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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 8

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Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


“How does it go Patricia? Who won? “she asked curiously. Patricia opened the result and lifted her face up to Alicia, looking unhappy. “Why do you look so bitter Patricia? Didn’t you win? “asked Alicia as Patricia’s bitter look transformed into a joyous one all of a sudden. “I won “Patricia shouted happily as she hugged Alicia tightly. “Wow Patricia! You scared me. Honestly, I’m so happy for you. I knew you are going to win this challenge “said Alicia as Patricia got sad again. “What is it again Patricia? “asked Alicia. “I just really feel pity for Ronato. I don’t know what you would be going through right now “said Patricia. “Hmm! How romantic………. Well you shouldn’t worry about Ronato. He is a man. I’m sure he


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will be fine. He can take it. Unlike you, you are just a woman “said Alicia. “Common Alicia. I can also take it. And for the record, you are wrong about that. I am not a weak person. Maybe you have forgotten, among all the inevitabilities of life, failure is part of it as well. So I’m not scared to fall. Failure doesn’t kill. It only strengthens more “said Patricia. “Well I agree with you. Nevertheless, I am so happy for you “said Alicia as the both smile to each other.




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Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.



“With the smile on your face Ronato, I know that you won. I’m so happy for you bro “Alfredo said happily. “You are absolutely mistaken Alfredo. I didn’t win. Patricia won instead. And thank you for being happy for me. That’s what I want as well “said Ronato. “What? And you are happy? “asked Alfredo, looking flabbergasted. “Why won’t I? Patricia’s happiness is also my happiness. This is what love is. Love state that, if your loved one is happy, be happy for them because their smile is your happiness “said Ronato. “Hmm! Now I get you. Love has totally turned you into something else Ronato “said Alfredo., “It’s all thanks to Patricia “said Ronato as the both smile to each other.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


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(In a bar) “I don’t know anymore Jessica. I couldn’t help but to think. How did Licandro know Patricia anyway? The last time I went there, I saw the both together. And they look so happy. Could it be that those two are having an affair? “said Liliana. “Seemed like it…….


But I don’t see anything wrong with that since you are not in love with him anymore. In fact, you will have a lot of time to spend with Ronato without Patricia’s disturbance “said Jessica. “I guess you are right. Speaking of Ronato, I just can’t wait to see him again. And as for Licandro, he is free to do whatever he wants. I don’t care “said Liliana.


Few minutes later, all the doctors gathered into the library to congratulate and celebrate with Patricia regarding her success. Not long, while waiting for Patricia’s arrival, Alicia entered. “How was it Alicia? Where is Patricia? “asked Ronato, looking around to see if she’s going to appear somewhere. “Well she’ll be here soon. You shouldn’t worry yourselves too much doctors “replied Alicia. “That’s good to know. We’ll be so glad to see her “a young doctor called Christobal said.


Two minutes later, Patricia appeared. Anhel was the first to see her. “Speaking of, that’s her coming “he pointed to her direction. She enters. “Congrats to you doctor Domingo “they all chorused. And for the first time in Patricia’s life, she felt important. “Thanks to you all “said Patricia with a big smile on her face as Ronato moved towards her. “Hi doctor. Finally, you won. Honestly, this calls for celebration “said Ronato. “Yes it does “she agreed. “I’m glad you know that. That’s why I’m offering you once again, to take you out………. So what do you say? Or are you still scared of me Patricia? “asked Ronato. “I’m not afraid of you doctor


Gomez………….. And yes, I accept your offer “said Patricia as Ronato smile


including all the other doctors.





Nurses P. O. V.


“I knew it. I knew doctor Domingo was going to win. That doctor is so brilliant when it comes to her profession and so strong when it comes to doctor Gomez. Honestly, she deserved to be saluted “said Christina. “I never imagined that doctor Gomez could lose to doctor Domingo. He was defeated by just a woman. Honestly, I’m really disappointed “said Delia. “You don’t need to be surprised. I already knew that this is surely going to happen. I am not surprised at all. What I’m worried now is the offer doctor Gomez proposed to doctor Domingo. Are they really going out on a date? “asked Lucia. “It isn’t a date Lucia. They are just going out to celebrate the victory and nothing else. So stop exaggerating “said Laurette. “So what do you call that? When a guy and a lady go out together, either for lunch or dinner. It’s nothing but a date. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to doctor Domingo. But it doesn’t mean a lot to doctor Gomez. Because that is what he has always wanted. That is what I’m sure of “said Lucia. “Well you are free to think whatever you want. Just don’t talk about it too much. Someone might hear you and get the wrong impression “said Laurette, speaking calmly, trying to avoid fight. “Whatever “said Lucia.





Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


(Patricia’s office) She couldn’t think straight ever since she accepted Alicia’s offer. She begin to roam right from her seat to the door, and from the door back to her seat. She repeated this walking exercise thrice. “You have to calm down Patricia. Stop behaving like this. No one forced you anyway. You accepted the offer out of your own accord “Alicia held her arm, preventing her from going the fourth round. “You don’t understand Alicia. I only chose to accept his offer his offer because he proclaimed it publicly. And there is no how I can refuse him. People might think that I am afraid of him. That I am afraid of going out with him. Frankly, he really caught me where I couldn’t get off “said Patricia as Alicia smile in return. “You are so funny Patricia. Isn’t that what’s happening? You are really scared of going out with him because you are afraid he might ask you out once again “said Alicia. “Exactly. I had always manage to be strong whenever I am with him in this



hospital. But this time is different. It’s going to be the two of us alone. I don’t know if I can resist “said Patricia, feeling paranoid. “You shouldn’t worry at all Patricia. You just need to be more confident whenever you are around him. If you feel awkward, then it will only give him the chance to ask something from you. Something you can’t resist……. I believe you know what I mean “said Alicia as


Patricia nodded slightly. Then Ronato appear and approach Patricia. “Well I’ve finalised everything with the director. And he already gave us the permission to go ahead. So it’s up to you now. Shall we go ahead? “he asked. “Em…. No not yet. I


still have to round up some work in my office. I’ll be done in the next fifteen minutes “replied Patricia. “Alright then. I’ll wait for you downstairs “said Ronato. “Sure “said Patricia as Ronato disappeared. Then Patricia and Alicia begin to stare at each other. Obviously, Alicia could see there is fear in her eyes but she couldn’t do anything.


After the conversation between the two, Patricia left to meet Ronato. On getting there, Ronato opened the front door for her to let in. Then Patricia entered without uttering any word. Ronato entered as well. He started the car and mistakenly touched Patricia’s hand when he was about to hold the gear. “I’m sorry “he pleaded and Patricia nodded. “So shall we? “he asked. “Sure “she replied as Ronato drove off the spot.





Some of you might have thought that Ronato was the winner. People like #Terrynthamba. But you are absolutely wrong. Patricia won instead. That’s what love story is all about

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