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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 12

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Chapter twelve
Vivian pov
“U should get going,” Ryan said as we walked down d street hands held.
“Ok,” I said as a cab passed us by.
This is d fifth time dat a cab has passed us.
“U should seriously go dis time,” he said.
“Ok,” I said and hailed a cab.
“I will get going now,” I said and opened d car door.
“U are still holding my hand,” I said.
“Am not,” he said.
“U are,” I said and raised our hands up.
“I just don’t feel like letting u go,” he said while I smiled.
“But I have to,” I said.
“I know,” he said.
“Are u going to get in or should I leave?” The cab driver half asked, half screamed, irritated by lovey dovey moment.
“I have to go,” I said and he let go of me.
“Bye,” I said and entered d car.
“Bye,” he said waving at me.
Ryan pov
I already missed her,’ I thought.
I feel like I made d right decision but also a wrong one.
If her dad finds out or Vincent.
For once in my life, I just want something so badly.
I just want to keep her by my side, till d end.
But I wonder if it’ll last.
I head back to my house.
The next morning, I woke up, did my daily routine, had a bath, pick a casual dress and put it on and head for general Wilfred house.
Vivian pov
“Wake up,” my nanny said patting me.
“What?” I said still not awake.
“Ur fiance is here and he requested to see u,” my nanny said.
“Just tell him am still sleeping,” I said using the blanket to cover myself.
“It is already 10 in d morning, stop acting lazy and wake up” I heard a male voice dat sound exactly like Ryan’s voice.
I stand up from my bed immediately.
“Ryan?” I called smiling.
“I’ll leave u two then,” my nanny said and left.
“What are u doing here?” I asked.
“Am here as your bodyguard, am back” he said.
“What? U should resting!” I yelled.
“Am fine,” he said.
“No, u are not. What if u start bleeding again” I said.
“U shouldn’t overwork urself” I said.
“Now dat u said it, I think u are right I came here bcos of u, but I’ll just go home to rest,” he said and head for d door.
“Wait,” I said and he stopped.
“So u came for me,” I said playing with my hair.
“Yes but am going to get going since u told me to,” he said.
“Wait,” I said and hold his hand.
“Since u came for me, u can stay for today” I said.
“I don’t want to,” he said. I just want to rest like u said” he protested.
“What?” I asked.
“U can go if…” I was interrupted by his kiss.
“I was just joking,” he said.
“Ok,” I said smiling.
He pulled me closer to me.
“I missed ur lips,” he said and crushed his lips on mine.
We were kissing passionately when my nanny entered and I pushed him away.
“Like I said earlier ur fiance is here,” she said and left again leaving me and ryan in an awkward position.
“U should probably go to Vincent,” he said.
“Ok,” I said while he lead d way.
“Vincent,” I called when I saw him in d living room having some tea.
“Hey,” he said and stood up from d chair, hugged and pecked me while Ryan cleared his throat.
“Ryan is back?” he asked.
“Yes, I thought I’ll come back so the previous incident won’t repeat itself” Ryan said.
“Really? Is dat d reason why u came back?” Vincent asked sounding suspicious.
“What other reason will he come back for?” I asked.
“Just asking,” he said.
“Well, I came here to take u to dinner. My parents, ur dad and us are having dinner” vincent said.
“We have something important to talk about,” he said.
“Ok, I’ll get ready” I said.
“Yea,” he said, since we have been talking Ryan just stood there watching us.
He seemed angry.
“I will go change,” I said and left both Ryan and Vincent in d sitting room. Vincent pov
There is something probably going on, if not there is no reason why Ryan will come back working as Vivian’s bodyguard.
Vivian went to see him yesterday and he came to work today. Something must have happened yesterday and I can’t figure out what.
“Tell me Ryan, did u really come here just bcos u want to protect Vivian or there is something else going on?” I asked.
“I don’t know what u are insinuating but I came back to protect Vivian,” he said.
“Am sorry if I was harsh just trying not to lose what belongs to me” I said smiling.
“Or maybe she never belong to u, I mean she’s not a property.” he said and left.
‘What was dat?’ I thought.
It is either one of d three. He likes her or she like him or they both like each other. Which one out of the three?
I can’t lose Vivian not after everything.
I can’t lose her now.
I will do anything to have her.
Love u guys

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