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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 17

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Chapter seventeen



Hours after Ryan’s accident



Ryan pov



I woke up in an unfamiliar place, tied to a chair. I winced, I look around and there was some movement in the dark with me.


I was in a tunnel, a perfect place to hide someone.


“U are awake” I heard a voice say someone I couldn’t see because the person was in the dark.

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“Why did u kidnapped me?” I asked.


“Bcoz u are a hindrance to my happiness, everyone’s happiness” the person said.


“I don’t understand but, I care less, what do u want?” I asked.


“Am going to give you 48 hours to decide” the person said.


“Decide on what?” I asked.


‘If u want to live or die” the person said.


“Live” I said.



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“Good, if I release u I want u to never see Vivian again till eternity” the person negotiated.


“Never, if she doesn’t break up with me herself then she will forever be mine,” I said.


“U have 48 hours to think about it or die” the person said.


“U guys can get back to work” the voice said to the dark, where two hefty guys came, footsteps rescinding which signals the mysterious person leaving.


They started beating and torturing me.



48 hours later



The guys has been with me since the other day, torturing me, my body is all covered with wounds from knives slashes and punches. I felt sore all over my body


The door opened revealing a person I couldn’t see.


“Have u decided?” The voice asked.


“Letting Vivian go and live” the person said.


“Do u have hearing problems, I don’t care” I said.


“I can’t let go of Vivian” I said.


“I see, then I have no choice” the person took a gun from one of the guys and pointed it at me, stepping even closer to me dat I was able to see the face of my abductor.


“Goodbye” she said with her hands on the trigger.





A day after Ryan’s kidnapping



Vincent pov


I went to Mr Wilfred’s house,


I asked him to release his daughter.


“What if I release her and she goes back to captain Ryan, what are we going to do after that?”


“You don’t have to worry, I already took care of Ryan” I said. “If u don’t mind I’d like to be the one to release her”


“Sure” her dad answered.


I went to her room, opened the door and saw her on the bed nervous.


“What do u want?” she asked while I chuckled.


“U are free to go” I said.


“A bride shouldn’t look this disturbed” I said and sat next to her.


“Am not getting married to u, I don’t love u” she said.


“As much as those words hurt me, I’ve stopped caring about ur feelings. No man from nowhere can take u from me” I said caressing her face but she slapped my hands away.


I got angry and held her by her neck to threaten her, almost choking her.


“Don’t push me to the limit of doing the unexpected to u, I still respect the fact we are good friends.”


“Believe me, I know what I can do to have u and also don’t u dare do dat to me again.”


“In five days time u will be mine” I said.


“Never” she said and spit on my face.


I let go of her.


“U are really are stubborn” I said and slapped her face which surprised her.


“Vincent!” she said surprised but I didn’t care.


She is the reason why I am like dis, until she agrees to marry me I will continue to make life a hell for her.


“When did u become like dis?” she asked.


“This is all bcoz of u, u made a monster of me” I said and left her.



Vivian pov


I can’t believe Vincent did dat to me, he looked scary.


And why will they release me? I hope it ain’t what am thinking.


I went to the bathroom, shower pick a black leather trouser and black tank top and jacket with my black boots and head to Ryan’s house.


I reached Ryan’s house, I knocked but no response.


I entered the password and entered but saw no one, I Searched everywhere but I saw no one.


I picked up my phone and dialled his number but he didn’t pick it.


“Where will he be?” I asked frustrated and stressed.


Of course, his unit members.


They are close to him.


If anything happened to him, I don’t think I can live.



At the soldiers barrack



Before I could enter the barrack, I was asked to sign a visitation form and was directed to the Major’s office.


I knocked on the door and entered.


“Hello sir” I greeted him.


“Yes” he replied


“May I ask what u are doing here?” he asked.


“Am here for a man named Ryan, he is a soldier a captain to be precise” I said.


“And what is ur business with him?” he asked.


“I really need to see him” I said.


“Who are u?” he asked.


“Vivian Wilfred” I said.


“Vivian, dat name sounds familiar” he said.


“It is d same vivian” I said.


“What!” He said and stood up.


“The General’s daughter” he said shaking my hand.


“It is a pleasure meeting you, u know I was the one who recommended ryan” he said and smirked.



“OK, is he here?” I asked.


“No, I thought he is with u guarding u” he said.


“If he isn’t with u then where is he?” he asked.


“Can I see his unit members” I said.


“Sure pls come with me” he said and I followed him.


He took me to a room and asked me to wait.


A few minute later, he came with his unit members (Tom, Douglas, James) I couldn’t see Lucas and Ken.


“Miss Vivian,” James said.


“Hi guys” I said.


“What are u doing here” he asked.


“Where is the captain?” Tom asked.


“I hate to admit it but, I think Ryan is in danger, I might need u guys help. I think my dad is involved” I said.


“I know it is hard for u to understand” I said.


“It is OK, it is just that Ken and Lucas aren’t here, they have been missing since yesterday” Douglas said.


“Really?” I asked confused.


“It is OK, it isn’t like we can’t do it without them” the major said while the three glared at him.


“Don’t worry miss Vivian we will surely bring Ryan back” he said.


Tom cleared his throat, Douglas laughed and James scratch his head.


“We will find Ryan and save him” the major said.


“Here it comes,” James whispered.


“But pls remember dat I helped u in saving Ryan’s life” he said.


“Always remember dat and if we successfully bring Ryan back home, u can compensate me then” he said while James and the others laughed.


“If u are done with ur gibberish, now let’s find my nephew” the major said.




I smell something fishy.


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