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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 2

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Chapter two


Ryan pov



I woke up to the sound of the barrack’s alarm bell, I stood from d bed checked the time and it read 5:15 am. I did my daily routine of a 100 pushup did a early morning jog with my unit.

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By the time I was back in my room it was already 6:30.


I went to bathroom, shave d little stubbles, brush my teeth, showered. Wore a simple black suit dat I have picked the previous day.


My phone rings, I look at the screen and it was my uncle calling.



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“Hello”, he said as I picked it.


“What” I asked.


“Are u at d airport already” He asked.


“No still in my room”, I said.


“What, do u want me to lose dis important opportunity” He asked.


“Calm down”, I said heading out.


“I Will be there soon”, I said and entered d car.


If I lose dis bcos ” I hang up before he could finish his statement. “He talks too much”, I said and head for the airport.


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( At the airport )


I was at d airport waiting for her, where exactly is she? I thought looking at my watch.


‘I can’t believe am doing dis’, I thought.


Are u d bodyguard? A voice behind Me asked.


I turned back and I was surprise at the same time speechless. She was more beautiful in real life than in d picture.


She looked lovely, her pretty face without make up, her perfect body, and her lips even without lip glows. I felt tempted.


She chuckled, “are u done checking” She asked.


‘Rude’, I thought.



“I wasn’t checking u”, I replied.



Whatever, she said and rolled her eye .


Take, she said and threw me her bag.


“Am extremely tired”, she said stretching her body.


“Are u expecting me to carry ur bag” I asked and furrowed my eyebrow.


You are d bodyguard ” she answered. ‘She is totally rude for my liking’, I thought. I took a deep breath, ”just for a day ” I said. Where is d car? She asked.


Am sure u aren’t expecting d car to be here, I said and head outside. “Wait for me”, she said.


“Where are we going” I asked.


Are u not d driver and d bodyguard? She answered with a question.


But” I protest.


“Shut up, I will like to sleep for a while so just go anywhere except for my parent house”.


‘This should have been added on the comment, she is annoying, super annoying I feel like plugging her eye out’, I thought and started d car.



Vivian pov



‘I keep looking at the guy who came to pick me, he is handsome and cute. And also the perfect person to disturb’.


‘There is nothing much to know about me, am 25, beautiful dat is obvious, rich, u can say am proud or annoying I don’t give a I used to but not anymore’.


‘And also one thing about me is dat I like bullying or annoying people, it is d only way of having fun. And dis guy seem perfect for dat’.


“You can stop pretending like u were sleeping”, he said.


“I wasn’t pretending”, I said.


“So u were not sleeping”, he said and stopped d car.


“You were lying, he said and gave me a scary” look.


I gulped down.


“Let just say we have reached our destination”, I managed to say and get out of the car.


” Wait” he said and also came out.


“I have always wanted to visit dis boutique”, I said.


‘I turned to look at him he looked angry’, I thought smiling.


“Pick my bag and meet me inside”, I said and went in.



Ryan pov


‘Can today get any better’, I thought.


I can’t believe am doing dis, I will kill my uncle after dis” I said. I pick her bag and went in.


I saw her picking some clothes. ‘Of course d witch do shoppings’, I thought.


“Here is ur bag”, I said and put it on d table.


“Take”, she said and give me d dress she picked.


What should I do with it” I asked.


What else hold it ” she said.


She gave me fifteen dresses to hold.


Can someone remind me what am doing, of course am protecting her right? But why does it feels like am d one who need protection.


‘I can’t believe am doing dis, am a soldier for Christ sake, a respected one, talented and good in what he does but am doing dis’, I thought almost crying.


“Check dis necklace, am sure true will like it”, she said smiling.


She looks beautiful when smiling but she is a total douche if only she was a guy then she will regret having me as her bodyguard I will have spoilt her pretty face with my punch. ‘If only’, I thought.


We are done here, she said.


One of the boutique worker collected the clothes from me and packed it.


“Take d clothes and go wait for me outside”, she ordered.


I hold my fist trying to control my anger.


“OK”, I said and left.


I stayed in d car waiting for her, “shit” I said and punched d seat next to me.



I saw her coming out of the boutique with a new dress, wow she look beautiful but annoying.


She opened d car door and entered.


“Stop starring”, she said.


“What? I told u already am not looking at u, there is nothing to look at”, I said and she gave me a dirty look.


“We shall see to dat,” she said.


Start d car, she ordered.


I took a deep breath, ‘just for a day,’ I thought and started d car.


“Where are we going?” I asked.


“To king restaurant, I have someone to meet there”, she said excited.


‘Is she going to meet her bf’, I thought and felt a little sad.


‘Why am I sad? I mean it is non of my business if she’s going to see her boyfriend,’ I thought.


‘So why am I sad?’




Hmm Ryan, thou shall not talk ooo.


And Vivian u too much, abeg take it easy on innocent guy.


Love u guys

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