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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 3

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“You must be doctor Ronato, right? “asked Innocencia. “Yes I am. But how did you know my name? “asked Ronato. “Actually, my sister used to tell me a lot about you “replied Innocencia as Patricia got shocked. “Really Patricia? “asked Ronato. “Well yes. I used to tell her how arrogant you really are. Isn’t that right? “replied Patricia. “Hmm! Is that so? “asked Ronato, but Patricia refuse to answer. “I must say, you are extremely handsome Doctor Gomez “said Innocencia as Alfredo start to feel jealous. “Thank you “said Ronato. “Hold on Innocencia. I thought you said I am the only one handsome earlier “said Alfredo. “I didn’t say that. I only said you are handsome, not extreme. Doctor Ronato is also handsome as well, didn’t you see that? “said Innocencia whose word make Alfredo even more jealous. “Handsome my foot “said Patricia. “For me, Alfredo is the most handsome doctor I’ve ever found “said Patricia whose word make Ronato jealous as well. “Thanks Patricia “said Alfredo as they both smile at each other. “Well I choose doctor Ronato “said Innocencia. “Thanks Innocencia “said Ronato as he smile at Innocencia even though it’s not from his heart. “You know what, let’s drop the argument…… We are all good looking “said Alfredo as they all smile.

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Angelica & Francisco P. O. V.


(In a restaurant) “So tell me Francisco. What did you find out? “asked Angelica. Then Francisco brought out an envelope and handed it over to Angelica. Angelica



opened the envelope and saw some pictures of Antonio and a woman. “Who is this woman? “asked Angelica. “She is Sabrina Domingo. She used to be Mr Antonio’s lover in the past. Now they are finally back together. From what I heard, Antonio has considered this woman’s two daughters as his own. He helped her first daughter, Patricia to secure a job in the hospital he direct. While the second girl, Innocencia, he helped her return back to school “replied Francisco. “I knew it. He only left me all because of that woman. I am not going to forgive him for this. I’ll make sure he’s not going to be happy with the new family he decided to choose over me. That I promise “said Angelica.





Patricia & Innocencia P. O. V.


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(Patricia’s office) “From what I saw Patricia, it seemed you guys are talking now, am I right? “asked Innocencia. “Not really. I think he actually came all because Alfredo was there as well “replied Patricia. “Speaking of Alfredo, do you know if he has a girlfriend? “asked Innocencia as Patricia brought up a smile. “What made you ask that? “asked Patricia. “Well because, em,……. actually because he doesn’t


seem like he has “replied Innocencia. “And how did you know that? “asked Patricia. “I just knew it. Even from the way he approached me earlier, I could sense it “replied Innocencia. “So why are you asking if you know the answer to that? “asked Patricia. “I just want to be sure of it, that’s all “replied Innocencia. “Hold on, why are you so interested in that? Or could be possible that you are………….


“said Patricia as Innocencia hijacked the word from her. “Of course not. I am not in love with him “said Innocencia in a fast tone. “That isn’t what I wanted to say. But with your reaction, I think you really like him “said Patricia as Innocencia got shocked.





Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


(Ronato’s office) “Can you see that right, Ronato? She’s so pretty “said Alfredo, smiling to himself. “Well yes, I know Patricia is pretty. You don’t need to tell me that “said Ronato. “Get lost. I’m referring to Innocencia, and not Patricia “said Alfredo. “Oh I’m sorry about that…. But what are you trying to get out of that? She


is younger than you, remember “said Ronato. “I don’t mean it that way. I only admire her, that’s all. And besides, age has nothing to do with love. If she loves me as much as I do, then………….. (he paused. He felt he has uttered the wrong



statement)………. em, em, I mean……. “he stammered. “Continue bro. I’m listening………. I knew it. I knew you like her. You can deny the fact bro “said


Ronato. “And you, can you say the same thing with Patricia. I know you like her as well “said Alfredo. “Yes I like Patricia. But just merely as a friend. That is totally different from yours with Innocencia “said Ronato. “Alright then. We’ll see “said Alfredo.





Patricia & Innocencia P. O. V.


“Of course not sister, I don’t like him at all. He’s not even my type. He is much more older than me “said Innocencia. “You are wrong about that. Alfredo is just


And you are 18. That is such a perfect age for a perfect relationship. Besides, age has nothing to do with love “said Patricia. “Tell me Patricia, don’t you also feel the same with doctor Gomez “asked Innocencia. “Don’t change the subject here. You are the one I’m dealing with “replied Patricia. “And do not try to avoid my question just because you are talking about me. Remember, the question is similar. So the same goes to you as well “said Innocencia. “If that’s really what you want to hear, then I’ll tell you. I don’t like him. And I’ll never like someone like him “said Patricia. “I don’t believe whatever that comes out of your mouth sister. They are full of lies. Ronato is such a handsome young man, but you denied he isn’t. You didn’t want to admit it in front of him……. And that only means nothing but love “said Innocencia. “You are free to think whatever you want… But the fact remains that I don’t like him at all “said Patricia. “Alright then. We’ll see about that “said Innocencia.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


(In a bar) “Well I’m glad Ronato informed me sonner that he has been forgiven by the director. Or else, I don’t know what I would have done to that crazy doctor “said Liliana. “That’s a very good news Liliana. Now you are free to do whatever you want with your love, without anyone’s disturbance “said Jessica. “You are absolutely right Jessica. Just like I always say, he is mine and mine alone. No one can never be take him away from me. Not even that crazy Patricia “said Liliana. “I trust you friend “said Jessica as they both smile at each other.


An hour later after Innocencia had left, Patricia visit Ronato in his office. “May I come in? “asked Patricia. “Sure. You may come in Patricia “replied

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Ronato. She enters. “So tell me, what do you want doctor? “asked Ronato, concentrating on his laptop, pretending not to care on whatever she has to say. “Actually, I came here to say thank you regarding Moses’s condition the other day. I wasn’t able to say thank you back then because of the situation I met you with Liliana that day “said Patricia but Ronato didn’t respond. All he wants is for Patricia to be persistent in getting his attention which later become obvious to Patricia. “Well that’s all I want to say doctor. Please excuse me “said Patricia, feeling angry. “Wait a minute “he stopped her, standing up to meet her. “You didn’t even give me the chance to reply “Ronato added. “Did you think I don’t know what you are trying to do? Did you think I’ll really beg you to listen to me? If that is what you were thinking, then you are absolutely mistaken. Your arrogance won’t work on me “said Patricia. “That isn’t my intention at all…….. Okay I’m sorry then.


Please come and have your seat “said Ronato. “No thank you. I still have some better things to do “said Patricia. “Alright I’ll let you go. But before then, I want to ask you a question……… Why did you bring Liliana’s name into our conversation


earlier. Are you perhaps thinking we are still together? “asked Ronato as Liliana herself came in. Patricia got angry again but she didn’t let the anger show on her face. Instead, she smile at Ronato. “Well doctor, It seems like the answer showed up by itself. I’ll leave you two alone now. Please excuse me “said Patricia as she left. “Why is that crazy woman here again? “asked Liliana. “Don’t mind her. She just came here to say thank you “replied Ronato. “Well I don’t really care about what she was doing here. All I care about is you. I want you. I want to have you. I want you to kiss my lips “said Liliana, moving closer to Ronato, trying to put her lips into his, but Ronato stopped her immediately. “Hold on Liliana…….. I’m really


sorry but I’m not in the mood right now “said Ronato. “It’s okay my love. There is always a tonight. We’ll see tonight, right? “asked Liliana. “No Liliana. I’m afraid you won’t be able to see me tonight “replied Ronato. “Why? “asked Liliana. “Well you see, the thing is that,…….. “he pauses for a while, then he cleared his throat.


“Actually, the problem is that I am on duty tonight. I am going to work through all night long “he replied. “Really? “asked Liliana. “Of course “replied Ronato. “Alright then…… I’ll wait for you. I’ll be expecting you my love “said Liliana. “No


don’t…………. I mean I don’t want to keep you waiting all because of my job. Don’t


expect me very soon because I may not have the time to finish my work. I think you should also take a break for a while. Then I’ll call you when I’m ready “said Ronato. “Hold on Ronato, are you okay? “she asked out of concern. “Of course I am……… I hope you didn’t get offended “he replied. “No I don’t. I’m actually worried about you “said Liliana. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m okay



“said Ronato. “Alright if you say so “said Liliana as she left. “Oh no, this is bad. Now I don’t know how I am going to face Patricia after what happened. I hope she isn’t angry at me “he said to himself.






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