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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 5

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Patricia & Ronato P. O. V.


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“Excuse me! I am not interested in your private life, nor do I care about whoever you choose to be with “said Patricia. “You have to care Patricia “he raises his voice. “And why should I care? “she raises her voice too. “Because I love you “said Ronato as Patricia got shocked. “What! “she exclaimed. “You heard me right. I love you Patricia. I love you with all of my heart and with all of my soul. I can’t explain how it started. All I can say is that everything happened when I discovered



that you were the one that saved me from the director the other day. Then I realised how kindhearted you really are. You are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you so much “said Ronato. “No doctor. You don’t love me. You just got carried away by the help I gave to you. I only helped you. Don’t mistake it for love. Besides, you and I know very well that you are never serious with women. You only know how to play with their emotions. You are nothing but a playboy “said Patricia. “I know you have lots of reasons to doubt me. But believe me when I say you are very different from the others. And more so, I’ve changed already. I’m no more the kind of Ronato you had always knew. I’ve changed. I changed for you. I changed because I love you “said Ronato as Patricia screamed at him all of a sudden. “Enough! Don’t you dare say any more word to me again. Do you think I’m a fool. Perhaps you have forgotten. I am Patricia Domingo. The woman that hate you so much. It’s better you stop your sweet talks because it doesn’t have any effect on me. Do you hear me? I know you too well. I know you more than you know yourself. You are nothing but a despicable womaniser. And if I’ll come to love someone, it won’t be someone like you “Patricia said angrily. “Hold on a second Patricia,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “said Ronato as Patricia stopped him from talking. “Hold it right there. Not another word………. What did you think? That I


will just say yes to you? And why? Because you are charming? Is that it? (she smile to herself, and the smile vanished immediately) You are not handsome at all doctor. Maybe in other people’s eyes. But for me, I see you as the ugliest person in the world. And you know why? Because I hate you so much. You are such a characterless person………… Now do me a favour. Get out of my office “she said


angrily. Ronato respected her wish as he left. Then Patricia begin to cry. A minute later, Alicia came in and she quickly rubbed off her tears. “Were you crying Patricia? “asked Alicia. “No no no Alicia. I’m not “replied Patricia. “But why do you look like you’ve been crying? “Alicia asked again. “Actually, I was reading a novel. Then I got emotional “she replied. “Really? Or is it because of Ronato? “asked Alicia as Patricia startled. “Is it because of the love confession he made to you? “she added. “How did you know? “asked Patricia, looking surprised. “I was actually coming to say hello to you when I overheard everything “replied Alicia. “I don’t know Alicia. I am confused. I really love him so much. On one hand, I feel like accepting him. On the other hand, I know he is only deceiving me. I just don’t know what to do anymore “said Patricia as she begin to shed tears. “It’s okay dear………. You know what, as a friend, I suggest you should stay away from him


henceforth. Things would only get complicated for you if you continue to talk to each other after what happened now “Alicia suggested. “Do you think that is the



best solution? “asked Patricia. “Do you have any other ideas? “asked Alicia. “No I don’t “replied Patricia. “Then do what I told you. For now, that is the best solution I could think of “said Alicia. “Alright Alicia. I’ll try and do that. Thank you very much friend “said Patricia as the both hug each other………(Knocks) “May I come


in? “asked Licandro. Then Alicia and Patricia got separated from the embrace. “Sure you may come in Licandro “Patricia replied. (He enters). “Well Patricia, I guess I’ll have to leave you two for now. I’ll see you later “said Alicia. “Alright dear. Take care “said Patricia, then Alicia left. “Common have your seat Licandro “said Patricia as the both got seated. “Thanks Patricia “said Licandro. “It’s okay………. By the way, what brought you here? “asked Patricia. “You should


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know the reason why I am here Patricia. It’s all about Liliana. Actually, I visited her last night. And do you know what she told me? She said she doesn’t love me anymore. She wants me out of her life. I just don’t know what to do anymore “said Licandro. “Are you giving up already? “asked Patricia. “I won’t be right here in front of you if I’m already giving up. I still love her. Despite everything she has done. Despite all the bad things I am hearing about her, I never stopped loving her a single bit. She is still the only woman I’ll ever love “replied Licandro. “Honestly Licandro, a man like you is really rare. You are so loving. In fact, Liliana is so lucky to have your love. She doesn’t know the kind of family waiting for her. But too bad, she only chose to be with Ronato instead of you “said Patricia, feeling sad. “Why do you look so sad Patricia? Is there something you want to tell me? “asked Licandro, feeling concerned. “No I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me……….. And as for Liliana, we’ll do something about her. I’m one hundred


percent sure she’s going to realise how much she really loves you very soon “said Patricia. “Thank you very much Patricia………. But I’m still not sure of something


“said Licandro. “What is it? “asked Patricia. “As far as I know, every single ladies are so madly in love with that doctor because of his charming face. But in your case, you are different. You know your place. You never seem to fall for him. Honestly, I’m so proud of you. The person that would eventually marry you will be so lucky to have you. I wish Liliana was just like you “said Licandro. “We should rather not talk about him. I’m sorry “said Patricia. “It’s okay. As you wish “said Licandro. “Well then, I’ll be on my way now. Make sure you take very good care of yourself Patricia “said Licandro, standing on his feet. “Alright then, I’ll walk you out “said Patricia as the both left the office. At the reception, Liliana enters through the elevator. The moment she saw Patricia and Licandro together coming straight towards her direction, she quickly went to an hiding. After Licandro left, Patricia was about to return to her office when Liliana appeared from one corner and



stopped her. “Did you really think I didn’t see you with Licandro earlier? You really love to seduce men, any men you can find “said Liliana. “And you don’t want to have not one but two. Make up your mind, don’t be selfish “said Patricia. “Where is Ronato? “she asked arrogantly. “I don’t know “replied Patricia as she walked out on her. “She’s so rude. I detest her. She disgust me “said Liliana.




Nurses P. O. V.


“Honestly, that Liliana is a shameless woman. After what happened, she still continue to see doctor Gomez. It’s a good thing doctor Domingo put her in her place earlier “said Lucia. “You are absolutely right Lucia. It seems she hasn’t learnt her lesson yet. She is such a disgrace. I wonder what that guy called Licandro see in her to love her so much “Delia added. “You know what, I wonder why doctor Domingo was behaving like that towards her earlier. It looks like they hate each other. Come to think of it, doctor Domingo might have also fallen for doctor Gomez’s charm. Let’s see who would win doctor Gomez’s heart between the two “said Christina. “It’s going to be fun “said Laurette as they all smile.





Angelica P. O. V.


(In her car, heading to Mexico) “I’ll make sure you are mine Antonio. We are meant for each other. I’ll make sure no one get in the way of my love for you. Not even Sabrina. Antonio left me because of her. I’ll make sure she’s never happy. I’ll make her life very miserable. I’ll make her regret the day she fell in love with him. And Antonio, if you refuse to be with me, then you won’t be happy with anyone else. That I promise “said Angelica.


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Alfredo P. O. V.


He was about to enter his office when Innocencia appears and call up his name. “Hi doctor Alfredo “said Innocencia. “Oh Innocencia. It’s you again….. How are


you? “asked Alfredo. “I’m fine doctor “replied Innocencia. “Call me Alfredo instead “said Alfredo. “Alright then……….. Alfredo “said Innocencia as she smile.


“Well it’s so unfortunate that you didn’t meet Patricia. She must be in the cafeteria by now together with her friend “said Alfredo. “No Alfredo. I was actually looking for you. I hope you don’t mind “said Innocencia. “No I don’t……. In fact, I’m



surprised that you wanted to see me “said Alfredo, looking happy. “So what do you say? “asked Innocencia. “Sure come on in “replied Alfredo. Then the both enter the office. “Have your seat “said Alfredo. “Thank you “said Innocencia as she got seated. “Coffee? “asked Alfredo. “No I’m okay. Thank you “said Innocencia, smiling. “Alright if you say so……… By the way, what brought you here? “asked


Alfredo. “Nothing serious. I only came here just to ask you a question “replied Innocencia. “Really? What is it? “asked Alfredo. “Well I just want to know if you’ve already have a……. “said Innocencia as Kamila entered all of a sudden. “Oh


hi dear “said Kamila. “Wow! It’s good to see you Kamila “said Alfredo as the both hug each other. On the other hand is Innocencia who is already feeling jealous. “it’s really been a long time Alfredo “said Kamila, wearing a happy smile on her face.


“Yes I agree “he smile as well. “Hold on Alfredo, who is she ?”asked Kamila after noticing Innocencia. “Well she is one of my colleague’s sister. Patricia Domingo. You should know her “replied Alfredo. “Oh yes I do…….. That pretty doctor “said

Kamila as she smile. “Absolutely……. Well she’s her younger sister. Innocencia


Domingo “said Alfredo. “Oh wow. You are so pretty Innocencia “said Kamila as she shook hands with Innocencia. “Thank you ma’am “said Innocencia. “Common Innocencia. Don’t call her ma’am. Her name is Kamila. She is my…….. “said


Alfredo as Kamila hijacked the words from him. “Never mind Alfredo. I’ll do the introduction…….. (she turned to Innocencia)……. Just like what Alfredo was saying


before I stopped him, my name is Kamila. And I am his girlfriend “said Kamila as Innocencia startled.






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