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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 17

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Chapter 17



Sick Claire



Claire’s POV


“I love you, Claire” he said.




And he’s back to assaulting my lips. My lips are numb and swollen by now, but I’m addicted to his taste.


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The next morning…


I hardly slept a wink last night as Killian’s confession played over in my head.


He should be awake by now. I have to tell him how I feel.



I step out into the living room and see Killian pouring himself a glass of water in the kitchen.


“Killian, I… AHCHOO!” I sneezed.



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“AHCHOO!” I sneezed again.


“Are you okay?” Killian asked.


I opened my mouth to answer but another sneeze came out instead.




I bundled up myself in a blanket on the couch as I blow my nose into a tissue.


“You must have catch a cold from last night” Killian said.


“I feel horrible”.


I lay my head down on the end of the couch, curled up in my blanket. Killian feels my forehead with his palm.


“You’re definitely running a fever”


“You should stay away from me…” I said.


“Why should I?” He asks.


“Because I’m sick..”


“Claire…” He cups my face gently in his hands. “I’m staying. I love you. Snot and all” he said.


This is the second time he’s said it, but I haven’t given him my reply. I know I like him, but I don’t really know if I can call what I’m feeling for him, love.



“I… I think I like you too” I said, I just hope he doesn’t get angry and send me out of his penthouse.


“And that’s enough for me. I’m going to work even harder to hear you say that you love me. Starting with this… ” He gently kisses my forehead.


Could you pass me another blanket?” “Of course, love”


“Uh huh…”


Just then Killian’s phone rings.


Lucas? Cancel my meetings for today” What? Is he cancelling his meetings for me?.


Killian… ” I called to get his attention.


Gotta go” he hangs up the phone and turns to me. ” What is it?” “Did you cancel your meeting for me?”


“No.. you think too highly of yourself” he said, but it’s clear he’s lying.


Did you? ” I as again.




“What kind of employee would hinder her CEO from his work? ”


One that has him wrapped around her little finger…. ” He said I scoff, but it comes out as a sneeze.


Let me take care of you, Claire. It’s the least I can do after lashing out at you….


Besides, I could really use a break from the launch. Give me an excuse to stay in with you. According to Lucas, it’s an employee duty to make sure her boss takes well-deserved break”


Okay, you can only stay until I fall asleep” I told him sternly.


Fine” he inches forward and gives my forehead a kiss.


“Don’t get too close to me! You’re going to catch the germs. That means no kisses”


” Fuck!” He exclaimed quietly.


I yawn sleepily as I slowly drift to sleep. The last thing I remember is someone lifting me up in a bridal carry.




I wake up a few hours later…it takes me a while before I realized that I’m lying on Killian’s bed.


.”Killian?” I called but received no reply. “I guess he left”


The door open.. and Lucas walk in.


“Yo! You feeling okay?”


“Lucas? What are you doing here?”


“Killian forced me to come down here to take care of you. Remember when I hired you to take care of him? How the table have turned” he said.




Killian’s doctor came by to check on you, buy the way. Your medicine is on the table”



Right, sometimes I forget that Killian is a rich man who has private doctors at his beck and call.


“Hold up! Did you carry me..?”


“WHAT! Of course not. That’s all Killian. Did you want me to….?” I threw my


pillow at him, but he dodges it successfully.






The next day….


I’m getting dressed for work. Then I noticed a new dress…huh? What is this dress doing here? I’ve never seen it before.


I wore the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. And wow, I look amazing in it.


Then I heard Killian shouting from the living room.


‘Oh, yeah, I left you a little surprise in your closet! I saw the dress the other day and I immediately thought of you..’


He got this for me? I’d better keep it for a special occasion. I decided to wear another cute outfit of mine.


I can’t help but feel a little excited about returning to work today. But I have made up my mind to keep it professional when I see Killian at work, he’s still my boss after all.


I step out of my room.


“Killian? Why are you still here?”


Killian is seated on the couch, dressed in his usual business suit. I feel myself heating up a little. It’s undeniable that he looks sexy in his suits. Then he had to go and look up, breaking out in that boyish grin that I’m certain is solely reserved for me… Makin him even more irresistible.


“I was waiting for you, actually” he said. “I wanted to drive you to work today”.


But what if someone sees us?”


Would that matter?”


Of course…. I’m your intern Killian. Tongues would wag. Even you had your doubts about me!” I said.


I get it….”


Oh, boy! He looks so upset about it…. maybe we can make this work…he can drop


me off a block away. I told him that and he agreed.




I exited Killian’s car.


“Thanks for the ride” I told him.


“Must we really do this? You still have to walk to Knight Gaming” he grumbled loudly.


” Killian…what if someone saw us…”


Claire?!” Derrick? My eyes widen in shock.


Mr Knight?” Derrick looks at me quizzically. “Did you just get out of Mr Knight’s car?”

To be continued…….

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