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Patricia – Episode 9

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After a long stares, they both returned back to their senses. “Here is your glass of water doctors “said the waiter as he drops the drink. “So what do you say? “asked Ronato. Patricia picked up her glass of water and walk out on him, then Ronato followed. After she got back to her seat, Alicia notice how moody she really is. “What’s wrong Patricia? “asked Alicia. “It’s nothing “she replied. Ronato returned back also, and he get seated as well. “Oh well, were you guys together? “she asked. “No Alicia. We just happened to get water at the same time “Patricia replied. “Yes. Patricia’s right “Ronato added, looking straight into Patricia’s eyes. But Patricia isn’t giving him any kind of attention. “May I ask you a question Patricia?……… Or are you afraid of answering my question “he asked. “It’s your misconception if you



think that way doctor Gomez. I have never been afraid of anyone. You are free to ask your questions, as far as it isn’t personal “she replied. “Okay then doctor, we have only five minutes left……. So tell me, where did you go in high school? “he


asked. “You see, the reason why I am asking you this question is because, for an intelligent lady like you, you must have gone to very good school “he added. “Yes doctor. And it’s all thanks to my mother. She brought me up on her own. And the answer to the question you asked, I was a scholar of Eldorado high school. I was given scholarship when I was in college to finish my education in that school “Patricia replied. “I’m sorry doctor, but I wasn’t asking you to tell me stories about your personal life. I was only asking about the school you attended. And I already got the answer to that. Don’t you know how to give a straight answer? Is that how you were taught in school? “said Ronato, trying to be mean with her. “Excuse me “said Patricia as she dropped her spoon and left the table. “But why did you have to do that Ronato? “asked Alicia. “I was just trying to be friends with her. I only wanted to know more about her. Besides all what I said to her was merely just a joke. She took it so serious “Ronato replied, smiling to himself.

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Kamila P. O. V.


(At the bar) After few hours, she woke up and started feeling dizzy. Then the bar man attended to her. “Are you okay miss? “the bar man asked politely. “Yes thank you…… (then she remembers all that happened before she slept)…… Oh I’m really


sorry sir. I talked to you really badly earlier. I promise it wasn’t my intention to do that “said Kamila. “It’s okay miss. I perfectly understood everything that happened. I know you were going through some pain that you just really want to let out “said the bar man. “Thanks for understanding me “said Kamila as she settles her Payment and left the bar.





Alfredo P. O. V.


(Knocks) “May I come in? “Kamila asked from outside. “Sure Kamila. Yes you may come in “Alfredo replied, feeling excited. She enters. On her entry, Alfredo noticed she has changed her dress to a decent one already. “You really look great in your new outfit Kamila “he said as he smiles. “Thank you “she replied, smiling as well. “Come have your seat “said Alfredo, standing. “I’m really sorry Alfredo. I’m sorry for behaving rudely towards you earlier. I wasn’t in my right senses. I

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didn’t even choose to understand you, your pain, what you are going through. I was only thinking about myself. I know I was wrong. I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me “Kamila pleaded. “No Kamila. I should be the one asking you for forgiveness and not the other way round. I pushed you. If you weren’t strong enough, you might have hit your head on the wall. And I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you. You’ve been a very good friend to me “said Alfredo, then Kamila move closer to him and they both embrace each other.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


(Both friends are in a facial beauty shop) Their faces is rubbed off with a facial cream. Their legs are placed on a table, while some women were helping them having pedicure. “You know what Jessica, Ronato won’t be able to resist my beauty after seeing me again. It will be just me and only me. No one else “said Liliana. “Has he been avoiding you? “Jessica asked. “No no Jessica. I just noticed he is also giving some other women his attention which I don’t want to happen. Just like the other day, I went to his office. A lady called him with the name of Romina, but Ronato lied to me that it was his uncle. I only chose to pretend to believe him back then because he is really determined to see her. And because I don’t want him to get angry at me. If that happens, I will no longer have access to him anymore “said Liliana as Jessica brought up a mocking smile on her face. “You are just being dramatic Liliana. Stop acting like a jealous type. How do you expect him not to have other girls when in fact you know he is a womanizer. No one can ever stop him. Not even you “said Jessica. “But you are wrong about that. I definitely know how to make him mine and mine alone. Just you watch and see what I’ll do “said Liliana, smiling to herself.





Nurses P. O. V.


“Do you guys know what I think? “asked Lucia. “What is it Lucia? “said Laurette. “I think you guys are all mistaken about doctor Domingo. She’s not as strong as you think she is. She can’t also resist doctor Gomez’s Beauty. Because when I was talking to her earlier, I brought doctor Ronato into my conversation with her. And she got shocked when I mentioned his name “said Lucia. “I think you are right Lucia. Those doctors are something else “said Christina as they all burst into laughter. Unknowingly to them all that Ronato himself is right there at one corner,



eavesdropping on their conversation. Then Ronato begins; “I knew it. That is why she was avoiding me earlier at the cafeteria. Wow I am going to make my moves on her very soon “said Ronato as he smile to himself.





Sabrina P. O. V.


Outside the house, sitting beside her goods (Popcorn), then Antonio’s car suddenly arrives. Antonio came down of his car, together with Innocencia. She run towards her mum and hug her very tightly. “Guess what mother?…….. My registration has


been fully completed now. So now I am free to resume school starting from tomorrow “said Innocencia as they hug once again. “I’m really happy for you my dear. Your wish is finally going to come true. Your wish to become a lawyer. I’ll be more than happy to see you in that dress “said Sabrina. “Yes mum. And it’s all thanks to sir Antonio “said Innocencia. Sabrina move towards Antonio and said to him; “Thank you Antonio. Thank you so much “said Sabrina, hugging him tightly.




Patricia P. O. V.


(In the library) She is alone, reading a magazine when Ronato finally enters. “Patricia “he utters. “What are you doing here? “she asked angrily, being on her feet. “Common, don’t be like that. This isn’t your office. You can’t just send me away like that. Any doctor is free to enter here. Just calm down and listen to whatever I want to say “said Ronato, but Patricia made no response. Then Ronato move to his left hand side in which the coffee dispenser is placed. He carries two cups and got it filled with coffee. Then Ronato returned back to Patricia standing position. “Coffee? “asked Ronato as he stretched a cup of coffee to her. Patricia collected it without drinking it, nor speaking to him. “You know, I was only joking with you back there. But you took it so serious. You really do have a temper………


But anyways, I would still love to ask you some questions “said Ronato as Patricia drop the coffee on the table beside her. “Why do you hate me doctor? Because I’m a woman? Or because you don’t like me telling you what I think? “said Patricia.







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