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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 18

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Chapter eighteen


A Day before Ryan kidnapping.



Vincent’s mom pov


I was in my room when I heard a noise from Vincent’s room.


It was like something was broken.


I heard Vincent shout and I rush to his room.


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Thankfully his door wasn’t opened, I entered his room and saw everywhere scattered.


His hand was bleeding.


“What is going on?” I asked shocked.


“Mom,” he said sobbing.


“What is going on?” I said and went to him.


He fell on his knees crying profusely.


“Am really hurt, I love her so much” he said.


He is probably talking about Vivian.

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“I just feel like dying, I want to kill myself. I don’t think I can live without her” he said and faint.


“Vincent, Vincent” I said and heard him snoring.


He is drunk.


I called the maid and they took care of Vincent wound and room.


I picked my phone and called one of my men who handle some dirty works for me.


“I have some job for u” I said.


The next day.


I went to Vincent’s room.


“Mom” he said and sat on his bed when he saw me.


I also sat on his bed.


“U should stop stressing urself, I promise u that Vivian will be urs” I said.


What do u mean?” He asked.


“I think u know” I said.


“Are u going to do something bad to Ryan?” He asked.


“If dat is the only way to make u happy” I said.


“But mom, dat is not right” he said.


“Dis is why u will never win Vivian’s heart, bcos u are soft hearted” I said.


“If u want her, u have to take care of the person blocking your relationship with her” I said.


“If dat is what can help me win Vivian’s heart then go ahead” he said while I smirked.


“I will make sure u get married to Vivian” I said and left his room.


My phone buzzed.


“We got him” someone texted me.


“On my way” I texted back.


My driver took me to a tunnel where I was told to come.


I had my boy to find out about the case, why Vincent came home drunk and found out dat dis guy is the one behind everything. He was unconscious when I got there.


He woke up and I gave him 48 hours to decide if he dies or let Vivian go.


When the 48 hours was complete.


I went to the tunnel, and found him all wounded.


“So have u decided to let Vivian go?” I asked.


“Do u have hearing problems” he said.


Guess I have no choice.


I collected the gun from one of my men, pointed it at him and pulled the Tigger.


I shot him in his stomach.


“Take care of the body” I said and left.




The Day Ryan got kidnapped.



Lucas pov


I was in my room, doing push-ups when my phone rang.


It was captain, “hello cap” I said excited.


“Are u alone?” he asked and Ken entered.


“Not anymore Ken is here” I said.


“Gud, I need u guys to come my house” he said.


“After sending us out” I said.


“Lucas, it is important” he said I could feel he was anxious.


“Ok” I said.


“Don’t tell the others, only u and ken” he said.


“Ok” I said and hung up.


“What did cap said?” Ken asked.


“He asked us to see him” I said.


“It is important” I added and put on my clothes.


“Ok, I will go tell the others” he said.


“No, he said just us” I told him.


“But we have never done anything without the team” he said.


“He must have his reason, u should understand” I said.


“Ok, let’s go” he said and we head to cap’s was.


We got to his house.


“Why did u ask to see us?” Ken asked.


“I need u guys help” he said.


“The general asked me to see him but I sense it might be a trap” he said.


“Why will the general want to hurt u?” Ken asked.


“He knows am dating his daughter” cap said.


“Ohh” both I and ken said.


“I need the two people who I trust and are close to me” he said.


“What do u want us to do” I asked.



“There is a tracker in my body, I need u guys to track me down if anything happens” he said.


“If anything happens I need u to protect vivian” he said.


“Nothing is going to happen, I will protect u just like u do us” I said.


“Same here” ken said.


Thanks guys” he said.




Later in the night.


Both me and ken were in a bus near Ryan house when ken called my attention to something.


“Lucas” ken called.


“What?” I asked.


“Cap is moving fast and he is not going to his house direction” he said.


“What?” I asked.


“Do u think it is the general’s work” I asked.


“I am not sure but, we have to followed them” he said.


“Ok” I said and went to the driver seat and followed ken’s instructions. “So” ken said. Dis is where the tracker said he stopped.”


“What? We are in the middle of nowhere” I said and got down from the car.


“Shit” I said frustrated and hit the car.



Ken also got down.


“We failed him” I said while ken pat my shoulder.




Lucas and ken aren’t suspicious oo.


They were just following Ryan’s orders.


Sorry it is short, something came up dat is why am posting late.


We have few more episodes to go .


Till next time.


Love u guys .


Stay safe.

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