why am I stuttering nonsense,… I always stand up for myself.




“Mr Knight.. I’m sorry, I did wrong by storming into your office, please don’t fire me, I won’t repeat this nonsense….. Please let me complete my internship… I promise to be a good girl and do whatever you want me to.. ”


Killian put his hand under my chin to raise my head up…. When did he get up from


his chair?


He looks directly into my eyes…. Searching for God knows what…. His eyes dark, not from anger… Dark from lust…. He have a smirk playing on his lips…. His

thumb tracing my jawline teasingly…. I begin to take one step back, he too took


one step forward… Until my back met with the wall and I have no where to go…


He placed his hand on the wall, caging me there….


He duck my neck and begin to place soft kisses on my neck…. His hot breath sent


my body in overdrive… I begin to feel myself warming up…


He took my thighs and wrap my legs around his waist…. And carried to his table


and sat me on it…. Standing in between my legs

… He left my neck and attacked my


lips… Sucking on them with raw desire… Bitting on my lower lip, asking for


permission to explore my mouth. I open it and allow him to enter and explore….


His tongue and mine is fighting for dominance…

Finally, he succeeded in dominate


my mouth… Savouring my taste.




His hand went under my blouse cupping my breast through my bra…. He unhooked


my bra…. And begin to massage my breast… I don’t know why, but his touch is


electrifying… Sending sparks all over my body… I can feel myself getting wet..


“Claire…” He said breaking the kiss. “Please be mine, please say yes.. I really do love you”


I know I’m not in control of my senses right now… I know this decision is really not mine…. But I nod anyway..




“What?” Killian asked as if to confirm what he just heard.


“Yes, I’ll be yours…” Immediately I said that.. Killian resume his assault on my lips, kissing me with passion…


His hands find their way in between my legs….. He inserted one finger in me and that cause a soft moan to leave my mouth…. That ignited the fire in Killian, he

begin to move his hand… Until I cum in his hand… He removed his finger from my


body and begin to lick it, looking directly in my eyes as he does….


I’ve heard stories about office affairs…. But I didn’t think I’ll get to experience it in


this lifetime…. I always wanted to wait until my wedding night to do the deed with my husband….. But I don’t think I can wait any longer….. I want Killian right now… I don’t care if he won’t end up with me later… I don’t care if he really love



me or not…. I just want him buried deep in me…. I just want to give myself to him…


“Baby… I don’t think I can hold on any longer….I want” he said.


“Me too, I think I’m ready”


You think? Listen love, I don’t wanna force you into doing something you are not sure of”


I’m ready, make me yours completely” I told him impatiently… He smiled and begin to carry me into another room that I didn’t know he had in here.


All I know is that I want him.



Killian’s POV



I carried Claire into the room attached to my office..I laid her gently on my bed, not breaking the kiss…


I continue to suck on her lips….I can never get tired of kissing her, her lips are so


addictive…I tore her blouse and a soft gasp left her mouth…


“Killian.. that’s my favorite blouse” she whined..


“I’ll buy you a new one”


I removed her bra..and damn, she’s beautiful…I removed her skirt and panties and she laid stake na.ked in front of me…. she’s so beautiful…my personal angel. She tries to cover herself with her hands but I stopped her..


“Don’t, you’re beautiful. You don’t need from me, I love every single about you”


I took one of her breast in my mouth and begin to suck on it…. bitting it teasingly..


while I used my other free hand to play with her other breast…


I can feel Killian junior…. pumping… fighting so hard to come out…



I know Claire is still a virgin…so I’ll go easy on her today… I’ll only pleasure her today…maybe some other day I’ll let her pleasure me.


I removed my hand from her breast and unhook my belt….I pulled down my


trousers and my dick sprang out…. ready to take action.. Claire gasp loudly when


she saw how big my dick actually is…. Yeah! Baby this big man is all yours.


“Ca-ca-can it…. Fit in me?” She asked me in shaky voice, I smirked.




“But it’s so big” she gushed.


“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” I assured her and she nods, though eyeing my dick cautiously.


I inserted myself in her tight virgin pussy….she released a pained hiss..I quickly


crashed my lips on her… kissing her to numb the pain..I slowly entered her fully and waited for a few seconds…for her to adjust and welcome me in…. when I

noticed she’s adjust….I begin to move slowly, though a string of tear roll down her


face..she didn’t stop me.


I look her in the eyes to read her expression as I move….after moving slowly for


some time, she stopped whimpering and nod at me….I took that as my cue and


begin to move fast… The more I move…the more I increase my pace….right now


my senses are in disarray. Her pussy is so fu.cking tight..


With every stroke I take…I go deeper.


“Killian….” She moaned my name.


I can feel her pussy wrap tight around my dick…. telling me that she wants to cum..


“Killian, faster”


That did it, I went even faster than before..




Claire…” We both moaned out loud as we cum together..


“I love you, Claire” I said and pulled out of her….I laid next to her on the bed and


placed a soft kiss on her chest..


Our breath going in rythmn….. She looked at me smiling tiredly.


“Now what am I going to wear home?” She asked.


“You can wear my shirt” I suggested but she smacked my chest playfully.


” What will people say? That I fu.cked my boss?”


“I’m not your boss, I’m your boyfriend” I told her….she rolled her eyes.


” Whatever! But I can’t wear your shirt”


I sighed,….I reach out for my phone and dialed Lucas’s number…..I place the phone


on my ear waiting for him to pick up. He picked at the second ring…


“Lucas?, Go to a boutique and get some clothes for Claire”


Clothes? Claire? Wait….hold up, what just happened in that office of yours?” Sometimes I feel like beating shit out of him.


That’s none of your business… just get the damn clothes” I hang up before he can continue his nonsense.


I looked at Claire to see her eyes shut…looks like she’s sleeping… She’s so beautiful


and now she’s mine…all mine…. completely mine…


I’m so happy that I’m her first in everything, I’ll make sure I also be her last… Only


I can have the privilege to pleasure and explore her body….


To Be Continued………


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