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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 16

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Chapter sixteen


Ryan pov


I went to open the door, thinking it was my unit members.


I was shocked when I saw who was outside.


He gave me a punch which pushed me back inside.


“Ryan!” Vivian called and ran to me.


He entered the house with some soldier at his back.


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“Dad” Vivian called.


“What are u doing?” she asked.



“How did u know?” Vivian asked.


“I knew right from the start, the kiss, u guys meeting up, I thought if u got married soon then u will stop seeing him, but u convinced Vincent’s mother, dat was why I called you last night, and this morning I noticed u never came home” he said with anger in his every word.


“It is not her fault, it is all mine” I said.


“I will decide whose fault is?” he said.


“Let’s go home” he said to Vivian.


“Am not going anywhere, if I wish to come home, I will” she said holding my arms.

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I removed her hands from my arms.


“You should go home, I will see u later” I said smiling.


“But?” she protest.


“Trust me” I said.


“Ok” she said.


“Let’s go” her dad said dragging his daughter out.


They left.


I guess what I wanted to avoid has finally happened.


Can I really be with her?


“I really want her”



Vivian pov


We got home and I was locked in my room.


A few minutes my dad came in.


“Why am I being locked up?” I asked.


He didn’t answer.


“This is not going to stop me from leaving Ryan, I love him” my dad said.


“Stop thinking about the impossible, u are getting marry soon” he said.


“Why is it impossible? Why do I have to marry ur friend’s son bcoz it is my mom’s dying wish? or bcoz u want it.”


“Are u guys even thinking about my own happiness?”


“U are just making decisions for me, u never for once listened to me or cared about my happiness, all u do is make choices for me, to people am a spoilt brat and most of them wish to be in my situation but as they envy me I also envied them.”


“I wish to make choices for myself, like other people does. Sometimes I hate my own mom bcoz of the stupid wish she made” I said.


“Vivian!” my dad called me visibly angry.


“But now I can clearly see she is not at fault.”


“Am sure she will never want to see me cry, dis is all bcoz of u”


“To others u are a this great and humble man a war hero but, I know dat u are a greedy and selfish man” I said and he slapped me, hard.


“U are going to get married to vincent.”


“And u are getting married in less than a week,” he said and left my room.


I can’t believe he slapped me.


I heard the lock of the room again. Seems like he’s hell bent on holding me, at least until the wedding


I will rather die than get married to Vincent.



Vincent pov


I overheard the conversation between Vivian and her dad.


I felt hurt dat she has no feelings for me.


I really love her but I don’t blame her.


This is all bcoz of Ryan, I will make sure he regrets it.


He will pay for this with his life.



Ryan pov


An hour after Vivian left, I heard a knock on my door.


I went and opened it, it was the last person I expected.


“What are u doing here?” I asked without letting her in.


“I heard Vivian’s dad came here, how do u feel?” she asked smiling.


“were u the one who told them about us?” I asked.


“No, I went for Vincent but seems like her dad knew beforehand” Lizzy said.


“Don’t be too happy, and stop smiling. U look ugly when u smile” I said while she frowned.



“I wonder the kind of man dat will like someone like u. Probably from another planet” I said and closed the door.


This is really hard on me.


I wonder how she is doing?



Vivian pov



I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I will rather die than get married to a man I don’t love.


My nanny entered.


“Here, have some food, u haven’t ate a thing since yesterday” she said.


“Am not eating” I said.


“Vivian!” she called.


“Am not eating” I said.


“How do u think he will feel, when he sees u weak” she said.


“What do u mean? I asked.


“He is with ur dad in his study” she said.


“What?” I stood up from my bed and went out.


The soldiers tried stopping me but I threatened them and went to my dad’s study. Ryan pov


I received a call from the general in the evening telling me to come see him at his home.



I reached his house and was directed to his study.


“U are here” he said as I entered.


“Have ur seat” he offered and I did.


“Why did u ask to see me?” I asked.


“First, am sorry for the punch. I Havent punched anyone in a while” he said smiling.


“I called u here bcoz of Vivian, I have been watching u guys, and believe me I see how much u love her and u are willing to sacrifice everything for her” he said.


“I will like u to pls break up with my daughter, Vivian is very strong willed and very emotional but, also very fragile. It will be very hard for her to break up with u but I know how strong u are” he said.


“And also I know you are a good man, if u do I promise I will give u whatever you want” he said.


“Positions, money, just name it” he said while I chuckled.


“I want her, I don’t think I need any position am OK with what I have. The only thing I want is her” I said.


“Am sorry for being disrespectful” I said.


“U are really stubborn, there is no man on earth dat is not ambitious so tell me what u want” he said.


“Like I said earlier the only thing I want is her, she is the only thing I have ever wanted desperately.”


“I know I betrayed ur trust by dating ur daughter and for dat am sorry but I don’t regret doing it I want and love her” he said.



“Dat will be impossible, break up with my daughter or you’ll regret it” he threatened.


“I will take dat as an advice” I said and stand up to leave when I saw Vivian at the entrance.


She looked weak and feeble, seeing her like dis hurt me.


“What are u doing here?” her dad asked.


“Guards!” her dad called.


“Thank u for coming” she said smiling while I replied her with a smile.


“I will leave” I said and walked pass Vivian.


I held her hand for a moment of time as I walked pass her and left.


I left Mr Wilfred’s house, it was already dark out so I decided to trek some of the way home.


Am I doing the right thing, should I let her go.


I never thought loving someone will be dis hard.


But what is love if there are no challenges.


I was about to cross to the other side when I saw a car speeding up at me. Because of the lights I couldn’t see properly


All of sudden I was hit with a car.





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