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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 2

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“Don’t you think this really calls for celebration? If you don’t mind, I would like to take you out for dinner………… Do you mind going out on a date with me? “asked


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Ronato. “Does this mean you are inviting me out? “asked Patricia, looking curious. “So is it yes? “asked Ronato as they both start staring at each other………. “Don’t


stare at me that way Patricia. Just say the word, and I won’t question your decision “said Ronato. “No “she replied, turning her back to him again, with her hands folded. “Alright then. It’s up to you “said Ronato as he left the ward. Patricia exhale and begin to talk to herself. “Oh no. This shouldn’t be happening. Why am I feeling this way? I shouldn’t let my emotions get the best of me. Patricia, you have to use your head this time, not your heart “said Patricia as Lucia enters. “May I say



something doctor Domingo? “asked Lucia. “Sure Lucia “replied Patricia. “Did I really here you correctly? Did you really decline doctor Gomez’s offer?……… I’m


really sorry for eavesdropping on your conversation, but I couldn’t help it when I heard ‘NO’ from you “said Lucia. “And why shouldn’t I say that? And yes, you heard me correctly. I can’t say yes to someone like him. He is never serious with women. He only wants a woman that will always keep his company whenever he needs them “said Patricia. “Yes I agree with you doctor. Even my friend also mentioned it. Back then, she really loves doctor Gomez a lot. But when she finally came to know he is a playboy, all the love vanished away from her heart. And that’s because she doesn’t want any man to break her fragile heart “said Lucia. “Me neither “said Patricia as she left. “To be frank, she is really such a strong woman “said Lucia. “Or maybe, it is really Moses she likes and probably not doctor Ronato “said Lucia, staring at Moses on his sick bed.


Not long after, a young guy drop by the hospital, looking for Liliana but he bumped into Patricia instead. “I’m really sorry doctor. But I came here in search of someone “said Licandro. “Who is it? “asked Patricia. “Liliana “he replied.


“Liliana?….. I’m sorry but isn’t that doctor Gomez’s girlfriend? “she asked. “Exactly


“he replied. “But how are you related to her? “asked Patricia. “Well she is my wife to be, but ever since she met doctor Ronato Gomez, she started acting weird towards me. I don’t know what that Doctor might have done to her…….. But can


you please do me a favour? “said Licandro. “What do you want me to do? “asked Patricia as Licandro move a little closer to her, touching her hand. “Please I would really be happy if you can speak to her on my behalf “replied Licandro as Patricia separated her hand from his. “But why me?…… Why do you want me to talk to

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Liliana? “asked Patricia. “Because I know you are the only one who can help me with this. You are a good person. You look kind to me. I know I can trust you “replied Licandro. “You see, Liliana and I don’t talk eye to eye. I doubt she will listen to me………. But nevertheless, I’ll try and talk to her for you “said Patricia.


“Really?…….. Thank you so much “said Licandro as he hug Patricia out of


excitement. After the tight hug, Licandro left and Ronato arrived at the same spot. “Oh doctor. You didn’t even tell me you have a suitor already. I should have known from the very start. You really hate me so much “said Ronato. “You are free to think whatever you want “said Patricia as she left. “Honestly, she is really something else. She is driving me crazy “he sigh, then he left the spot as well.






Antonio & Sabrina P. O. V.



(Outside the house, both sitting in front of Sabrina’s stocks) “Do you still remember our college days? Back then, we would always disturb the teachers, most especially when you they are teaching. Imagine, we would all run out of the class and lock the teacher inside “said Antonio as they both burst into laughter. You are so silly. You still remember all that “said Sabrina. “Of course Sabrina. It has become a memory to me already. In fact, a funny memory. And despite the fact that we were so stubborn back then, our class has always been the best “said Antonio. “Yes that’s true……… And I’m so thankful to you. You have always


protected me from the most notorious students in school “said Sabrina. “It’s nothing Sabrina. Anytime “said Antonio as they both embrace each other. Suddenly, a camera light flashes on them three times. “Did you see that? “Sabrina panic. “What is it Sabrina? “asked Antonio. “It’s like I saw flashlight of a camera pointed at us just now “replied Sabrina. “How is that possible? “asked Antonio. “Believe me. I saw it. The light flashed on us thrice “replied Sabrina. “I don’t feel good about this. It’s like someone is spying on us “she added, feeling worried. You are delusional. I think it might be because of the stress. I suggest you should go take a rest now “said Antonio. “I guess you are right……. Let’s go in then “said


Sabrina as Antonio helped her in. Then Francisco appears. “Now my job here is complete. I’m sure ma’am Angelica will be so happy after giving this information to her “said Francisco as he drove off the spot.





Innocencia & the nurses P. O. V.


(At the hospital) “Good afternoon nurses “Innocencia greeted. “Good afternoon pretty. What can we do for you? “asked Lucia. “I seek for Patricia. I mean doctor Patricia Domingo “replied Innocencia. “And how are you related to her? “asked Lucia. “I am her sister. I am Innocencia Domingo “replied Innocencia. “Really? “Christina asked surprisingly. “Yes I am “she replied with a little smile on her face. “Wow! You are just as pretty as your sister. Your entire family must be good looking. I really admire you a lot “said Christina. “Thanks for the compliment “said Innocencia with a cheerful smile on her pretty face. “Well doctor Domingo must be in her office I guess “said Delia. “But where can I get to her office? “asked Innocencia then Delia made the description. “Alright thanks to you all “said Innocencia. “You are welcome “they all chorused as Innocencia left.

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Alfredo P. O. V.


Alfredo came out of his office. He was going to attend to his patient when he bumped into Innocencia. They hit each other and all the textbooks on Innocencia’s hand fell right away. “Oh I’m sorry “said Alfredo as the both bent to pick up the books. “Thank you “said Innocencia. Then the both lifted their heads, and they begin to stare at each other for over two minutes. After two minutes, they both got to their senses. “Em, my name is Innocencia…….. Nice to meet you “said


Innocencia as they both stand on their feet. “Same here “replied Alfredo as they both shook hands. “You must be doctor Ronato, right? “asked Innocencia. “What made you think that way? “asked Alfredo. “According to what I heard, doctor Ronato is such a handsome person “replied Innocencia. “Are you perhaps saying I’m handsome? “asked Alfredo. “To be frank, yes you are “replied Innocencia. “Thank you. You are pretty as well “said Alfredo. “Thanks “said Innocencia. “Well actually, I am not really Ronato. My name is Alfredo. I am Ronato’s friend “said Alfredo. “Oh really “said Innocencia. “Hold on a second, but how did you know Ronato? “asked Alfredo. “My sister told me about him “she replied. “Your sister? Who is she? “asked Alfredo. “She’s a doctor. She is doctor Patricia Domingo “replied Innocencia. “You don’t mean it…. Is that so? “asked Alfredo. “Of course


“she replied. “Wow! Now I know the reason why you are so pretty….. You really


took after your sister. I must say, you guys are really pretty in your family “said Alfredo. “Indeed “said Innocencia as she smile. Then Patricia appears out of nowhere. “Innocencia “Patricia uttered out of surprise. Then Innocencia looked back to see who called her name. Then she found out it is Patricia. “Sister “said Innocencia as she run towards Patricia and the both hug each other. “What are you doing here? “asked Patricia. “Since I have nothing to do at home, I just decided to drop by your hospital after leaving school “replied Innocencia. “Oh that’s so sweet of you “said Patricia. “Well Alfredo, this is Innocencia. She’s my sister “said Patricia, facing directly to Alfredo. “Yes I know. She had already introduced herself to me “said Alfredo. “That’s great then “said Patricia as she smile. Then Ronato arrives at the same spot as well. “Hello guys. What’s happening right here? “said Ronato as he move closer to them. “Who is this pretty lady? “he added. “Yes she’s pretty. She’s my sister “replied Patricia. “Really? “said Ronato, feeling amazed. “You must be doctor Ronato, right? “asked Innocencia. “Yes I am. But how did you know my name if I may ask? “asked Ronato. “Actually, Patricia used to tell me about you “replied Innocencia as Patricia got shocked all of a sudden. “Really Patricia? “asked Ronato as the both started staring at each other once again.







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