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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 13

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Sabrina & Antonio P. O. V.


(Sabrina’s residence) “But why are you behaving this way towards me? “he asked. “Do you really want to know?………….. I already met your brand new girlfriend,


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Angelica. And just like what she said, she told me to stay away from you “she replied. “What! ” he exclaimed. “Oh now you are going to deny it?………….. Well


you don’t need to say anything because I already know the truth. You are such a liar. You concealed the truth from me “said Sabrina. “I am not going to deny it because……… “said Antonio as Sabrina interrupted. “Because it’s true……. Oh wow! Now I get it. You even have the guts to say it right to my face. You are so cruel.


You are shameless “she yelled. “Why don’t you calm down Sabrina. That isn’t what


I wanted to say……….. I am not going to deny anything because I haven’t done


anything of the such. All of that isn’t true “he said. “You mean it isn’t true? “she asked, starting to feel guilty. “Of course. You should have allowed me to explain the side of my story before crucifying me……… Yes I know Angelica. She was my


friend back in highschool, that’s all. Although, she was the one my parents wishes me to spend the rest of my life with. But I opposed to their wish. And you know why? ……….. Because I still love you “he explained. “What? You still love me?


“she got surprised. “Yes Sabrina. I still love you. I had always love you. Back then till now. I never stop loving you “said Antonio as Sabrina got overwhelmed. “I still love you too Antonio. I love you so much….. More than my own life “said Sabrina


with a beautiful smile on her face. “Really? “he asked. “Yes Antonio “she replied then the both embrace each other tightly.


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Moses P. O. V.


(In the I. U. C………… Still on his sick bed) He began to weep ever since he


recollected what led him to the hospital. Few minutes later, Patricia and Lucia entered and they saw his eyes swollen already. Also his clothes which has already soaked with tears. “Moses are you okay? Have you been crying? “asked Patricia. “I already remembered everything doctor. How I landed to the hospital “he replied. “Really? “Patricia looked amazed and excited. “Yes doctor……… It’s about my


girlfriend, Paloma. She deceived me. I respected her. I took care of her. I gave her all she ever wanted. But all I get in return is pain and suffering. She left me with another man. I can’t believe she would do this to me “said Moses as tears rolled down from his eyes to his mouth, which tasted salty after it got to his tongue. “It’s okay Moses. Forget about the pain. You should move on. I’m sure everything will be fine. And I also believe that there is a right woman waiting for you out there



who would love you, cherish you and care for you “said Patricia as she uses her finger to clean away Moses’s tears.





Nurses P. O. V.


“You know this world is full of lies and deception. Full of pain. Most especially in this hospital. Situations like this has never passed my organ of sight and hearing “said Lucia. “What do you mean by that Lucia? “asked Christina. “Doctor Domingo and I visited Moses earlier. He was so depressed when we got there. He is also feeling challenges of love. Just like Licandro and Liliana. Even doctor Domingo and doctor Gomez. And also doctor Alfredo with Kamila together with Innocencia ” replied Lucia whose statement got her fellow nurse shocked and surprised. “What? So you know all about that? “asked Delia. “Of course…………


And you guys, stop acting like a saint. We all know about it “said Lucia. “Hey don’t add me to your conversation, okay? I know nothing about it “said Laurette. “Ans who cares about you? “asked Lucia, but not really asking a question. “You know what Lucia, instead of being a nurse with no qualities, you should rather have been a JOURNALIST. Or perhaps a NEWS CASTER “said Laurette. “You are free to say whatever you want……… I don’t care! “said Lucia.





Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


(Alicia’s office) “I really feel so bad for Moses. I don’t know why things are happening the way as it is. Why can’t we just be given the chance to love without getting hurt. Why does love has to attach itself with pain and challenges “said Patricia. “Because pain and challenges are the only power to make love even more stronger. It makes one value relationships. It distinguish true love from the one of deceit. It won’t be that way forever of course. It’s a price true lovers has to pay “Alicia replied. “I hope there would be a day when Ronato and I would finally be given a chance to love without hurting anyone “said Patricia. “I also hope that day come soon my dear “said Alicia as they both smile.





Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


(Ronato’s office) “I already spoken with Patricia “Ronato said sadly. “Well, what happened? Were you guys able to clarify things? “asked Alfredo. “No we


didn’t……….. And I think it would be best if we both work professionally from now


on “he replied. “Why? What made you change your mind? “asked Alfredo. “Because that is what we both te need. A distance. I had always hope to be with her. I thought a day would come when we’ll finally be together. But I was wrong. The truth is it is Licandro whom she loves and definitely not me. It’s just a waste of time “he replied. “Don’t think too much about it my friend. I’m sure everything is gonna be okay? “said Alfredo.





After all the rounds for the day, those doctors that their shift starts at morning and ends at noon (7am – 5pm) beginning to leave the hospital one after the other.


Patricia was about to leave her office when Ronato suddenly appeared. Then he came in. “So you are leaving already? “asked Ronato. “Yes I am. Why doctor?” she asked. “Nothing………….. I can even see you’ve stopped calling me by


name already. Have I also lost the friendship we both shared? “asked Ronato, looking sad, but still smiling a little. Apparently a sad smile. “No Ronato. We are still friends. And whatever happens, we’ll always be friends “she replied. “Is that how you really see me?………… Just friends? “he asked. “I’m really sorry. You


know I can only offer you my friendship for now “she replied. “And in the future? “he asked. “Doctor “she uttered. “Never mind………. I don’t want to hear it. I might


just get hurt again. Especially now that you are with Licandro “said Ronato as tears start rolling from his eyes. “But I just want you to know that I love very


much……….. More than my own life. And I can’t even bear to see you with anyone else. But I guess it’s a price I must pay………… I mean, after all the wrong doings I


committed in the past. I understand if you cannot love someone like me “said Ronato as tears begin to roll down Patricia’s eyes as well. He continued; “But you know what, it’s really hard for me to accept. It hurts……… But I guess that’s how it


is. Karma caught up with me eventually. I know I’ll eventually learn to accept it. So don’t worry about me “he added. Then he moved even more closer to Patricia and used his thumb to clean her tears. “You don’t need to cry because of me Patricia. I’ve accepted my fate already………… But I just want to let you know that


you’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’ll never forget someone like you. You made me a good person……….. You know what Patricia, I just want you to do

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me a favour. Even if it would be the last you are going to give me. Most especially now that I am leaving. I won’t disturb you anymore. But also, I don’t want to go with a sad memory. I want to have a good memory with you even while I’m gone


“said Ronato as Patricia got shocked. “What?………… What did you say?………..


You are leaving? “asked Patricia, feeling confused. “Yes I am, Patricia. I can’t bear looking at you anymore, knowing that we will never be together “said Ronato as Patricia face turned red. Her eyes full of tears. “But where are you going? “asked Patricia. “I don’t know………… Just anywhere but here. And I guess this is also a


good chance for me to spend some time with myself “he replied. He also didn’t notice he got really emotional just like Patricia. His eyes also become full of tears and sadness. “But when will you be back?………….. Are you really leaving your


friend? “asked Patricia. “I’m really sorry Patricia. It’s really hard for me you know. But I have to do this. I have to do this for the sake of our friendship. And for the sake of my love for you……………. And I also want you to know that I’m not


coming back. My flight will be ready by 8pm tomorrow night “he replied. “What! You are leaving the country? “she got shocked, and even extremely hurt. “Yes I am…….. “said Ronato as Patricia uses her palm to cover her mouth. “I’ll be leaving


for Morocco tomorrow night. So I still have the rest of the day to say goodbye to you all. Most especially you “he added. “But does it have to come to that? “she asked. “I guess so. But I’m sorry if our story has to end up this way. That’s why I would love you to do me this one last favour so that I can have a rest of mind after I’m gone “said Ronato. “Tell me “she said. “Can I get this last kiss from you. Just this once, then I’ll be fine………… Please “he said as Patricia nodded. Then Ronato


smile, but still crying at the same time. The same goes to Patricia too. So then, Ronato held Patricia by her back neck while Patricia closes her eyes for the kiss. Ronato glanced at her sexy lips and kissed her without hesitation. Then the both kissed each other passionately

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