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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 21

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Finale chapter



Ryan’s pov



Not everyone have the chance to experience dis sweet feeling, most of us lose dat chance.



But the fact is, I got to experience what true love is, and to be with that wonderful woman that is worth dying for.


And I realized something, I liked her from the first day I met her. Funny enough I don’t believe we got to date. But who can stop the feeling of love, nobody unless u are emotionless dat is why I keep saying.


Love is worth dying for.

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☺ Mr Wilfred pov ☺


I can’t believe Vincent’s mom will go as far as dat, if they had just left it to me.


Am highly disappointed


Someone knocked on my door.


“Come in” I said and Vivian came in.


“Can I have a talk with u?” she asked.


“Yes” I said and she sat down.

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“Am sorry for thinking u kidnapped Ryan and insulting you” she said feeling guilty.


“It is ok” I said. We haven’t really had a father-daughter talk in a long time, so dat made the situation awakard.


“Dad, I know u see why I shouldn’t be with Vincent. Their family aren’t of good personality. Why will they do dat to a person, I know u think am saying all this bcoz I want to be with Ryan but I have decided I want to be a good daughter to my dad and stop fighting with u bcoz of the man I love” she said sadly.



“So if u want me to stop dating Ryan I will, u are my dad and I respect you. If u still want my marriage with Vincent or any other guy, if dat is what u want then I’ll do it” she said.


“I just want you to know, how much u mean to me” she said and Stood up.


“I’ll see you later” she said and left.


Her words really touched my heart, we have been forcing her to do what we want not what she want and that made me a bad parent, a bad father.


I picked my phone and dialled a number.


“Get me captain ryan” I said.


Few hours later:


Ryan came to meet me in my study.


“Have ur sit” I offered.


“Thank u sir,” he said and sat down.


“I must say am sorry about what happened to u,” I said.


“It is OK sir” I said.


“And also about u and my daughter” I said and stopped.


“U are a good man and a good soldier, and I know u really care for my daughter but, her mom wish is to marry her friend’s son which turned out to be a disappointment” I said and sighed.


“Can I trust u with my daughter?” I asked while he looked at me surprised.


“Do u mean I…..? ” he asked.



“Just promise you’ll never hurt her, she has never asked or fought against me for something like dis before. I should at least, for once I should at least make her happy, and if u are happiness then I won’t stop u” I said.


“Just promise me my daughter is in safe hands” I said.


“Absolutely sir” he said.


“If u ever hurt my daughter then u are gone” I said while he gulped down scared.


“Just take dat as an advice” I said.


“Thank you a lot” he said.


“You should go, am sure she will probably be expecting a good news” I said.


“Thank you a lot sir” he said and stood up.


“No thank u” I said and he left.


This is the best decision I have ever made for my daughter and I don’t regret it.


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Ryan pov



I rushed out of the general study and went to where Vivian was waiting for me in the house.


I got there and entered.


I saw her watching a movie but she looked disturbed.


“Am back” I announced my arrival.


“So what did he say?” she asked as she stand up.


“Well” I said and stopped.


“He said ………..” I said and made a sad face.


“I guess he said no, am sorry ryan” she said


We have both decided if her dad disagree then we’ll break up.


“He said yes” I announced the good news.


“What?” she asked excited.


“He said we could date” he said.


“Yea!” Vivian said and hugged me.


I carried her in excitement.


“I knew it will work” she said.


“But how did u know?” I asked.


“No father can resist her daughter’s sad face and dat is my charm” she said.


“I don’t get u, but am happy dat am finally with u” I said.


“Same here” she said and tightened her hand around my neck.


“U know I think we should do something special to celebrate dis” she said seductively.


“Hmm” I said and kissed her and she responded back.


I bite her lower lips softly while she moaned.


My phone rings but I didn’t pick it.


It rings again and Vivian pulled away.


“It might be important” she said.


I picked the phone.


“Cap, u have to come now it is an emergency” he said and hung up.


“I have to go” I said to Vivian.


“What?” she asked.


“An emergency” I said.


“Oh” she said sadly.


“I will make it up to u next time” he said.


“Sure” she said and smiled.


“Be safe” she said.


“I will” I said and kissed her and left.


One year later:



Ryan pov



“Cap, must be happy to go back to her after ten months” Lucas said teasing me as we got out of the camp.


“Right cap?” Ken said.


“U guys should just stop,” I said smiling.


“I heard captain is going to do something special today” James said. “Did u tell them?” I asked Lucas


“Am sorry I couldn’t keep my mouth shut” he said running.


“If I catch you…” I said running after him.



Vivian pov



I looked at my watch waiting for Ryan to come, we were supposed to meet here at this restaurant.


He has been away from too long.


I looked at my watch, it was already 9pm.


“My phone buzzed, am sorry but I won’t be able to make it” he texted.


I knew it.


I picked my bag and left the restaurant angrily.


I got to the house my mom left for me before she died.


I live there now.


I entered the password and I entered and switched on the light and was shocked when I saw Ryan in front of me.


“What are u doing here” I asked smiling.


“Just want to surprise you, happy one year anniversary” Ryan said.


“Awwn” I said smiling.



“Want to blow the cakes ?” he asked.


“Sure” I said and went to him.


“In the count of three, two, one” he said and I blew the cake.


“I love dis” I said smiling.


“I missed u” he said backhugging him.


“Same here” I said.


“Close ur eyes” he said.


“Why?” I asked.


“Just do it” he said and kissed my neck.


“Ok” I said and turned to him eyes closed.


“Open it” he said and I did.



I saw Ryan on his knees with a ring .



It’s been a year and some months, but I noticed something every time I’m with u or hear ur voice I realized I want to be with you till the end, more than anything, I sincerely love you” he said.

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“U are a rare gem to me, I can’t afford to lose u so am going to keep u at my side forever” he asked.


“Everyone deserves a partner but not everyone will get a perfect one and every Romeo deserves a Juliet but not all of us are Romeo or Juliet. But I know it, I feel it so Vivian Wilfred will u be my Juliet, and make me the happiest man on earth by saying yes” he said.


“Will u marry me?” he said and a droplet of tears drop down my face freely.


“I wasn’t expecting dis, I will marry u” I said and he put the ring on my finger and kissed me.


“I love dis” I said.


“I love u” he said and carried me onto the table.


“And I will forever will” he said and kissed me.


I reprociated while he carried me to the bedroom.


Not all of us get the chance to be with who u love, just like the real Romeo and Juliet but I’m happy I could be with mine. It is just like a miracle.


This is my love story, within a short period of time I was able to experience a romance of a life time.


A sweet and happy one, my Romeo, and love story I never believed will happen.


Just like the flash of lightening before it’s thunders.


The end.


Finally thanks for reading.


And finally to my wonderful readers, who didn’t give up on my stories like seriously u guys are the best.



I love u guys so much .




Till next time.


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