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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 11

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Chapter 11



The Tour



Claire’s POV


The next morning……



It’s a good thing Killian isn’t around today. Things have been weird between us. It might be a good idea to head out and clear my thoughts today. It’s been a while since I moved here and I haven’t had the chance to explore the city.


My phone beeped, it’s a text from Derrick. I open the conversation.

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Derrick:- Hey, I heard of this new cafe and I wanted to try it out. Who better to ask than my coffee buddy from work?


Me:- Coffee buddy?


Derrick:- Okay that was bad. I’m bar at this, I guess what I’m trying to say is…. Do


you want to grab a brunch with me today?


Me:- I actually wanted to explore the city today.


Derrick:- Explore the city? Like ride the cable car and stuff? Cause I’d love to show you around.


Me:- Maybe another time, I’d like to explore on my own.


Derrick:- Sure.

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Time skips



I can’t believe I get to ride on a cable car! This, this is what I came to San Francisco for! Is that the golden gate bridge? I wonder why it’s called that if it’s not made of gold.


I take a second to take it all in. Wow, I finally got out of morfield, I’m finally here. I don’t know for how long I toured, but alas, it’s night fall and I find myself back in my room at the penthouse.


Today was nice, I wonder where Killian went today. He was already home by the time I got back. Not that it should bother me…


Knock! Knock! Knock!


I heard a knock on my door. It’s in the middle of the night, why would Killian come to my door?.


I open the door and come face to face with a flustered Killian.




“What’s wrong?” I’ve never seen him so nervous. His eyes are shaking. I place my hands on his shoulder. “It’s okay Killian…. What’s wrong?”


He takes in a shaky breath.


You haven’t been doing your job well, housekeeper” What’s wrong with him?


I’m sorry. What is it? ” I asked.


There’s a…… There’s something in the theatre”


The theatre? You mean your secret room? I’m not allowed in there without your permission” I told him


Fair enough. But there’s something in there right now and I need your fu.cking help”


Is this a free pass to enter the room? Wow!


I followed him to the room and right smack in the middle of the room is a……




“A spider?” I asked.


“A fu.cking spider” he replied.


“You were freaking out over a spider?”



“The spider wouldn’t be there had you kept the cleanliness of the penthouse. This is your fault!” He blamed me.


I roll my eyes.


Right. Is the mighty Mr Knight afraid of an itty-bitty spider?” I tease him.


I am not…… ”


Wait, where did it go? ”






I was just kidding, it’s right there, it hasn’t moved an inch” “Claire. I’ll have you know that it’s unwise to play with fire”


Playing with fire is good, spiders are afraid of fire”


Claire! ” He called warningly.


Mr Knight! ” I mocked.


“Just help me get rid of it. Please”


Aw, he’s like a child right now, I want to help him so badly….. But the spider is


innocent, it didn’t bit anyone so why should I kill it. “Just leave it alone, I’m sure it means no harm” “Leave it alone?!” He asks alarmed.


I mean, it’s already gone”





He inspects the room frantically, the spider is nowhere in sight. Killian clears his throat.


“I’ll be leaving the room unlocked from now” he said.




“You can come in whenever and make sure the room is tidied. I can’t have another spider in here”.


“But… Rule number two….. ”


” Fuck those rules” he said. His gaze lingers on me.


Why is he looking at me this way? I should stop before it gets too far. I don’t want to hear that it’s just a mistake. I points at his shoulder.


“What’s that?”


“Fuck! Is it another one of them?” He jumped.


No. I was just kidding”


Claire! ”


I’m sorry… It’s just… ”


He grabs my wrist and pulls me to him quickly.


“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Seeing me on the edge like that? You know two can play this game right? And I really hate to lose”


I gulped nervously as Killian dips his head towards my neck. He placed a tender kiss on my neck.


“Why is it that I just can’t control myself around you?”



“Don’t. Don’t make the same mistake you did the other night” I told him, he pulls back and look at me.


I pushed him away and dash into my room. Once the door is shut, I sink to the ground and hug my knees close to my chest.


Fuck those rules? But those rules remind me of the line between us and if we break them…. If I cross that line… I’m afraid I’ll want more from him.



The next morning


I stir my cup it coffee absentmindedly as I lean against the cupboard in the pantry.


Right now I’m at the office.


“Careful. Your coffee is about to spill” Derrick warned me.


What…. Oh! I didn’t see you there”


You looked like you were deep in thought” he said.


I smiled weaky as I take a seat at the table. And Derrick joins me.


“It’s about time for them to reveal the next project. Are you nervous?” Derrick asked sipping from his coffee.


” What project? ”


“Claire. Wait, seriously?” He asked.


“Just kidding”


“Well, I just hope all goes well this time. Wouldn’t want our efforts to go down the drain again” he said


” Uh-huh”



Claire… ” I jumped at Derrick’s touch, causing me to spill my cup of coffee all over his pants.




“Oh my God! Derrick! I’m so sorry!” I apologized worriedly.


” N-no, it’s okay… It’s my fault for startling you…..”


“No. It’s mine! I was so out of it” I said.


Thankfully it’s iced! My crown jewels are spared” he said. His crown what now?


Your crown… Did you really just refer to your… There… As your crown jewels? ” I laughed at his lame joke.


Yeah. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every guy names their junk” he lowered his voice at the last part.


I’m sure they do” I smiled.


“There’s that smile”


I groaned.


” Really Derrick? Please, don’t tell me you went this far to cheer me up”


“Well, having a huge coffee stain on my crotch was definitely not part of the plan, but we ended up at the desired results, so I’m not complaining” he continues to dab at the stain, but it doesn’t seem to help much.


“Oh, you missed a spot!” I said.


“Where?” He asked. I took the handkerchief from him and begin to wipe the spot.



Suddenly, a loud bang draws my attention. “Just what are the two of you doing in here?” Killian?!


To be continued……..











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