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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 11

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The following day at the hospital……….


Patricia & Lucia P. O. V.


(In the IUC) They enter. Patricia tiptoed towards Moses and examine his temperature. While doing that, Moses got conscious. He sneez. “Are you okay?

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“she asked. “Where……….. Where am I? “he asked, but still couldn’t talk well.


“Don’t you remember anything? “asked Patricia. “No……….p.


…. please…… w……. what am I doing here? “he asked. “You had an accident on a


highway. It’s been long since you were brought here “replied Patricia. “Really?…….


Bu….. But….. But how? “he thought. “Don’t force it, okay? For now, you should be


looking forward to your recovery “said Patricia. “Are you my doctor? “he asked. “Yes I am……… By the way, my name is Patricia. Doctor Patricia Domingo. And


here beside me, is Lucia. The nurse that would help you in need of anything “she replied. “Alright doctor “said Moses. “Okay then. I’ll get going now. You should also take a long rest. I’ll check on you later “said Patricia. “Thank you doctor “he said. “Let’s go Lucia “said Patricia as she gets moving. “Alright doctor “said Lucia as the both moved out.


On their way to meet another patient, they ran into Ronato. “Hi Patricia “he greeted, with a lovely smile on his face. “Hi Ronato “she replied happily. “Oh wow. Are you really calling me by my name now? How amazing “said Ronato,


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feeling flabbergasted. “Common doctor. Don’t try to be funny “said Patricia. “No Patricia. It’s not a matter of being funny. I’m actually saying the truth “said Ronato. “Whatever….. Suit yourself “she said. “But honestly, I love this sudden change


between us now. I hope things always remain this way between us. Unlike before when we used to get on each other’s nerves. And those time you used to behave grumpily towards me “said Ronato. “Well I believe you know the reason why I had always give you a cold shoulder. But I have no reason to hold on to that anymore since I can see you are also trying to change for the better “said Patricia. “But do you think I can change? “asked Ronato, folding his arms. While Lucia on the other hand was looking at each mouths on the response they are about to give, looking so interested. “Well it’s up to you. But I believe you can change if you want to “said Patricia. “Thanks Patricia………… By the way, where are you guys heading to? To


Moses? “he asked. No not him. We just finished attending to him. We’re actually


going to attend to some other patients “she replied. “Alright doctor. I’ll see you


around “said Ronato. “Sure Ronato “said Patricia as the both smile to each other


and departed afterwards.


Nurses P. O. V.


“Now I’m convinced. Those two are in a relationship “said Lucia. “Who? “asked Delia. “The two doctors, who else?. Doctor Gomez and doctor Domingo “she replied. “Hold on Lucia, how did you know that? “asked Christina. “Are you guys doubting me? You should know my words are never fake. You should always believe whatever information I bring to you concerning those two. You know I never fail “said Lucia. “Well that’s the only thing she’s good at “Laurette whispered. “You know I heard what you said Laurette. Just say it louder………..


And as far as I can remember, you aren’t part of this conversation. So just mind your own business “said Lucia. “Whatever “she withdrew. Angelica P. O. V.


(In her car) “Now it’s finally time for me to meet face to face with this Sabrina Domingo. The woman standing in my way. The obstacle I need to clear. It won’t be long before I put you in the place where you belong “she soliloquize. Ronato P. O. V.


(In his office, inspecting some paper work) Liliana knocks. Ronato raises his head and said; “Oh come on in Liliana “said Ronato as Liliana entered. “Hi my love “said Liliana as she moved towards Ronato and kissed him on his cheek. “I’m good and you? “he asked. “Same here my love “she replied aa she got seated. “What brought you here by the way? “he asked. “Can’t I come here without a reason? You should know the reason why I’m here “she replied. “I’m sorry I don’t know “said



Ronato. “Common Ronato. Why are you behaving like this? It’s as if you don’t want me here. I came here because I’m already missing you. But it looks like you don’t feel the same way “said Liliana. “I’m sorry Liliana. But I’m quite busy with these days. I hope you understand “said Ronato. “Yes I know…………. Busying


flirting with that colleague of yours “said Liliana. “What do you mean by tha “asked Ronato. “Tell me something, what is the relationship between you and Patricia? “asked Liliana. “Patricia? And I?…Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias


(TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) ……. Nothing really “he


replied. “Well I want a straight answer “she insisted. “There is nothing between us. We are just friends, that’s all “said Ronato. “Friends? Since when? “she asked. “Since yesterday “he retorted. “Oh really?…….. (she smile to herself)…….. Now I


know “she said. “What is it? “he asked. “Well I happened to be here yesterday but I was told you went out on a date with that girl “she replied. “Says who? “he got shocked. “It’s not important……….. My question is ‘IS IT TRUE ‘ “she asked. “Of


course not. It’s not a date. I just invited her out in order to congratulate her on her


victory “he replied.


Patricia P. O. V.


(In her office, smiling to herself. Still thinking over yesterday’s outing with Ronato, feeling special) Licandro knocks. “May I come in? “he requested. Patricia lifted up her head and responded. “Sure Licandro “she replied. “Oh I see you are happy today. Can you share the reason with me? “he asked. “It’s nothing. I just remembered something………. But let’s forget about that “she replied. “Alright if


you say so “he said. “So what brings you here? “she asked. “You should know the reason why I am here Patricia “he replied. “About our recent discussion? “she asked. “Yes it is “he replied. “Well you see, I don’t think I can help you with that anymore “she said. “Why? “he asked, looking flummoxed. “Liliana is not an easy task. I really don’t know how to convince her to come back to you. I think she has made up her mind “she replied. “Are you giving up on me…….. But you promised


you would help me. But why are you now having a change of mind? “he asked. “No Licandro. I didn’t promise you anything. But I haven’t changed my mind either. I am still going to help you especially since we both want the same thing “said Patricia. “What did you mean by that? “he asked. “Never mind………….. I

have an idea. An idea that would make her confess her feelings for you once again


“she replied. “What’s your plan? “he asked. “Relax. I’ll tell you the moment we are


about to carry out the plan. All you need to do is trust me “said Patricia. “Alright. I


trust you “sad Licandro.


Liliana & Ronato P. O. V.


“You just invited her out? That’s all?……….. What happened next? “she asked


curiously. “Hold on Liliana. Do I need to tell you any of the steps I take now? “he asked. “If It’s about Patricia, well yes. I don’t trust that woman at all “she replied. Ronato smile and said; “Hold on Liliana, where is this jealousy coming from? As far as I can remember, we are not even spouses “said Ronato. “Maybe you are right. We may not be spouses. But that doesn’t mean we are not more than just friends “she said, but Ronato didn’t give her any response. “You know I don’t understand you anymore Ronato. Ever since you returned back from that stupid outing with that crazy woman, I noticed you’ve been behaving strangely towards me. You didn’t even call me yesterday as you used to “said Liliana, feeling mad. “Calm down Liliana. We can sort this out. You don’t have to get mad just because of that…………. Alright then, I’ll make it up to you “he calmed her down. “How?


“she asked. “It’s a surprise “he replied. “Alright then. I believe you when you say that “she said.

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After their conversation, they both got out of the office. As Ronato was escorting Liliana out of the building, they both ran into Patricia who is also escorting Licandro out of the building. “Oh wow. How coincidental. Two ex’s in the same hospital in different doctor’s company “said Patricia as she smile. At first, Liliana was so angry when she set her eyes on Patricia, finding out she is together with Licandro. But suddenly, her fury look transformed into a smiley one. “Well yes, I agree with you Patricia………. It’s such a coincidence for Licandro and I to be here


at the same time. But I’m glad you referred to us as Ex. Because I’ve gotten over him a long time ago……. Thankfully, I’m with Ronato now. A charming, attractive


guy……….. Don’t you find him attractive as well, Patricia? “asked Liliana. “Hmm


“she sounded. “You know what Patricia, I’m really glad I found someone like Ronato. He’s such a caring, fascinating gentleman. I’m sure you can also make a nice match with Licandro as well “said Liliana as Ronato got startled by her statement. “Of course you are right. Ronato may be good looking. But Licandro isn’t bad either. In fact, I must say, Licandro has the quality of a man I’m actually looking for. He’s such a cute, kind and nice gentleman. Too bad for you Liliana, you weren’t able to see that. And luckily, I was able to see that “said Patricia as Ronato felt jealous. While Liliana felt even more jealous and furious. She wasn’t expecting her to retort. All she wanted is for her to feel jealous. But it’s like she was the who got affected. “Well I don’t care about whatever you do with your private life. All I care about is Ronato “she smile to herself, even if the smile is not real. “I think you should leave now Liliana. I’m sure you have some other places to attend to “said Ronato. “That’s so nice of you my love……….. Alright I will “said



Liliana as she kissed Ronato on his cheek again. Honestly, Patricia also feel jealous at this moment but she was able to control herself in no time. Then she looked into Licandro’s eyes, and she see jealousy written all over his face. Then she thought of executing her first plan. “Alright Licandro. You should take very good care of yourself. I’ll be expecting you tomorrow “said Patricia as she also kissed Licandro on his cheek. For the moment, Ronato feel extremely jealous even more than how Patricia felt. Even Liliana feel the same way. She couldn’t bear to witness any more of it. So she left the there in anger which became obvious to Ronato, Patricia and Licandro. After Liliana left, Ronato also left their presence. Then Patricia and Licandro looked at each other’s faces and smile at each other.




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