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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 7

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Chapter seven



Vivian pov


We were kissing when someone entered.


“Oh my God,” my nanny said.


I disengage from d kiss and ran out of his room.


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“Vivian,” he called after me but I didn’t bother listening to him.


I ran to my room.


“What have I done?” I said crying.



Ryan pov


“Am sorry, I shouldn’t have entered,” Mrs Julius her nanny said.


“It is okay it is not ur fault,” I said.


“I shouldn’t have kissed her,” I said.


“It is Ok it happens between lovers,” she said while I scoffed.

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“We aren’t lovers,” I said.


“Why? u both like each other,” she said.


“No, we don’t” I said.


“If u say so, I just want to u give this food,” she said referring to d food on d table.


“Ok,” I said and she left.






The next morning, I woke up and did my daily pushup routine afterwards I went outside to jog.


I rest for a while after my jogging exercise.


I was so lost in thoughts.


What if she hates me? I don’t know what I was thinking last night, I don’t know what came over me. The only things on my mind last night was kissing her.


I really need to see her.


I felt a hand on my shoulder without thinking twice I attacked d person.


Giving him an handbar.


“Stop stop,” Vincent said tapping me.


“U?” I said.


“Yes pls it hurts,” he cried


I released him with a frown.


“U shouldn’t have done dat,” I said.


“What? How is it my fault?” He complained.


“I should have done better after all he is trained to hurt people,” he murmured.


“I can hear dat,” I said.


“Like I care!” he yelled.


I must have hurt him.


“Am sorry,” I apologized.


“Dat is what u should have done in d first place,” he said.


“Anyway I came here to thank u for something,” he said.


“For what?” I asked.


“For protecting Vivian,” he said.


“She means a lot, I hope u continue to protect her if anything bad happened to her I don’t think I will be able to forgive myself”he said with sincerity.


“Am just doing my job,” I said.


“I know but am still grateful, I love her so much,” he said.


“U know what I don’t regret hurting u, what I regret is dat I didn’t hurt u to d extend dat u won’t be able to talk.” I said and start jogging.


“What? U are heartless.” he shouted behind me.






I was on my way to my room, when I saw vivian.


“Vivian,” I called and ran after her but she didn’t answer me.


I stopped running after her, maybe leaving her alone is d best thing for now. Vivian pov

“Where are u coming from?” My nanny asked as I entered my room.


She was arranging d room.


“Nowhere,” I said.


“Then why are u sweating?” She asked.


“U don’t need to know,” I said.


“Till when are u going to keep avoiding him?” She asked.


“Am not avoiding anyone,” I said lying.


“Yes u are,” she said.


“It is not like u don’t like him so why are u hurting him and urself,” she said.


“First I don’t like him, second even if I do like him then what changes?” I asked.


“In d next three months he will be gone, and also am getting married soon”.


“U know my dad will never allow me to be with another man if not Vin,” I said.


“There is no way, we’ll be together” I said.


“Don’t say dat, love conquers all,” she said.


“Maybe but not in my case and also I don’t know if he likes me too,” I said making excuses.


“Then ask him if he likes u or not,” she said.



“Then u know where u both stand,” she advised.


“I should ask him?” I asked.


“Yes and am sure he will say yes,” she said confident.


Ok, I said.


I will ask him, I said and left my room and head for Ryan’s room.


( in Ryan room )


I knocked on his door.


“Am coming” he said.


He opened d door and seem surprised to me.


“Vivian,” he said.


“Can I come in?” I asked.


Yes, he said and left d entrance for me to enter.


He closed d door as I entered.


We stay silent for a minutes but he interrupted by clearing his throat.


“Hmm, I came here to ask u a question.” I said..


“What?” He asked.


“Last night,” I said.


“What about it?” He asked.


‘How could he say dat?’ I thought a little bit angry.


“Do u like me?” I asked nervous expecting a yes.


“U want me to tell u d truth?” He asked.


“Yes,” I said playing with my fingers.


I do dat when am nervous.


“I don’t like u,” he said.



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