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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 3

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Chapter three


We arrived at king restaurant. We got down from d car and went inside.



King restaurant is one of the best in city ( los Angeles). It is a classic restaurant, the place is only for a rich and especially spoilt brats like her.


They even have special place for d regular customers.


Miss Vivian ” a lady called. ”Yes” she answered.


Pls follow me ” she said politely and we did.


She lead us to a table where we saw two ladies sitting.

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” True,” Vivian called and hugged them.


The one called true is tall about 5’6ft, she is dark and her skin glows. She has a funny face especially with her glass. She is slim and have a flat boobs and ass. Her clothes look classic on her she tried to dress classic but it makes her looks stupid bcos of her shape.


The other Luna is about 5’4ft a bit curvy.


She has a pale skin unlike her friend, she didn’t look funny and her dress looked good on her bcos of her shape. But her makeup is too much.


”I have missed u guys”, Vivian said smiling.


She looks happy. I thought.


“Same here” true said.


“You look beautiful,” Luna compliment Vivian.

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“Awwn thanks,” she said smiling.


“Who is he?” Luna asked.


I smiled expecting her to introduce me.


”Nobody ” Vivian said while my jaw dropped.


“Look what I brought for u guys,” she said and gave them d things we brought from d boutique.


They ate and chat with themselves,forgetting about my existence.


Excuse me I have to use d toilet ” Vivian said and stood up.


Stay here” she said referring to me and left.


You must be her bodyguard” Luna asked.


Working for her must be stressful, she is rude and arrogant. Everyone knows her, she is a bitch and spoilt brat,” she added.


She is too dumb to know we ain’t her friend.


Let me tell u a secret, if u want to get on her good side all u have to do is coat her with sweet words,” true said.


” Wow,” I said.


“If u know u don’t like her why acting like u do?” I asked.


” Vivian,” true called.


I turn back and saw her, she must have heard everything they said.


“It is not what u think,” Vivian said.


I know let’s go, she said to me.


“Vivian,”true called and hold her hand.


Let go of me,” Vivian said angry and she did. “Let’s go,” she said and we left d restaurant.



” Take me to the devil’s bar,” she ordered.


Devil’s bar is a famous bar I won’t say it is d best but they are really ok, not like I can patronize the place . U can’t compare it to cross and Louisa.


( In the devil’s bar )


“Are u alright?” I asked. No, she said sobbed.


“I know they don’t like me but I still think of them as my friends,” she said.


“I just want to,” she said and stopped.


“You just want to belong,” I complete.


“Yea,” she said and pour herself a shot of tequila.


“Sometimes it feels like d world’s,” she said and tears roll down her face.


Against u,” I said and she looked at me. “Yea” she said and chuckled.


But it never work out,” she said.


“Maybe u haven’t found someone who will understand u,” I said.


Or there is nobody,” she said and pour herself another bottle.


U had enough” I said stopping her but she slapped away my hand.


Like u care,” she said and drank it.


She seems to be passing through a lot.


Some minutes later



“Hey,” I said patting her.


“You are drunk we should get going,” I said and help her to stand.


“Leave me alone,” she said drunk.


“Leave me,” she stopped.


“What is wrong? I asked.


“Sorry,” she said and vomited on me.


‘Seriously,’ I thought.


She collapse on her seat, I look at her and she was already sleeping.


‘She looks cute’ I thought smiling and tucked her hair behind her ear.


“Gross,” some ladies said as they pass walked us.


I carry her in bridal style to d car.


{ in Wilfred mansion }


“Pls carry her inside,” her nanny said.


I put her on d bed.


”I wonder what made d poor girl drink,” she said worried ‘Am d one who need to be pitied’ I thought. “Where are my manners? She said.


“Am sorry u must be her bodyguard,” she said.


“Yes,” I answered.


“Today must be stressful for d two of u,” she said.


“Ur clothes,” she said.


“It is OK, I will get going” I said.


“Wait, am preparing dinner,” she protest.


“No I Will like to leave now,” I said.


“Ok, I guess I have no choice then,” she said.


“Yes, I will get going,” I said.


“OK, d general is not around dat is why he isn’t here,” she said.


“It is OK,” I said.


“Take care of her,” I said and left.


“Yes,” I said excited and dancing.


The maid passing gave me a weird look and I adjusted myself.


” Am free,” I said smiling.


( The next day in Ryan office )



Ryan pov



Yesterday was d most awkward and also the worst day. I hope I never experience such again.


But to say it was not really bad,” I said smiling. Someone knocked on d door.



“Come in,” I said and sergeant Douglas came in.


He salutes me.


“What is it?” I asked.


“The major asked for u,” he said.


“Me?” I asked.


“Yes,” he said.


“OK u can leave,” I said and he did.


“I wonder what dis is about,” I said and head for his office.


“U ask for me sir? I said.


“Yes, u are really lucky” he said smiling.


‘I have seen dis smile before,’ I thought.


This came from d general,” he said.


Captain Ryan, u are assigned to protect Vivian Wilfred for d next three months,” he said and smirked.


“What?” I asked shocked.





Sorry Ryan


Another wahala don start.


Thanks u guys for supporting.


Love u guys.

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