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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 13

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Chapter 13



The dinner



Claire’s POV


“So dinner?”


Killian Knight is asking me out for dinner. Should I go with him? After all, I need answers, I need to know what he feels for me, I need to know if I’m too forward.


“Okay” I replied.


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Killian breaks out a triumphant grin. As if he had just won the world.


“You’re not going to regret this”


I quickly pack my notes and we both left for the dinner.


Killian leads me into the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever seen. But the ornate decor and delicious scent hardly draw my attention away from the fact that Killian has his hand placed on the small of my back


I will myself to focus on something else… The dinner! That’s when I realized that everyone dinning here is dressed in a gown or a suit. I feel severely under dressed. I attempted to hide behind Killian.


“What are you doing?” He asked.


“I don’t belong here….”.


“Nonsense. You look perfect” he assured me.

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A waiter promptly appears to greet Killian before showing the two of us to a private area. It seems like Killian is a familiar figure here. Killian pulls out the chair for me.


“Do you come here often?” I asked him as I sit down.


“It’s been a while” Killian takes his seat across from me.


“It certainly has!” A woman piped in.


“Emily! It’s been too long” Killian called. Oh, so he knows her.


“I was starting to think I’ll never see you in this lifetime again” Emily squints and takes a closer look at me. “You brought a lady here? Penelope would be jealous”


I feel my heart sink a little.



” Penelope? ” I asked.


Who’s that? Is that the name of his ex? Does he brings his conquests to this place? I can’t believe this.


Killian seems to be reading my expression.


“Penelope is my grandmother” Killian said.


“What!” I can’t believe I’m feeling jealous over his grandmother. Ugh, Claire keep it a little down.


“This silly boy has only ever brought his grandmother to his favorite restaurant. You must be a special lady. I’ll bring you your usual, Killian. I’m sure the lady will enjoy it as well” Emily said.


Thanks” I thanked her and she leaves.


Were you jealous of my grandmother? ” Killian ask me after Emily left.


What? Of course not! I just thought she was your ex or something” Wait a sec… But that sounds like I’m really jealous.


Killian bites his lips as he tries to stop himself from grinning.


“If it makes you feel any better, I acted out of character when I saw you with Derrick this morning”


Huh, and why is that? ” I asked. Yes this is one of the questions I want him to answer.


He takes a deep breath.


“I’m sorry…. For calling what happened between us a mistake” he said.


” Killian…. ”


No, please. Let me speak. This has been on my mind since that night. I didn’t know what to think of it…. And I especially didn’t know what you thought of it. Calling it a mistake was the easiest excuse, but me. It felt so wrong. Claire… I haven’t forgotten about that night. That kiss we shared… I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You make me feel things I thought were only possible in movies”


He reaches out for my hand on the table… His thumb brushes my skin gently.


” Killian…”


“I look forward to going home to you and your smiles” he said.


I feel my heart swell.


But it’s not so easy…. You’re an intern at my company…. Not to mention there’s the upcoming launch…. There’s just so much work…. ” Killian walks over and leans in to give me a kiss on my forehead.


“Just give me some time to figure us out. Please” he said, I just stare at him, speechless.


Time skips


After dinner…..


I’m back in my room thinking. I can’t believe what just happened…


I fling myself onto my bed and bury my head in the pillow. Was that Killian’s way of confessing?


I…. Loved it!


I can’t believe the Killian Knight just confessed to me… Well, one thing is for sure:


Killian has feelings for me.


A message notification ping in my phone. It’s Derrick.



D:- Hey, I know it’s kind of late… But are you still awake?


Me:- Yeah, I’m still awake. What’s up?.


D:- We didn’t get to enjoy dinner just not…. But how about some late-night food?


Me:- Soooo, is this a date?


D:- Only one way to find out:)


Hmmm I’d really like to see what Derrick is up to….


Me:- okay.


Derrick texts me a location and I rushed down there.


“A dinner?” I’m surprised he actually brought me to a restaurant, I thought he wanted late night food.


“It makes for a memorable first date”


“So, this is a date then? ” I asked him.


He breaks into his signature grin.


“Is everything okay? Did you solve what you had to solve? ” I asked.


Not exactly…. But your smile makes everything better” he answered. “Funny how I can say that about yours too”


Derrick reaches for the milkshake in front of him.


Cheers to that” he said.



Are we seriously toasting with our milkshakes?” Derrick looks at me expectantly.” Cheers!” We clink our milkshakes.


“I’m really glad I got to meet you Claire. I.. really like you.”


“Derrick… “I wanted to speak but he cut me off.


But I get it. We’re just interns, and I’m pretty sure Raven made it clear that work relationships aren’t exactly encouraged… Your dream is to become a game designer and I have no intentions of getting in your way. So, for now, I’d just like you to know that…. That I really like you, Claire. I’m not going to act on it for now. But once this internship is over… I’m going all out to win your heart”.


What? Derrick has feelings for me too? Someone wake me up, I’m having a dream, I need to wake up.


Derrick and I had fun for some time. Then we called it a night.




The next morning….. At work.


Unfortunately.. or fortunately for me, with the upcoming launch of A Knight’s Honor, I’m so swapped with work that the affairs of my heart are pushed to the back of my mind.


Now that I’m in publicity team, I want to work deligently.


“Great job, Claire” Jake’s voice broke my chan of thought.” Your appraisal is looking really good” with that he left. I smiled, this is what I want, my seniors to praise my work.


Time flies quickly and now I’m back at the penthouse.


I’m already a well-oiled machine when it comes to the chores Killian has assigned to me. But these days, I hardly see Killian around as he spends most nights working at the office. He doesn’t even return to the penthouse sometimes.


Until one night…..


“Killian, you’re home”


“Yeah…” But he doesn’t look up from the phone in his hand. He’s so engrossed in the phone that he didn’t even see that he’s heading right to the wall.


“Killian, the wall!” I warned him.




He looks up, but there’s a glazed look in his eyes.


“Oh, thanks” he enters his home office within another word.


Killian truly is the workaholic everyone makes him out to be. I’m about to head to bed when I hear the door to Killian’s home office slam open.


“Killian? Where are you going so late at night?”


“Something cropped up. Don’t wait up” he said.


Let me come with you”


No” he hesitate and looks at me, then he steps out of the house. Huh? What’s going on..?


I try to go to sleep, but I can’t seem to shake off a bad feeling. Just at that moment, I hear the main door slammed open. I rush out of my room.


“You’re back!” I said.


But what I saw broke my heart. I see Killian….. And a woman in his arms.


Just few days ago, he confessed to me, now he’s already bringing another woman home………


To Be Continued










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