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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 9

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Nurses P. O. V.


(Liliana arrived) “Good day girls. Sorry for disturbing you guys. Is Ronato around? “she asked. “I’m afraid he’s not in his office “Laurette replied. “Why? Where did he go? “asked Liliana. “He had an emergency “she replied. “Oh really “said Liliana as Lucia interposed. “No it wasn’t an emergency ma’am. He actually went out with doctor Domingo “. “Hold on, do you mean to say he went out with Patricia? “asked Liliana, making sure. “Absolutely “Lucia replied. “Common Lucia, must you say everything “Laurette said angrily. “It’s okay. You guys don’t need to fight because of that. I’ll see him some other time then “said Liliana as she left. “What’s your problem you this witch. Isn’t it enough that we are not talking. You are trying to create another mess between us “said Lucia. “That’s enough Lucia. Laurette is absolutely right. You don’t need to say everything you see. She didn’t even ask you with whom did he go out with anyway “said Delia. “That’s right Lucia. You should always try to caution yourself “Christina added. “Go on. You can all gang up on me for all I care. In fact, I’m tired of working with you girls in the same unit. I wish the director could split us up one day. Gosh! “said Lucia as the other nurses nodded pitifully at her.


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Alfredo P. O. V.


(In his office) Few minutes later after Patricia and Ronato left the hospital, he picked up his phone and start to call Innocencia but she didn’t answer. After so much of trials, she eventually picked the call. “Hello “she uttered. “Hello Innocencia. I’m glad you picked my call “said Alfredo. “Hold on. Speaking? “she asked. “It’s Alfredo. You seemed not to recognise my voice anymore “he replied. “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you. What made you call by the way? “she asked. “Well I just want to ask if we could meet up tomorrow at the hospital “he replied. “Tomorrow? Oh I’m really sorry. I would really be busy at school tomorrow. There is a project I’m working on. I’m truly sorry Alfredo “she said. “No it’s okay. You don’t need to apologise for that. Since we are talking about your education here, you should stay. I guess we would meet some other time “said Alfredo. “Sure “she said, then the both pressed the hang up button. Then Sabrina appears all of a sudden, which caught Innocencia by surprise. “And who is Alfredo? “asked Sabrina as Innocencia startled. “Em……. He happened to be a


doctor in the hospital where Patricia works “she replied. “Really? So how did you guys get to know each other then? “Sabrina asked again. “Well it’s because I dropped by the hospital twice before in order to visit Patricia. That is where we met “she replied. “And you became friends, am I right? “she asked, trying to be sure. “Not really “Innocencia replied. “You know what my dear, I’m not objecting if you already want to have a boyfriend. But the most important thing is that your education should always be your first priority. And when the time comes, you will surely find who is deserving of your love. Just you wait for the perfect time. And more so, whoever the guy could be, you should always remember to introduce him to me first, okay? “she advised as Innocencia got relieved. “Of course mother. Surely, I will. Whoever he might be, I will surely do just that “said Innocencia as the two smile at each other.





Patricia and Ronato P. O. V.


(In a restaurant) “What would you like to eat Patricia? “Ronato asked. “I am fine thank you “she replied. “No I won’t take that for an answer “he said. “Alright if you insist…….. You may call the waiter over “she said. “Now you’re talking……….. Waiter “he called, then a young guy walked directly to his sitting position. “What

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do you want sir? “asked the waiter. “Can we see your menu? “asked Ronato as the waiter handed over the menu to him. “Thank you “said Ronato. “Well for me, I would love to take Quesadilla Rellena, Pambazos, and of course Alambres. Those are my favourite “he added. “Really sir? I assure you’ll enjoy it “said the waiter. “Yes I know that perfectly. That’s why I brought my friend here “said Ronato. “What about you ma’am? “the guy turned to Patricia. “Me?…… Em, just give me a


glass of water. That would be fine with me “she replied. “Common Patricia. I didn’t bring you here just to take water “said Ronato. “Alright then “she collected the menu back from the waiter. “Just give me Barbacoa, Shrimp and Grilled chicken “said Patricia. “Are you sure that’s enough for you? “Ronato asked. “Yes thank you “she replied. “Alright waiter. Go get that for us “said Ronato. “What about the drink sir? “asked the waiter. “Yes that’s true. Just give me margarita or cranberry, either of the two “he replied. “What about you ma’am? “the guy asked. “I would prefer water “she replied. “You sure about that? “asked Ronato. “Yes I am. Thanks “she replied. “Alright bro, go get that for us for now “said Ronato. “Alright sir “said the waiter as he left. “Thank you “Patricia and Ronato chorused altogether. “I hope you love this place “said Ronato. “Yes I do…… Thank you once again “she


said genuinely. “Don’t mention it. Anything for you “said Ronato, wearing a big smile on his face. A minute later, the waiter returned back to them along with their meal and they begin to eat afterwards.





Kamila P. O. V.


(In her mansion) She picked up her phone and dialed Alfredo’s number. Fortunately, he picked the call immediately. “Hi Alfredo “said Kamila. “Hello Kamila. How are you? “he greeted. “I’m fine. How about you? “she asked. “Same here……….. But the way, why did you call? “asked Ronato. “I just want to know if


we can meet up tomorrow at the hospital “she replied. “Why? “he asked. “I just want to spend time with my friend, even if it’s little. I hope you don’t mind “she replied. “Of course I don’t. Why not? I will be expecting you for sure “said Ronato. “Alright then, I’ll see you “said Kamila as she hanged up the call. Kamila then became extremely happy. “Yes. That’s all I want to hear. I’ll make sure I dress myself gorgeous before I go see him tomorrow. This time, there is no how he wouldn’t be able to fall for my charm “she said to herself.


Patricia & Ronato


“Shall we talk for a while Patricia? “asked Ronato. “Em…….. No not yet. As far as


I could remember, it’s not good to talk while eating. It’s a means of violating the rules of the table “replied Patricia, trying to avoid the conversation. “Yes I know that. But I promise it won’t be long. Please “said Ronato as Patricia looked into his eyeball, trying to read his moves. “Sure. You may go ahead “said Patricia. “Thanks……… Well it’s nothing much. I feel this is a good opportunity to tell you


what’s on my mind “said Ronato. “Hmm! “she got shocked, then the fork and


knife fell from her hand. “Yes Patricia. Actually, I’ve been waiting to tell you this for long. But I didn’t get the chance. I guess now is the right time “said Ronato as Patricia’s heart begin to beat very fast. “I think we should rather talk about it later. This isn’t the right time if I must say “said Patricia. “Why?….. Do you know


what I’m about to say? “he asked curiously. “Of course not. I just thought that since we are already eating, we should finish up first. And this may not even be the right time as you think “she replied. “Well it is………… All I just want to say is that

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I…………. “said Ronato as Patricia got choked, and she begin to cough. “Oh no. I’m


sorry Patricia. Please take water “said Ronato as he helped her in carrying the glass of water and fed her. “Thank you. I’m okay now “said Patricia as Ronato dropped the glass of water. “Are you sure? “he asked. “Yes I am………. Please excuse me. I


have to go to the rest room “said as she stand up from her seat. “Sure “said Ronato as Patricia left. “What’s wrong with her? “he asked himself.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


(In a coffee shop) “My worse nightmare is about to come true Jessica “said Liliana. “What do you mean by that? “asked Jessica. “I went to the hospital today and then one of the nurses told me that Ronato went out with that crazy woman again “she replied. “Patricia? “asked Jessica. “Yes…………. And I hate hearing that stupid


name of hers. She disgust me “Jessica replied. “Maybe you are just being paranoid for nothing. Maybe it’s not what you are thinking. Perhaps they left for an emergency “said Jessica. “No it wasn’t. They actually went out on a date “said Liliana. “Really? “asked Jessica. “Of course Jessica. The nurse was the one who told me about it…………. But you know what, I’ll make sure she pays for this. I’m never going to forgive. I’ll destroy her “said Liliana.








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