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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 10

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Patricia P. O. V.

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(In the rest room) standing fearfully before a mirror. “Oh no. This is honestly what I’ve been avoiding. I know he’s going to ask me out again, but I am not ready for this. Especially not this moment. I have no choice. I’ll just turn him down. That is the only way I can protect myself. I won’t allow him to use me just like the other women “she soliloquize.





Anhel, Christina & Moses P. O. V.


(In the intensive care unit) Anhel is viewed figuring out the level of Moses’s heart beat, while Christina was standing right there beside him, holding Moses’s accidental report. “Wait a minute doctor, is his condition improving in any way? “asked Christina. “No not yet Christina. He isn’t responding to any of the treatment we are giving him at all. I have been in this job for so many years. But to be honest, I haven’t seen a patient like Moses Acuna. Ever since he was admitted to this hospital, his condition hasn’t been improving “said Anhel. “It’s such a pity doctor. Such an handsome guy to be on a sick bed “said Christina. “You know what Christina, let’s just hope for the best “said Anhel. “Sure doctor “she replied. “You should come and check on him later, alright? “he instructed. “Alright doctor “she replied and they left the ward. After they left, Moses’s hand moved.


Ronato P. O. V.


(At the restaurant) He had almost finished his food before Patricia returned. “What took you so long Patricia? “he asked. “I’m sorry for the delay. But I’m here now “she pleaded. “Alright then. Shall we continue with our earlier conversation? “he asked. “Sure………. I’m ready for it now. You may proceed “she replied. “Hold on


a second Patricia, what made you change your mind? Earlier, you don’t want to talk to me. But now, you want me to proceed. Why is that? “he asked. “Well I just realised that you were right about what you said earlier. Just because we are eating doesn’t mean we can’t have a simple conversation “she replied. “I’m glad you realised that………… Just like I said before, it’s nothing much. I’ve been wanting to


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tell you this a long time ago. Now I guess this is the right time. I want to you that I want you to be my………. “said Ronato as Patricia interrupted. “No “she replied.


“What is no? “he asked. “My answer to the request you wanted to make. And that


is No “replied Patricia as Ronato smile a little. “Wait a minute Patricia, what did I


want to say to you? “he asked again. “We both know what your intention is…………


But I refuse to accept “she replied. “Don’t you think you are being too ahead of yourself. I just want to say that I want you to be my friend, that’s all “said Ronato. “Really? “she asked, feeling down. “Of course Patricia……….. What else do you


think I want to say? Common Patricia “said Ronato. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that was your attention “she replied. “It’s alright……….. So what do you say? “he


asked. “If that’s really what you want, well yes. I accept to be your friend for now “she replied. “Really? “he smile. “Yes “she smile as well. “Thank you so much. You don’t know how happy I am to hear this from you “they both smile at each other.


After so much of gists, they both returned back to the hospital…………





Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


(Patricia’s office) “So how was your outing? “asked Alicia. “Well it went well. At first, it was quite uncomfortable. But as time passed by, I start to feel comfortable

around him…………. And you know what, I really enjoyed his company. He is so


fun to be with “replied Patricia. “Hmm!……….. At least you are happy………. And I


love seeing you this way always “said Alicia as they both smile.






Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.



(Ronato’s office) “Is that true buddy? Did she really say yes to you? You mean she accepted your friend request? “asked Alfredo. “Of course she did. And I’m so happy she allowed me. At least, she would begin to feel comfortable around me again. Unlike before when she used to behave grumpy towards me. As at now, I don’t want to do anything that would break up our friendship “said Ronato. “How about Liliana, what are you going to tell her? That you don’t want her anymore? That you have another person in your life now? “asked Alfredo. “About Liliana, I haven’t come up with something though. But I’ll definitely think of something. I just hope she would understand where I’m coming from “said Alfredo.





Patricia & Lucia P. O. V.


(Both walking on the same path in the I C U) “Tell me something doctor. How was your day with doctor Gomez today? “asked Lucia. Shared on WhatsApp by martino. “Why did you ask? “Patricia asked. “Nothing really. I just feel that since I’m under your supervision, I also have the right to know things concerning you “replied Lucia. “You don’t need to worry about me. I suggest you should rather focus on your work and stop meddling in other people’s affairs, okay? “said Patricia. “Alright doctor “said Lucia. (They entered Moses’s ward) “Did you come to check on him while I was gone? “asked Patricia. “No I didn’t……….. But doctor


Anhel did. According to what Christina told me, he isn’t responding to any of the treatment at all. I suggest we should transfer him “replied Lucia. “No Lucia. That isn’t the best solution. We are not going to do that. I believe he would recover soon. Trust me “said Patricia as she uses her back hand to feel Moses’s temperature. “Let’s go Lucia “said Patricia as they both turned their backs on Moses, actually trying to leave. But before they could leave completely, Moses’s voiced out. “Pa……….. Pa…………… lo…………… ma “he struggled. When Patricia and Lucia heard this, they quickly ran back to him and quickly removed the oxygen placed


around his nostril. “Moses, are you okay? “asked Patricia. “Pa………. Pa…………. Palo……… “said moses, but still remained half conscious. “I think he’s trying to call out a name doctor “said Lucia. “Yes I heard it too……… It’s as if he is trying to call


a name, Paloma “said Patricia. “That’s what I heard too “said Lucia. “But who could this Paloma really be? “she asked. “How should I know “said Lucia as Patricia gave her a weird look. “I’m sorry “said Lucia. Then Patricia brought out an

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injection and injected Moses which resulted him to fall asleep. “Didn’t I tell you Alicia? I told you Moses is going to recover very soon, didn’t I?…… I’m sure



by tomorrow, he would fully regain consciousness “said Patricia, wearing a big smile on her pretty face. “I hope so too……… You are such a genius doctor “said Lucia as they both left.


After Patricia’s shift ended, she left the hospital and went back home. She had dinner with her family after such a long time, especially with Sabrina, who happens to be her mother. After dinning, Patricia and Innocencia went outside to have their simple talk. “I noticed you were so happy ever since you returned back from work “said Innocencia. “Is that obvious? “asked Patricia. “Of course sister. It’s so easy to figure out when you are happy and when you are not. So can you tell me the reason why my sister is so happy today? “she requested. “Hmm!……… Okay


then. I’ll tell you. First, I’m happy because things are going well in the hospital. My patient, Moses Acuna. The one I told you about. You remember him?……….. Well


I’m happy he’s recovering slowly. I had almost lost hope until I saw it myself today. Can you imagine, he voiced out eventually “she looks so delighted. “That’s good to know………. And the second one? “asked Innocencia who isn’t even fascinated by the first news, hoping to hear a splendid one. “Well it’s about Ronato.


We became friends today “replied Patricia. “Wow!………… Sounds interesting.


How did you suddenly become friends? As far as I can remember, you hate him so


much “said Innocencia as Patricia explained everything to her. “How


romantic!…………… I wish I could also have that chance with Alfredo as well. But I


know it’s not possible. It’s just a dream that can never come true. Especially now that he is with Kamila “said Innocencia. “Kamila? How did you know that? “asked Patricia. “Well I secretly came to the hospital today just to see Alfredo “said Innocencia. “You came? But how come I didn’t see you “asked Patricia. “Just like I said earlier, I came secretly. And besides, you won’t be able to see me because you were at the cafeteria at that time. That was why I didn’t even bother to disturb you “replied Innocencia. “So what did you guys talk about then? “Patricia asked. “We didn’t get the chance to talk. Kamila interrupted and she told me she is Alfredo’s girlfriend “she replied. “But why would she say that to you? They are not even together. They are just friends, that’s all “said Patricia. “Really? “Innocencia looked surprised. “Of course…………. You know what sister, you can drop by the hospital


tomorrow and ask him yourself “Patricia suggested. “I don’t think that would be possible anymore. I already turned me down when he asked me if I am going to drop by the office tomorrow. I told him I have a project to finish in school “said Innocencia. “Well that’s good. Since he’s the first to approach you, you will go there tomorrow. You just have to tell him that you lied to him because you wanted to make it a surprise for him. I’m sure he wouldn’t even think of throwing any more



questions at you after hearing that “said Patricia as Innocencia found the idea a great one.




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