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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 12

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Alicia & Patricia P. O. V.


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“What?…….. You kissed Liliana’s ex-boyfriend? “asked Alicia, feeling amazed by


hearing that. “Yes I did. Honestly, I have no intention of doing that. But I just had to. You know, with the way she was behaving towards me uearlier, it’s like she was trying to make me jealous. But it’s a good thing I thought of something immediately to turn the table on her. Can you imagine, I was able to kill me two birds with one stone. I didn’t just made Liliana jealous by doing that. Ronato also felt the same way “she smile on to herself. “Hmm! Wow my friend. That is what’s called genius “said Alicia as she smile along with her.






Angelica P. O. V.



Finally, she arrived at the Domingo’s residence. She got down of her car and moved towards the door. She knocks. “Who is it? “Sabrina asked from inside. But Angelica didn’t make any response until Sabrina came out herself. “Sorry madam. Who are you? And who are you looking for? “asked Sabrina. “It seems you don’t know who I am. But since you ask, I am going to tell you. If you must know, my name is Angelica. And I am Antonio’s girlfriend. The man you are following around “she explained. “Antonio’s girlfriend? But how is that possible? “asked Sabrina. “Now you know. So I don’t owe you any further explanation. I just came here to offer you a piece of advice. Stay away from Antonio if you know what is best for you……….. Well I’m glad you don’t know me. I’m sure you don’t want to be


on my bad side. I can be your ruthless enemy “said Angelica as she walk away. “Who is she? And what was she trying to say to me? Could it be true? “Sabrina asked herself, but she couldn’t get the answer to her questions.



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Alfredo & Ronato P. O. V.


(Alfredo’s office) “So what happened next after that? “asked Alfredo. “Patricia kissed Licandro in return just to get back at me “he replied angrily. “Oh wow! It really looks like she got to you “said Alfredo. “Very badly…….. Honestly I don’t


know why Liliana gave me that unexpected kiss in the first place. I didn’t even ask for it “said Ronato. “Why? Does she ask for it before. I know you are just saying this because you have no interest in her anymore. But be careful with what you are doing. You might regret it “said Alfredo. “What did you mean by that? “he asked. “It’s an advise bro. Just be careful “said Alfredo. “You don’t need to worry about me. I know I should be…………….. But what hurts me the most is Patricia giving


Licandro all the credit. The guy she hardly know “said Ronato. “How did you expect her to react? Of course I’m happy with the way she reacted. She was able to prove to you that none of you can get on her “said Alfredo.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


(In a bar) “That Patricia is really getting unto my nerves “said Liliana. “What did she do this time? “asked Jessica. “Today, my plan was to be sure that those two are not in a relationship. But whatever I do, she doesn’t get affected. I tried to make her jealous by kissing Ronato. But do you know what she did instead? “said Liliana. “What is it? “asked Jessica. “She even have the nerve to kiss Licandro in front of



me. Can you imagine that crazy woman. The nerve “she replied. “Oh now I get it. Your plan was to make her jealous. But it seemed you were the one who got affected. Tell me something, are you jealous? “asked Jessica. “Of course not “she retorted. “So why are you feeling that way? I thought you said you’ve gotten over him already? “asked Jessica. “I don’t know either. I love Ronato. But I can’t bear seeing another woman with Licandro either. I don’t understand. What does that mean “she replied. “That only means one thing. You are still so much in love with Licandro “Jessica replied.





Antonio P. O. V.


(In his office, trying to call Sabrina, but she didn’t pick up) “What’s wrong? Why isn’t she picking? I hope she’s not in any kind of trouble. I have to see her as soon as possible. I hope nothing bad happened to her “said Antonio as he picked up his land-line telephone and call his secretary, telling her to come see him immediately. When she arrived, Antonio instructed her to take care things in his office. And anyone who ask of him, she should tell them he wont be around until tomorrow. The lady secretary got the instructions and she left. Then Antonio left afterwards.




Alfredo P. O. V.


(In his office) Kamila knocks. “May I come in? “she requested. “Sure Kamila. You may come in “replied Alfredo. Kamila entered then she begin; “You must be missing me already “said Kamila. “You are my friend. Of course I am “said Alfredo. “I knew it “said Kamila. “Please have your seat “said Alfredo. “Thank you “said Kamila as she got seated. “I almost forgot you were coming. I’m glad you made it. At least, I’ll have someone to talk to “said Alfredo. “What about your friend, Ronato? Didn’t you get to talk to each other? “asked Kamila. “We do. But you see, all he ever talks about are things concerning his love life. I feel so tired of hearing that all day “he replied. “Well I’m here now. Today’s topic will be different. I assure you “said Kamila as they both smile at each other. As they were sharing stories, Innocencia appears and knocked on the glass door. “Hello there, may I come in? “she requested. Alfredo got excited as she set his eyes on her. He gladly stand and responded. “Yes come on in Innocencia “said Alfredo. “Thank you “she said as she entered. “Well I thought you said you won’t make it “said Alfredo. “I was just joking. I only wanted to make it a surprise for you “she



replied. “Oh wow! How sweet of you “said Alfredo as Kamila get by the praise given to Innocencia. She stood up and moved towards Alfredo, holding him by his arm. “Once again Innocencia, we meet. Don’t you really get tired of coming here? “she asked nicely, but deep inside of her, the question is to insult her. “No Kamila. I actually called her here myself “Alfredo responded on behalf of Innocencia. “Oh really? “said Kamila. “Yes…………. And since you guys are here, I would love to


make a proper introduction “said Alfredo. “An introduction? Again? I thought you did yesterday “said Kamila. “Yes I did. But there was a confusion in that intro. That’s why I would personally like to repeat myself “said Alfredo. “Okay fine “said Kamila. “Well Innocencia, you know my name already. And I believe you know Kamila as well. In correction, Kamila isn’t my girlfriend. She’s just a friend to me. She was just trying to make a joke out of you yesterday. And too bad, you fell for it “he explained. “Really? “Innocencia smile. “Yes “he replied, then the both started smiling at each other.





Patricia P. O. V.


(In her office, working on his laptop) Ronato appears. “May I come in? “he knocked. Patricia glanced at the door and reply “Sure “. Then Ronato entered. May I have a word with you? “he asked. “Sure. You may have your seat “she replied, then Patricia suspend her work in order to listen to Ronato. “Thank you “he got seated. “Well I’m listening “she said. “We are friends, right? “he asked. “Yes we are “she replied. “But I thought I ought to know things concerning you as a friend. I remember you told me you are not ready for this. But you went ahead with someone else “he said. “I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Who are you talking about? “she asked. “I’m talking about Licandro. Your brand new boyfriend. Why didn’t you tell me before. If I had known that, then I wouldn’t be chasing you around. Hoping that one day, we would be together. You just made me look like a fool “he replied. “Oh you mean Licandro? Did you just know that?………… That’s


really bad. You claimed to be my friend but you didn’t even know what I’ve been up to lately. Well he’s been my boyfriend a long time ago. And you know why, because I can’t see someone like him getting hurt. You also took his girlfriend, remember. The most important person in his life. So why are you angry if he did the same thing. You also got what you wanted, right? “said Patricia. “But I don’t love Liliana. You are the one I love “he voiced out so loudly. “I love you so much Patricia………. And that was why I asked for a friendship first, just to prove myself that I can be a better man for you. But I was mistaken. I was such a fool “his eyes



became red all of a sudden. He didn’t want Patricia to see his weakness, so he left her office immediately. “Oh wow! He’s so jealous. Well that’s what I want. That is the execution of my second plan. Check! “she smile to herself.


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Sabrina P. O. V.


She came outside of her house with an heavy carton, dropping it off beside her show-glass, looking furious. Then Antonio’s car appeared and parked in front of her house. Sabrina glanced at the car, then turned her back on the car, trying to go inside. But fortunately, Antonio was able to get her. “Hold on Sabrina “he ran after her and held her on her wrist. “I’ve been calling you on the phone ever since. But you didn’t pick my calls. I thought something has happened to you. I was really worried about you “said Antonio as Sabrina hijacked her hand from his. “I’m fine. Now you can leave “said Sabrina as she entered, then Antonio followed. “Wait a minute, are we okay? “he asked. “Why? Is there a reason for us not to be okay? “she asked. “I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking “he replied. “Well we are…………..


So can you let go of me now “said Sabrina. “But why are you behaving like this towards me? “he asked. “Do you really want to know?…………… I already met your


girlfriend, Angelica. And just like what she said, she told me to stay away from you “she replied. “What! “he exclaimed.








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