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Revenge Was The Plan – Episode 3

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I opened my eyes in response to the sunshine coming thru the one of the windows of my room. Immediately realized I over slept by looking at the time in my phone, in a second I was out of the bed and into the shower and


fifteen minutes later I had my waitress uniform on, I had to get to work in forty five minutes and since I don’t know the buses routes in this area I will probably wouldn’t make it on time. I went down the stairs and was just about to reach the door handle when a strong voice made me stop.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I realized it was Adam’s voice and followed the sound to find him siting in the living room with a coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other, his gaze still fixed on the newspaper. I’m so done with his man and his arrogance, fist yesterday and now this, if he thinks he can treat me like one of his employees he’s so wrong.

“Where do I look like I’m going?” I mean, considering I was wearing my waitress uniform.

He finally lifted his eyes from the news paper, and walked over to me, now standing only inches away from each other. I could smell his intoxicating aroma, his hair was wet probably the result of a recent shower, brushed all the way back, looking so soft, I found myself struggling with the need to touch it.

“Care to tell?”

“I’m going to work, Adam.”

“No you’re not, I don’t think you have a job.” “Yes I do, that’s where you first saw me.”

“I know where we first met, I’m just saying you don’t work there anymore.”

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“If you’re asking me to quit my job let me t..- I stopped as Adam interrupted.

“I’m not asking you to quit your job because I did for you. I thought you would be thrilled, after all isn’t this why you married me isn’t it?”


“No Adam I didn’t marry you for that, stop offending me I’m not like that. Why would you do this, quit me from my job without even asking me.”

“Let me put this very clear to you, because it looks like you’re not fully understanding. I paid for you to be my wife, meaning as my wife you’ll do what I say because I paid for it. You literally sold yourself to me, so now you’re mine. Here take your check.” He tossed the check to my face, by now I was making the biggest effort to not cry in front of him, but he wasn’t over, he continued. “What were you expecting? This is what gold diggers like you get, money has a price and now you’re paying yours Enjoy your money, wife .” Hemade

emphasis on the word ‘wife’ and walked away, leaving me in the big living room speechless and watery eyed. I didn’t move for probably twenty seconds, I never expected this.


“Good morning Mrs. Emma.”

I heard Martha’s joyful voice as I entered the ridiculously big kitchen of my new home. “Good morning to you too Martha.”

“Are you hungry? Is there anything in specific you will like to eat this morning?”

“No worries I’m not hungry, I’ll just make myself some coffee.” In fact I was hungry when I woke up, but lost my appetite after my encounter with Adam minutes ago. “Absolutely not, I’m here to serve you I’llmake your coffee.”

I rolled my eyes with a genuine smile, I knew I was at loss in this argument.

I was almost done with my coffee when Adam stormed into to the kitchen, he looked at me


for a few seconds clenching his jaw, I could tell he was just looking for some excuse to insult the hell out of me, and it looked like as always he succeeded when he barked .

“My study, now.”

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I followed him, making sure to not get lost because besides this house was huge I had no idea where his office was. I found him siting on his desk once I entered, books surrounded all four walls around us, surprisingly making him look more powerful and intimidating, and me of course, smaller than ever.

“Few things I need to discuss with you. First, in case you didn’t know, I have a daughter therefore your behavior should be nothing but at its best when she’s around, please don’t let her see the whore you really are, that’s all I ask.”

What, he had a daughter ? How old was she? What was her name? I looked into Adam’s hateful eyes and decided it will be better if Martha was the person answering those questions.

“Second…” he continued “I have a cocktail party I need to attend tomorrow evening, unfortunately as my wife I have to drag you in with me, here take this card and get yourself some decent clothing.”

He extended his hand with a card in it for me to grab, he looked into my eyes confused as not a single muscle of my body moved to receive it.

“Thank you Adam but I don’t need you to buy me anything, I have my own clothes.” Adam’s laughter filled the entire room I wondered if even the gardener could hear it from the outside because of how loud itwas.


Something I knew for sure, this laughter was forced and it had one purpose: humiliate me even more.

“You have got to be trying to pull off some stupid joke, aren’t you?”

I didn’t say a word, I didn’t even blink as a way to reassure him that I was being serious. He took the message perfectly as his reply demonstrated.

“Oh for goodness sake, those rags you brought and call clothes should be anywhere but in the garbage. Don’t you realize how pathetic you are, I mean look at you?.”

“First you call me gold digger, and then you give me a card to go shopping, I don’t understand.” I said in a sassy tone and crossing my arms across my chest. Which I regretted a second later when I saw Adam getting up from his chair and walking over to me, with a smirk on his face and the look of a lion going after his prey. He was so close that I could not only smell his lovely masculine scent but his minty breath brushing my neck sending electricity through my entire body. “Emma don’t make a foul of yourself, I know who you really are, stop pretending and take the card I have no time for your stupid wining.”

I was so nervous by his proximity that my brain went into a complete shut down, all I was able to do is grab the card from his hand and walk away. But of course, he had more to say.

“Ohh And before you go, be verycareful

with what you buy and wear to that event, I don’t want people realizing the tramp thatyou really are, and please do your best to actlike


a lady, I know is challenging for some people to act a certain way but you better not embarrass me.”


“Hi, I’m so happy you’re here!!”

A sweet little voice yelled from the main door now open, I tuned around to see who it was and laid my eyes on the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen.




“Hi!! What’s your name?”

“I’m Demi and I’m four.” She said signaling with her tiny fingers. I bent down to be at the same level and make eye contact with her. “Well, very nice meeting you Demi, my nameis Emma.”

“I’m happy that you’re here Emma, come let me show you my room.” And grabbed my hand running upstairs making me follow her, me tripping here and there in my way up the long staircase.

She opened the door to her room, it was any girl’s dream room, walls and bedding were light shade of light pink and the furniture was white as well the the curtains, images of ballerinas where hanged in the walls, it felt so peaceful in this room.


I walked into the house and noticed absolute silence, called Martha, nothing, called Demi, nothing, I knew by this time she should’ve been home from school, went to the kitchen still nobody. Went outside to ask the driver, he informed me that he brought Demi fromschool about one hourago.


I decided to go upstairs calling Demi’s name, no reply from her, I heard some voicescoming from her room and decided to go in. What I saw left me speechless, a wave of warmness touched my heart, I couldn’t explain this feeling, a part of me liked it and another part of medidn’t.

Demi was laying on the floor with Emma they where both coloring some princess coloring books, laughing and having fun, they looked so natural with each other. I didn’t know what to say, Emma’s smile faded when she saw me standing by the door.

“Daddy, you came early today!!!” I heard Demi say, my eyes incapable of leaving Emma, I

had to break the gaze at the feeling of Demi’s tiny arms around my legs. I bent down and hugged her, and somehow my eyes found Emma for the second time.

“How are you my princess?” I said breaking the hug and looking for Demi’s eyes.

“Im happy daddy, thank you so much for bringing a new mommy for me, I’m having so much fun with her!”

Once again I was speechless.

“Daddy, don’t stay there, give a kiss to Emma too.”

Oh god please no. I’m not touching that woman.


“Ohh yes, ofcourse.”

I walked over to Emma, and noticed how nervous she was, to my surprise I was feeling the same, the closer the distance between us became the more anxious we felt. For a few seconds I stood inches apart from her face, just appreciating the intense emerald green in


her eyes, intensity that for some reason I haven’t noticed before. I landed a fast and small kiss on her cheek and felt a shoot of electricity running all over my body. Have to admit, her skin was soft like silk and I liked it. We both took a step backwards trying to grow the distance between us, her eyes on the floor and mine still on her. I broke my gaze as a result of hearing Demi’s clapping her hands, giving me one of the happiest faces I have seen in her in years. I didn’t know what to do or say, I never expected this to happen so just stormed out of the room to clear my thoughts. EMMA’S POV

During dinner, was hard not to notice the tension between Adam and I, neither one of us spoke a word other than awkwardly smiling to Demi’s non stop conversation. When diner was over Adam finally spoke.

“Ok, is time to read a book and go to sleep little Ms. Perfect.”

“No, I don’t want to.” Demy replied making a fake mad expression with her face while crossing her arms in her chest.

“Demi you know that there’s no way around bed time.” I loved how Adam’s tone became serious and loving at the same time, no doubts he’s a wonderful dad, something touched my heart just at the realization of this.

“But daddy I want Emma to read tome


“Me!” I shouted in surprise. Adam’s face looked as shocked as mine.

“No Demi, Emma is tired, we need to let her rest.”

“No, she’s not, right Emma? Right? Tell daddy you don’t mind reading to me tonight.”


I didn’t know what to say, going against Adam’s wishes was something I was definitely not looking forward to do, but Demi melted my heart, she showed me so much affection since the minute we meet and I could tellshe

missed her mom. I don’t know what happened with her mom, nobody has mentioned her, all I know is how much a mother is needed, me more than anyone was aware of that. My mother left me and Jason when I was five and Jason two. I know how empty you grow up when mom is not around, maybe that emptiness made Jason the monster he is

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“It’s Ok I’m not that tired, I can read a few

stories with you.” I said looking at Demi witha soft smile, she grabbed my hand and took me to herroom.

After reading a few stories Demi finally fell asleep. I looked at her, and couldn’t stop the smile forming in my lips, I kissed her forehead, and covered her with a blanket.

I closed the door of Demi’s room softly avoiding to make any noise.

Looked around the quiet long hallway and decided to explore this beautiful house, I opened a few doors, just to find bedroom after bedroom, all of them with differentdecoration within the same classic style. Maybe I should go to bed now I’m tired and there’s nothing exciting to see, I decided to open one last door before heading to myroom.

To my surprise this last room wasn’t like the others, I walked inside, my eyes exploring. The walls held pictures of all sizes, got closer to them to see the faces reflected, I saw Adam with a new born baby in his arms next to a


beautiful woman in a hospital bed, both with wide smiles, then the same woman with a baby probably one year old, in her lap, siting behind a Christmas tree opening a present.

To the other side I spotted some manikins, probably about ten, all wearing different gorgeous gowns, some had rhinestones all over, some didn’t but I could tell they were all very expensive.

On the bed I saw a huge display of jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, I had no doubt that those were all precious gems and diamonds. Then at the end of the room something called my attention like anything else, a huge painting of a gorgeous woman, looking regal, like a queen. Golden hair fell into waves parted all to the right side covering her shoulder. She wore the most elegant and beautiful red dress, mermaid cut accentuating her curves.

My hand went on its own slowly to make contact with the beautiful painting, but I never reached, a strong hand grabbed mine making me stop.





I couldn’t get my body to move an inch, fear suddenly made me stay frozen.

“Who the told you it was OK for you to walk around like you own this place?”

Adam turned me around to look me in the eyes. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think andnow after seeing Adam’s rage perfectly reflected in his eyes, my body startedtrembling.

“You were trying to steal from me weren’t you?


I should’ve known better, bringing a tramp like you home was a bad idea.” I felt how Adam’s hold in my left arm was getting tighter and tighter, his hateful glare made me have a flashback of my brother walking towards me with that evil smile which I knew very well, he always did it before starting his beatings. I don’t know how but I found the strength to speak.

“No, I will never–” but Adam interrupted. “Don’t try to foul me Emma, I know what whores like you look for, but trust me on his one, I will destroy you with my own hands.” Now my vision was blurred by all the tears formed in my eyes. Another flashback appeared, this time Jason was beating me, the pain felt so real my whole body ached, the fear and the pain were unbearable. I wanted to scream for help but like always my mouth betrayed me. Finally in a forced and a weak wispier I begged.

“Please…. Don’t….. Please. ”

Involuntary I covered my face, it was a reflex to prevent Adam from actually hitting me. His face suddenly changed, the rage was gone

from his eyes and I felt in relief as he let go of my arm. This was my opportunity to leavethis room so I desperately ran to mybedroom.

Locking the door behind me I sledded against it and sat on the floor hugging my knees crying my eyes out. I was so hopeful that Iwill no longer have to encounter this fear ever again, but it was like if life was telling me that this is what’s there for me, maybe I deserved it, maybe I was the problem, maybe something in me made people hate me so much bring the worst in them.



I was furious when I saw Emma walking into this room. She was the last person I wanted to see here, but my anger faded the second I saw how terrified of me shewas.

I hated her with all that’s in me, I wanted to see her like that, desperate and broken and now that I finally started to get what I was looking for it felt like something wasn’t right.I didn’t get the satisfaction I was looking forward to have.

Emma thought I was going to hit her. Why I’m I feeling this need to let her know that I will never touch a woman in such way ? What she thinks of me or not shouldn’t be one of my concerns. But it is. A voice in my subconscious said.



“I’m impressed Emma, you managed to get the money for your dad’s treatment. I just hope you didn’t get in trouble for this. ”

“Don’t worry Dr. Collins, I didn’t do anything crazy.”

I just married an aggressive stranger, who hates me for no reason. I thought to my self.

“I took a loan, and I’m currently paying every single penny back.”

Like hell I am.

“Ok, then that’s a relief, your dad will be very proud of you. Life is given you many adversities and every time to managed to overcome them. I hope you know how strong you are.”

“Trust me, I’m not that strong, I just do what I have to do.” I said thinking of last night’s encounter with Adam.


“You have one thing less to worry about now, your dad’s treatment is covered for a year, unless he decides to wake up sooner.”







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