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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 16

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Chapter 16



A punishing kiss



Claire’s POV


“Claire? What are you doing?” Killian’s voice startled me.


Dread washes over me. I try to find the right words to say, but nothing came out of my mouth, I’m frozen in place. It’s clearly not my fault, but I’m definitely not someone who throws a person under the bus. Keira begged me to cover her up, so I guess I have to face this alone.


C- cleaning of course” I blunt out the first word that come in to my mouth.


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“Mind telling me why there’s an empty slot on the shelf?”


“I broke one of your DVDs…. When Hobby met Sammy'” I told him.


A pained expression crossed his face.


” You what? ”


” I’m really sorry…”


“Sorry?* He cuts me off.” Really? That’s all you have to say? ” His voice raised.


I’m sorry… “I tried to apologise again.


Where is the broken DVD?”..

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Keira mentioned that she threw it out.


“I threw it out” I replied.


Killian cursed under his breath. He storms out of the room without a word.


” Wait, where are you going?” I chase after him.


“Killian, please. I get that you treasure these DVDs a lot. But don’t you think you are overreacting? ”


He stops in his tracks.


” Did you see what’s on the back of the DVD? ” He asked.


I didn’t notice anything, but what should I say? I wasn’t the one that threw it out. “No, I did not”


He turns around and walks back to me.



“On the back of the DVD is a handwritten note that say ‘property of Penelope Knight’ Penelope is my grandmother. Those DVDs you see there, the one you broke and threw out? It belonged to my grandmother. Her DVD collection is that I have to remind me of her”


I can hear the pain in his voice.


I grew up in a very distant family, why do you think Keira turned out this way?. We may look like a picture-perfect family to the rest of the world, Claire. What I want, my parents got me… Except for the love and warmth of a normal family. But I was very lucky to have my grandmother by my side when I was growing up. The little memories of my childhood are the times we spent cuddling on the couch as she plays one of those classic films… Over the sound of my parents yelling death threats at each other…. Over the sound of my dad fu.cking another woman” oh my God, he’s been through so much.


Killian lets out a dry laugh.


Those films are what played in the background as she bandage my wounds” Wounds? Why would he have wounds? Unless…..


“Killian, did your father…?” He clenched his jaw.


But sadly, she left us all too soon. While my parents fought over her assets, I simply requested her film collection. They’re invaluable. Every since one of them”.


I feel my heart sink even deeper than before.


She gave me hope that someday, I’ll be able to have a lovely family of my own. Like those films, I’d be able to find that someone… ” He looks at me directly in the eyes. But the pain is unmistakable.


I stare at him silently, at a loss for words.



“I have to go find it” he breaks the silence.


He steps away and head for the door again.


” I’m coming with you” I said and followed behind him.


Killian rummage through the bins without hesitation, neverminding the rotten eggs, leftover fish or whatever is stinking up the place. Trash bag after trash bag, Killian open every single one of them.


I reach into the bin and rummage through the trash myself. To my surprise, Killian comes over to me and grabs my wrist to stop me.


“Don’t. You might hurt yourself” he said.


“What about you? I’m not going to let you hurt yourself either. This is my fault. Please let me help you”


Killian loosen his grip from my wrist. I gasp when he rips a part of his shirt, and wraps my hand with it. “What are you doing?” I asked.


“At least there’s some form of protection this way” he replied.


Aww, Even when he’s mad, he still thinks of me.


Now I’m more than determined to find the DVD. Before I know it, pile of trash are strewed everyway. The bin is empty now.


‘ it’s not here’ I heard Killian muttered, he kicks a can frustratingly.


Just then, a bolt of lightening flashed across the sky, and the loud clap of thunder rings out.


“You have got to be fu.cking kidding me! Let’s just go.. ” Killian said as the rain begins to drop.


” N-no, not yet”



What else can you do, Claire. You don’t even remember the bin you threw it in” It’s not that I don’t remember, I’m not the one who threw it out, I wanted to say. “I’m going to look around, for just a bit more” I said.


“Where? The bin is already empty”


I think I’ll just look around the corner” I replied.


I jog off before Killian can react.


I’m soaked to the skin and shivering from the cold, but I refused to return until I find it.


“What sort of dumb luck is this?” A voice said from behind me.


I jumped at the voice, I turned and saw it was a homeless man.


“You stuck out in the rain too, girlie? At least I have my cardboard box to shelter me” he said.


I try not to pay attention to him.


I thought my luck changed for the better, you know? ” He continues to ramble. ” I mean, I found this ‘ when Hobby met Sammy’DVD in the dump, it’s broken, but I’m sure it’s worth something”


It’s Killian’s!


Maybe I should melt it. The metal scrap might fetch a decent price” Melt? No.



No, no melting! You don’t have to melt every single piece. In fact, you see that ink mark on that piece? It’s going to contaminate the rest of them! They’ll pay less that way” I said.


Are you sure. ?” He eyes me curiously.


I pat my pockets frantically. Relief washes over me as I feel a crumpled up $10 in one of my pocket.


“Here’s a 10 just for that piece! Surely that’s enough? ”


A 10? Just for a broken shard? My luck is changing for the better after all! Take it”


He offers me the DVD and I put the $10 in his hand.


Yes! It’s not all of it, but I’m certain this piece is the most important.


I make my way back to the penthouse, my footsteps lighter than before. Killian is going to be so glad.


I rushed inside the penthouse.


“Killian? I found the shard with your grandmother’s writing” I announced happily.


You did? ” He takes the broken shard in my hand and examines it carefully. “Property if Penelope Knight” he reads out.


I can’t help but smile along with him.


It’s not the complete thing, but I got that one piece back…”


“Thank you” he plants a soft kiss on my forehead.


” When were you going to tell me?” He asked.


“Huh? Tell you what?”


“That you weren’t the one that broke the DVD or threw it out…. It was Keira,


wasn’t it? ”


How did he find out?


” No, I’m the one who did it” I insist.


“Really Claire? Her luggage is missing from my room. She must have pack up and left. It’s her modus operandi, you know?. To skip town when she screws something up. I called her, but of course she wouldn’t answer. So I did what I always do”.


Is it to use an anonymous caller?” I asked.


Cancel all her credit cards. All of them. She deserves it” “That’s brutal” I said.


Yeah, but she was forced to call me and that’s when I got her confession. But you.. you even went out of the way to get that piece for me. Why would you take the fall like that? ”


Well, I wanted to protect her. She reminded me a little of myself. I just didn’t want her to get into more trouble than she’s already in” I said.


That wilful brat reminded you of yourself? You can’t be anymore different from her. Just look at you all drenched… Because of me, Claire”


With that, he pressed his lips to mine. It’s passionate, demanding…. Punishing.


“Killian…” I managed a soft whimper.


“How you torment me so, Claire. You’re absolutely frustrating”



He crashes his lips back onto mine, savouring my taste as his hands drift to my hip and pulls me closer to him. I feel the raw intensity of our bodies pressed up against each other as my damp clothes hide nothing.


My lips part as he delves deeper. A moan escapes my throat, and that seems to spur him to pleasure me further. He bite in my lower lip teasingly before he trails light kisses down my neck.




“I was mad, broken, frustrated… Because of you. How did you manage to rule me up so much? ”


He pushes me against the wall. I wrap my arms around his neck. Killian finds his way back to my lips and sucks on them. He peels away my wet blouse and unhooks my bra. Instinctively, I try to cover my chest…


“Don’t. You’re beautiful, Claire” he told me.


And he shows me just how much he means that.


“Claire, I don’t think I can hold back any longer”


“I’m not ready for… That”


Killian takes a deep breath, as if to take control of his senses once again. He leans his forehead against mine.


“I understand” he said.


“But…” I pressed my lips against his, hoping he’ll receive the message. I only wanna make out.


“Alright then, I’ll take what I can get” he said.


I stifle a gasp as he grabs my thighs and carries me over to the couch. He lays me down gently on the couch, never breaking the kiss.



“I LOVE YOU, CLAIRE” he said.


To Be Continued….

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