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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 9

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chapter nine



Wilfred pov


( a week before Vivian got kidnapped )


“U want me to buy these weapons for the military?” I asked.


“Yes general,” said a male member of the three team falcon corps lobbyist sent to convince me of doing business with them.


Falcon corps is a foreign mega conglomerate and weaponry is just a part of what they have there fingers into. They are also known for there shady deals, for example starting a war just for profit. Hence my disdain for them


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“I’ve seen your products and I must say they aren’t good enough for this country’s military,” I said.


“You don’t have to be concerned about the state of the weapons I can assure you they’re really effective, also u will benefit from dis deal too, just help convince the secretary of defence, we heard you’re close to him and he trusts you. The one lady among them said coyly, furtively trying to be seductive.


I chuckled.


“U are telling me to buy a weapons dat is good enough for the soldiers of this country to fight a war and to protect them?” I asked


“Not really, just telling u to make d right choice,” the lady said.

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“I don’t know what u heard about me but I can’t and I won’t. The soldiers are very important to me I care about their life and I won’t buy a weapons dat can’t guaranteed their safety,” I said.


“They told us it will be hard conceiving u,” the lady said.


She stood up and went to my table.


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“Wow u have a beautiful daughter,” she said and smiled.


“I want u to think about it again, I don’t take no for an answer,” she threatened.


“Let’s go,” she said picked her bag and left with d two guys.


I guess she didn’t do enough of a research on me, I’m not easily threatened. Some hours after Vivian was kidnapped


Wilfred’s pov


( in his study)


“Sir,” one of my man said saluting me.


“What?” I asked.


“I just got a call, the man asked to guard miss Vivian was attacked and miss Vivian was kidnapped,” he said.


“What?” I asked.


“Do u have anything idea who the kidnappers are, what they want?” I asked worried.


“No sir,” he said.


“Could u be so careless to dat extent,” I said and almost threw my cup at him.


I remembered d falcon corps lady words.


I picked my cellphone and called them.


“What d hell is this about?” I shouted.



“Easy, u must have gotten my message if u don’t want ur daughter dead between 48 hours. U will have to do what we asked or else ur pretty daughter dies”.


“It will be a waste to kill her especially with dat pretty face, it is ur choice to make,” she said and hung up.


“Sir what do we do now?” He asked.


“They have d guts to kidnapped a general’s daughter and it was dat easy for them to do, dat means we have a spy,” I said.


“What?” He asked.


“They are falcon corps, it is one of the easiest things they can make happen,” I said.


“So what do we do?” He asked.


“I need someone I can trust, someone who can die for my daughter’s safety”.


“A Good soldier,” I said.


“And who will dat be,” the dumb head asked.


“There is only one person and dat is Ryan,” I said.




Ryan pov


“The general daughter have been kidnapped,” Lucas said.


“What?” I asked and stood up from my chair.


“What do u mean by Vivian has been kidnapped?” I asked


“I don’t know I heard d major and the general talking about his daughter’s kidnapping,” he said.



“The general is here?” I asked.


“Yes,” a voice said and entered.


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The general entered with d major and some officers behind them.




“What happened to Vivian?” I asked.


“Captain Ryan where are ur manner?” My uncle the major asked.


“U can’t show ur respect to d general,” my uncle said.


“It is Ok,” the general said.


“Yes, she has been kidnapped,” d general said.


“Can u pls excuse us,” he said to d others.


“Yes excuse us,” my uncle said.


“Even u major,” d general said.


“Ok,” my uncle said disappointed.


“Let’s go,” he said and left with d others.


“How did Vivian get kidnapped?” I asked worried and scared.


This is all my fault if I hadn’t left her.


“It’s bcos I refuse to sign a deal with falcon corps, their weapons are not good enough for d military,” he said.


“U told them, u can’t buy it and they took ur daughter,” I complete the statement.


“Yes, and I have been given 48 hours from yesterday evening to sign d contract or Vivian dies,” he said.


He seems frightened and scared even though he is trying not to show it.


I felt d same way, I like her but I can’t protect her instead I hurt her.


Since dat nyt I have never stopped thinking about her.


I know her, I hurt her by my words and actions but I can’t go back to her to apologize. Damn I’m such a jerk


I felt hurt and I was filled with regrets.


“I need someone who I can trust and will do anything to protect Vivian,” he said.


“I understand, and I will make sure to bring her safe even if I die,” I said.


“Thank u and am sorry for asking u to do this dangerous mission,” he said.


“Don’t worry, I will be fine and I won’t be going alone,” I said.




“What, We are accompanying u?” Lucas asked.


“Yes, orders from the general”.


“Member of unit 3, Sergeant ken, Sergeant James, sergeant Lucas, sergeant tom, sergeant Douglas will be accompanying me in d rescue mission of Vivian wilfred,” I said.


“Yes sir!” the men saluted excitedly, well except for Lucas.



“Finally all dis stupid waiting for our next mission will stop, my body have been demanding for some action and finally it is here,” James said.


“And also we will going to save captain’s girlfriend,” ken said.


“She is not my girlfriend,” I said.


“We are going to die,” Lucas said.


“Shut up,” they all shouted at him.


“He is right, I can’t guarantee ur safety so let’s not die,” I said.


“We won’t die at least not now,” James said.


“Yes,” they all supported.


“Then let’s get to work,” I shouted.


“Yes sir,” they shouted back.


Am coming for u Vivian.




I know it is short but pls help me manage am for today.


Vivian, Ryan is coming for u. And also Linda is not d one dat kidnapped Vivian.


Love u guys so much .

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