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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 4

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chapter four



Ryan pov


“So u are going to be her bodyguard for three month?” Ken asked.


“Yes,” I said playing with a small ball in my hand.


“It must be horrible for u, after all u passed through” James said.


“Yes,” I said sadly.


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“Well it works out for me, our captain will be gone for three month,” Lucas said excited while everybody look at him.


“What?” He asked.


“Don’t be too happy,” I said angrily.


“But why will general want u to protect her daughter for another three month, I thought it was only a day,” Douglas asked.


“Guess he changed his mind, ” I said.


“When are u leaving?” Lucas asked while I clenched my teeth.


“Tomorrow, satisfied?” I asked as I threw d ball at him.


“Captain,” he called.


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“What?” I asked. “U want more,” I threatened.


The next day in Wilfred’s house



“Pls be seated,” one of d maid in their house said and I sat down


“Will u like some coffee? ” she asked.


“No,” I said.


“Ok, the miss is coming,” she said and left.


I can’t believe am going to work for dat brat again but seriously I didn’t entirely hate it.


I looked around, the house is beautiful and big.


“U are here,” she said behind me


It was her descending from d stairs, she was putting on a blue top with a jean pant which emphasized her curves. With brown stilettoes, she packed her hair in a high ponytail.


“She looks so beautiful,” I thought.


“U can meet me outside if u are done starring” she said.


‘She is just too full of herself,’ I thought.


“How many time do I have to tell u, am not checking u out,” I said.


“U are not my type,” I said.


“What?” She asked.


“Yes,” I said.


“Whatever, meet me outside,” she said angrily.


She was still going out when she suddenly slipped but I was able to run up to her and catch her before she fell.



She was starring at me, why I was doing d same. My heart was running fast and I felt d urge to kiss her.


I quickly controlled myself and let go of her.


“Look who is starring now,” I said teasing her.


“Am not starring,” she said.


“Whatever,” I said repeating what she said earlier while she rolled her eye




“Meet me outside,” I said.


“What?” She asked.


“U heard me right,” I said and head for d car.


“Where are we going? ” I asked as we entered d car.


“King restaurant ” she said.


“You must be a regular customer there,” I said.


“Not really,” she answered.


“Who are u going to meet?” I asked.


“My enemies,” she said sad and angry.


“Ur enemies?” I asked.


“Yes, there are some people I need u to protect me from. They may act nice but they aren’t, ” she said while I look at her suspicious.


‘She is hiding something,’ I thought.



“Who are they?” I asked.


“U know I didn’t ask my dad to make u come back bcos of ur questions, ” she said.


“What, U are d one who asked him to have me back?” I asked as I clenched my teeth.


“What U are happy?” she asked smiling.


“No, ” I said and start d car.



Vivian pov



U must all be wondering why I want ryan back. Well dat nyt he made me feel secure and safe, he seems so different from others even my dad.


For a long time in my life, I felt safe and happy dat day and dat was all bcos of him.


I have been hurt by many people but dat day it feels different.


“We are here,” he said and parked.


We got down from d car and head inside.


“Good afternoon,” a lady said and welcomed us.


“The others are in,” she said.


“Pls follow me,” she said and we did.


“They are inside,” she said.


“Ok,” I said.


“U stay here,” I said to Liam.



“Why? U said ur enemies are here,” he said.


“Just stay I will be fine,” I said.


“Ok,” he said.


I entered d room and they were all surprised to see me except for Cynthia who told me about their meeting.


They all used to be my friends before they betrayed me.


“Why are u here?” Linda d one I hate d most asked.


“Why, U are not happy to see ur old friend here?” I asked and sat down.


“Are u happy to see me?” She asked.


“Nope, not after u took my boyfriends,” I said.


“Oh u are still yelling about dat,” she said.


“What? Are u not even ashamed u took ur Friend’s boyfriends not d first not d second,” I said angrily.


“Well I didn’t force them and also I never recognized u as a friend, ” she said.


“All u do is yell about ur miserable life, how ur dad never cares about u and stuff like dat,” she said while d others laughed except Cynthia.


“What?” I said while she smiled.


“U can never do anything without ur dad’s help, u are just weak,” she said her words made me angry.


“How dare u?” I shouted at her and took the juice on the table and pour it on her, I was enraged.



“Say dat again and I swear I will make u regret it,” I threatened.


“U are weak,” she said.


Furious I picked a wine bottle to hit her but someone stopped me.


“Ryan,” I called.


“What d hell are u doing?” He asked angry.


“Thank God u are here, pls security take her away,” June d hypocrite said.


“What d hell are u doing?” He asked again.


“U know what I said earlier, dis are d people I need u to protect me from,” I said.


“To me they are d ones who need my protection,” he said while my eye widened.


‘Is he on their side too,’ I thought.


“U are just disgracing urself,” he said.


I felt heartbroken by his words, I thought he understood me but he didn’t. He’s just like everyone else they will never understand me.


‘I felt like crying but I won’t, not in front of them,’ I thought.


U are right, I said and jerked my hand from his.


“I put d bottle down, I hope we never see again,” I said and left d room.




Sorry Vivian, am sure Ryan has his reasons.


Love u guys .

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