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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 2

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Chapter 2



The golden Boy



Claire’s POV


I turned around…….


But I didn’t see any one, so I turned back to the fridge but the sound of a door slammed startled me, almost making the apple fall from my hand.


Is he back in his room?


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I pricked my ears but didn’t hear anything else. I wanted to look around the penthouse but I decided against, it’s better I stay in the kitchen and finish my apple before I call it a day.




The next morning I woke up with a satisfied smile on my lips. I still can’t believe I get to wake up in such a beautiful room.


This is it, after everything, today’s the first day of my internship at Knight Gaming.


I hope I make a great first impression at work.


Wait a second…….I left my luggage at the bar yesterday!


I have nothing to wear!


I look down at the outfit I fell asleep in.


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I can’t possibly show up at my dream job in clothes from yesterday. I smell like blend of alcohol, sweat, drool and disappointment.


I look around the room and notice the cupboard in the corner.


I sigh, I wonder if there’s anything inside.


I open it and just as luck would have it, I found some clothes inside.


“Wow” I bounced in joy and did a little joy dance.


This is more like it! I’m sure to make the perfect first impression in these clothes. But my joy was short lived, as reality struck me, these clothes that I’m happy about I don’t who they belong to. I keep the clothes back in the cupboard and my shoulder slumped down in sadness. I better not wear those…. since I don’t know who they belong to, also I don’t need to depend on my looks to impress them.


I step out of my bedroom and stride down the hallway with this thought playing in my head ‘ I wonder if I’ll meet the owner today’


But I guess I won’t, because the penthouse is empty. I guess he left already, oh well, Knight Gaming here I come. I bath and put on my clothes from yesterday.




I finally arrived at the office, my steps falter as I make my way through the lobby, trying to take it all in.


The posters, the figurines, the atmosphere……. I’m actually here, I’m actually about


to work for Knight Gaming! It was all worth it.


After registering at the reception, I’m ushered into a room with all the other interns. The lady that ushered me here, stood in front of us, she’s professionally dressed in black pencil skirt and pink body fit long sleeves. She cleared her throat to get our attention.


“Welcome to Knight Gaming, interns. I believe our company need no further introduction. My name is Raven and I’m your supervisor. Over the course of the next three months, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to show us what you got, and at the end of your internship only those who have impress us will be offered a highly coveted full-time position” Raven explained looking at our faces as if she can tell who is ready for this job by mere looking at us.


Wow, I have to fight for it……..


“Now if you’ll follow me I’ll give you a quick tour of the place” Raven said.


I gather my things and follow behind hastily. We got to an office and Raven stop, so we all stopped too.


“This office belongs to our CEO, Mr Killian Knight, he was only twenty when he started Knight Gaming. Fast forward to six years later and we’re now one of the world’s largest gaming companies” Raven explained.


All the other female interns are swooning over what Raven just said, I on the other hand, I scoffed mentally. Although I haven’t seen him in person, but who hasn’t heard of him? He’s a legend!


“Be warned, Mr Knight expect nothing less than perfection, even from our interns” she said furthermore.



I hope I can meet his expectations. I wondered if I’ll ever get to meet him in person. After the tour Raven show me a desk where I’ll be sitting with other interns.


“There will be plenty of team projects, so take some time to get to know each other better, I’ll come in an hour with your first assignment” she left.


I glanced around nervously.


There are lots of interns, I don’t know if I should make the first move and greet them first. After thinking about it for some seconds, I mustered enough courage and take the lead. I turn to the girl on my right, a friendly smile on my lips.


“Hi there, my name’s Claire. What’s yours?”


“Hey I’m Charlotte. Are you just as nervous as I am? ” The girl whom I know just now as Charlotte asked.


“You bet, but I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll do fine” I assured her.


Just then someone tap me on my shoulder.


” Hey” a male voice said.


I turn around and come face to face with one of the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. He looks every bit like a golden poster boy and I can’t help but be charmed by his friendly deposition.


“I’m Derrick and you are…..” He trails off waiting for me to complete his sentence.


He also extend his hand for a handshake but I don’t do handshakes so I high five him instead.


“I’m Claire” Derrick seems little aback when I decide to smack his hand but quickly replaced it with a grin.


“Claire I love your energy” he said.



“Hey Claire right?” Charlotte cut in, I nod. ” So the other interns and I were talking, I graduated from LA school of arts, only one of the most prestigious arts school in the world. No biggie”


She point over to a guy in glasses.


Glen over there is the son of the head of design at Knight Gaming. And Timothy over there has already design two gaming apps with a million downloads each” she paused. ” Everyone seems to have some crazy incredible background and we’re curious about you. Where are you from?” She finally asked the question I have long expected her ask me.


I graduated from a community college in morfield!” I answered.


“Community….. College? Morfield? Where in the world is that?” She asked.


It’s a small town. I just moved here actually”


What about your parents? Or have you design anything we might have seen?” She asked again.


My parents own a small grocery store in the town center……” I trail off “, I haven’t gotten to designing anything because I barely had any resources but…………”


Wow” Charlotte cut me off. ” Knight Gaming actually accepts people like you?” She mocked. I thought she was actually a nice and friendly girl, why is she behaving like this now.


I decided to stay silent and ignore her.


“Lay off Charlotte, we all had to submit a sample of our work. Claire must have been just as impressive as you to get in here” Derrick shunned Charlotte.


Right. Sorry, I got carried away” she apologized. An embarrass Charlotte turns away and continue talking to the other interns.


“Ignore her, some people are just like that”


“Thanks. What about you? Do have a fancy degree too?” I asked him. He chuckled.


I’m not one to brag. But……” He leans in closer and my stomach did a little flip. He’s an attractive man alright and up close, I’m even more certain of it. Derrick flashes me another one of his poster boy grin. But this time, I detect a hint of cheekiness behind it.


Is he flirting with me?.


“Grab a cup of coffee with me and I’ll tell you more about myself. We have some time to kill anyway” he said.


I think about his offer a little.


I would love to but we just got here, so I’d like to stick around for a bit to learn more about the company” I politely decline his offer.


“Oh, of course. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other better” he said.


Right at that moment Raven came back.


Oh, of course. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other better” he said.


Right from that moment Raven came back.


Claire, is it?” She asked me.


Y-yes?” I answered, well more like question.


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“Here’s the list of our games. For your first day, I’d like you to play all of them and sumbit a report on your likes and dislikes with suggestions for improvement of course” she said.



I collected the list from her.


I’ll get to it right away!”


Looking forward to your work” she left.


Well, I guess mom was right after all, I’m here to play games. But for the right reasons.


I went through the list and decide to start with puzzle go.


The puzzle is challenging that tease my brain but it is strangely addictive. All of a sudden, I hear murmurs all around me.


” He’s here” I heard Charlotte gasped.


I look up from my screen. It was near impossible to take one’s eyes off him. His tall figure commended the attention of everyone in the room.


“Killian Knight” Charlotte said in a whisper.


Looking straight ahead, he crosses the room with a confident stride.


“He’s just as hot in real life. Rich, intelligent, dashing and single. I know we’re technically working under him, but what I’d do to get under him. If you know what I mean…..” Charlotte said dreamingly.




A little inappropriate, don’t you think?” Derrick told her. “Oops” she fake gasped.


I do know what she means it’s undeniable that Killian Knight is a very attractive man. While he’s been rather private about his personal life, tabloids still clamour



for a piece of him. As he walks further away from me, I can’t help but longer on his back.


Why does he kind of looks familiar from the back?


I turned my attention back to the games but I can’t shake off the nagging feeling that I’ve met Killian somewhere. Raven walks back in, don’t she ever gets tired of walking to and fro?.


“Also interns, did I forget to mention that Mr Knight will be personally reviewing every single one of your reports today?”


What?!” Charlotte whispered, can she please learn to keep quiet.


At Knight Gaming, it’s important to be on your toes and handle any curve ball thrown your way. Good luck.” With that she left.


Shit” Derrick cursed.


This is my chance! If I do well, I’ll be able to prove myself to the other interns…….


and maybe impress Mr Knight.


Hmmm well in reality I know I’ll never impress Mr Knight.




After working on my report, giving it my all. I know the report I made won’t be enough to impress Mr Knight, so just hand in an ordinary report, but with enough information.


Raven glanced through my report.


“Hmmm, it’s okay, I guess. Because today is your first day so I understand. I’d like to see just a bit more effort from our interns”


” Of course” I replied.



After much work, it’s finally time to go home, Raven e to us again. I swear this woman is a Robot.


Good job everyone. Have a great rest, you all deserve it. I’ll see you back here tomorrow”. She left.


Charlotte jumped from her seat.


It’s finally the end of the day!” She turned to Derrick ” Derrick, do you have any plans? The other interns and I were thinking of having dinner together, would you like to come along?” She asked him.


Sure, that sounds awesome” he replied.


Cool. I’d, I mean, we’d love to have you around” she said blushing.


Can she be more obvious? I can’t believe she was drooling over Killian Knight just few hours ago. Now Derrick? Gosh.


“What about you Claire? Would you join us?” Derrick asked me.


“What?” Charlotte yelled and Derrick whipped his head to her direction “I mean, yeah, sure…… would you like to tag along too, Claire?”


I rolled my eyeballs at her.


No thanks, I have to go down to the bar to pick up my luggage or I’ll have to wear this same outfit tomorrow” I told Derrick.


You left your luggage in a bar?” Derrick asked shocked.


It’s a long story. I basically met a creep who wouldn’t take no for an answer, I had no choice but to leave it there”.


He frowns.


” And you are going back there alone?”



” Yeah….”


No, that won’t do, please let me accompany you there” he offered.


What about the dinner” Charlotte whined, I almost forget she is here too. “Sorry Charlotte, but I cannot let Claire go back there herself”


I really don’t wanna quarrel with Charlotte.


“Go have dinner with them. I’m sure the creep is not around anymore”


How can you be so sure about that? One thing is certain, I’m not taking no for an answer. I’m sorry because I’m escorting you there” he said giving no room for arguments.


I’ll throw in a couple of hooks, if I meet his ass” he added.


“But the dinner………….”


Have fun Charlotte, I’ll see you tomorrow” he told her. Charlotte grumbles and stomps off angrily.


“Lead the way, Claire” “Derrick…..” I tried to argue.


“Shit, am I the creep who wouldn’t take no for an answer now?” He chuckled.




Sorry about that, but you just moved here from morfield and I hate that you had to experience something like that” he said and put his hands on my shoulder. ” Please let me help you”



He’s too cute…….. and I can’t believe he just turned down a dinner to help me.


I step closer and hugged him.


“Thanks a lot Derrick, but I think I’m good myself”.


You’re sure, Claire?”


Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow”


Alright, just save my number, in case you need any help”


” Sounds good”


Derrick and I exchange numbers and I left for the bar.


I pray that creep doesn’t attack me today……


To be Continued……..


Who likes Derrick’s personality??


Who else notice Charlotte have a crush on Derrick???


Much love you guys



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