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Revenge Was The Plan – Episode 6

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Surprisingly I’m happy to be back, the hospital bed was good but never as good as the one I have here at Adam’s home, speaking of Adam, he’s been acting a little different lately, I’ll say nicer, of course Adam is still Adam and some


times his inner jerk comes out but now I feel like I can at least talk to him without being insulted which is already an improvement.

Yesterday I promised Demi that I will take her to eat ice cream today after school, she was very excited and I am delighted when I see her like that, that’s why can hardly say no to her.

If I ever get the opportunity to leave this house and this marriage someone that I’ll miss like

to no end is Demi. I’ll never even think to take her mother’s place but I infidelity enjoy so much spending time with her and I really want her to have the best childhood possible, because I know what is like to grow up without a mother.

We laughed so much at the ice cream shop, Demi is very smart for her age and she can be very sassy, but what I love the most is that we can be silly around each other, anyone seeing us would think that we are genuinely mother and daughter.

The driver waited for us outside of the ice cream shop and once finished drove us back home. We entered the house still laughing at one of Demi’s jokes, her amazing sense of humor does not comes form her father and that’s a fact.

First person we see when walked into the house was Adam roaming around, one hand inside his pocket while the other held his cellphone as he talked to someone in the other line, I could tell it was work because his entire body language spoke ‘boss’ all over, god why he has to be so sexy making things harder for me? The minute he saw us his facial expression softened and immediately cut the call. Demi and I stopped laughing aware that


someone else was in the room. Adam bent on his knees and gave a small kiss to Demi, then stud back up, looked me in the eyes and said. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“I am here now, what is it?”

“For the past two months I’ve been working on a new project in Brazil, my client there invited us to go and visit, I can’t say no to him, he booked a hotel for us already.”

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“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m going to Brazil and you’re coming with me.” I was unable to get a word out, me and Adam along for god knows how long, lord have mercy.

A small voice stopped my trance of thoughts. “Loooove is in the air.”

Adam and I turned to Demi at the same time and at the same time both shouted. “Demi!!!”

“What?. everyone knows but you two.”

And then again the two of us shouted.



“Ohmy god”. Demi!!!”

She ran away singing.

“There was a little boy and a little girl Lived in an alley;

Says the little boy to the little girl, ‘Shall I, oh, shall I?’

Says the girl to he boy, ‘ What shall we do?’

Says the little boy to the little girl, ‘I will kiss you’. ”


I saw how Adam rolled his eyes, we looked each other and started laughing, this girl is something else.

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It was a true delight to see and hear Adam’s laugher, believe it or not it was the first time I saw a real and genuine laugher from him and it adds to his endless charms, I saw how perfect and white his teeths are. Can he be any more perfect?

“I’ll have someone come tomorrow to bring you all kind of clothing that you might need for the trip, if you need anything else you can use the card I gaveyou.”

He was about to leave towards the stair case when my voice stopped him.

“I don’t want anything you give me.” Immediately I regretted what I just said, it made him turn to me and walk dangerously closer, I took a few steps back but the wall behind stopped me.

“I’m not asking you I’m telling you.”

“You don’t own me Adam, I don’t have to do as you say.” I said making a super natural effort to sound tough and in control of my emotions. Every single cell of my body trembled and my chest was agitated going up and down in reaction to his next words. His whispering tone was husky and possessive at the sametime,

his mouth so close to my ear that I drowned myself in his minty breath and earthy aroma. “See, you’re wrong in that one, I own you Emma, every inch of you belongs to me, and yes you will do as I say because I know how to make you do it.”

Who does he thinks he is? Or who does he thinks I am? I’m not his salve. The patience you need to deal with his man.

I pushed him away from me and ran upstairs yelling the word.




I’m smiling as Emma runs up the staircase. I love messing with her, I love to see her reaction when I get closer to her, besides she looks cuter when she’s mad.

During dinner time she didn’t come to the table, Martha said she wasn’t hungry but I know that was her way to protest for our earlier encounter, it’s fine I’ll letherbe For


It was passed mid night and I was still in the living room, I was almost done with my seventh class of whiskey. I wanted Emma out of my mind and thought that alcohol willerase her off my system but it did the contrary. I closed my eyes and saw her, her smile, her gorgeous green eyes that I know can read my heart if I let them. I inhale and can feel her soft and sweet aroma. I think of her delicate and pale skin and crave to touch it. When did all my hate turned intothis?

I open my eyes and there she is, right before my eyes, I checked her head to toe. She’s barefoot, wearing some pajama shorts letting me take full view of her long and perfect legs. She saw something different in me because of how afraid she looked as I got up from the sofa and walked over to her.

Emma said my name in a beg and whisper at the same time, I slowly touched her down her left arm with the tip of my fingers and felt how her entire body was shaking but I didn’t care, all I wanted at the moment was to satisfy my need to feel her. Our eyes met and again in a whisper Emma begged.

“Adam please don’t-” I didn’t let her finish what she wanted to say, I don’t want to talk right


now I just want her so I followed my instinct and kissed her.

This kiss was different than the others we shared. It was demanding and desperate, at first she followed but when she tried to push me away and I brought her closer. I’m not letting her go, not now, not ever.

I took off my already undone tie and laid her on the couch, she’s in shock so no movement comes from her. Then I go on top of her and continue kissing her already swollen mouth, her neck, her cleavage. While my left arm supports my weight my right hand caresses her entire body. I’m loosing control and I’m too drunk to willingly stop.

Then a familiar soft voice made me stop. Is been a long time since I last heard this voice, but this time she was begging me. It was Amy’s voice begging me, almost crying. “Adam please stop, you are not like this, please don’t do this.” This can’t be real. “Adam no, I’m begging you. I’ve never been with a man before, please don’t do this tome.” I readjusted my sight and the voice I was hearing wasn’t Amy’s, it was Emma begging me this hole time. When did I become this, a monster, how can I be so heartless and selfish. Quickly I got up from the couch releasing Emma. She ran back upstairs like a scared animal. And I was left alone in my living room feeling like a peace of trash.




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