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Patricia – Episode 8

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Alfredo P. O. V.


He is still thinking about how she behave towards Kamila. “I hope I haven’t made a mistake. I hope she did not get hurt that much. I hope she isn’t angry at me “he said to himself. Then Ronato enters. “What’s up man “said Ronato. Then he discover that Alfredo is not in a good mood. “Bro what’s wrong? Why do you look so moody? “he asked, out of concern. Ronato sits and Alfredo begin with his explanation. “Well Kamila came here again. She tried to kiss me but I refused her. To cut the story short, I sent her away. And that is the worse mistake I’ve ever



made. I shouldn’t have done that. She has been a great help to me ever since I lost my wife “said Alfredo. “It’s Okay bro. Don’t worry, I’m certain she’ll understand you. She will understand your pain and what you are going through. Just forget all about that for now and concentrate on your work “said Ronato, but Alfredo still remains silent.

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Sabrina and Antonio P. O. V.


Thirty minutes later, Innocencia returned back. Then Antonio explained things to her. “Wow sir, do you mean it? “asked Innocencia. “Of course. Would I use such thing to play? “he replied. “Thank you so much. I’m really grateful for everything you have been doing for us. I promise to return the favour back to you one day “said Innocencia. “Common Innocencia, stop being childish. I’m not doing it so that I can get it back in any way. I am only trying to give you guys a financial help, that’s all. So do not worry about repaying me “said Antonio. “No Antonio. Innocencia is right. You’ve done us a very great favour. Now we would be indebted to you for the rest of our lives. And we must repay you back at any cost “said Sabrina. “But can you really give what I want? “Antonio asked. “Of course. Anything “Sabrina replied. “Alright. Let’s wait till then “said Antonio as they all smile.





Kamila P. O. V.


After she left Alfredo’s office, she went straight to a bar. She ordered for so much drinks and then she got herself drunk. This isn’t fair Alfredo. You really hurt me. But I can’t even do anything because I love you. I really love you so much Alfredo. I always try to hold back my feelings whenever you tell me to. But I can’t hold it anymore. I only want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be with you and you alone. It’s been 3years since your wife died, but you don’t seem to have have forgotten about her “said Kamila in a drunk state. Then she call on the bar man again, requesting for three more bottles. “What? But miss, you’ve drank so much already. I mean, you’ve drank up to seven bottles. Are you going to kill yourself? “said the bar man. “Are you crazy? You have no right to talk to me in that manner. You are not Alfredo. You are not my love “Kamila weeps until she lay her head on the table. “I think this woman is crazy. I’ll have to allow her to



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wake up first before I ask her for payment “said the bar man as he returned back to his position.





Lucia P. O. V.


She left her base, roaming around the hospital. Not having a specific work to do. Then she also see Patricia walking on the same path with her. “Doctor Domingo “she called on Patricia at the top of her voice, picking a race to meet her. “Yes Lucia, what is it? “Patricia asked. “Have you seen doctor Gomez anywhere “asked Lucia. “No I haven’t “Patricia replied. “Oh no. Where else am I going to search for him now “said Lucia as Patricia turn over, trying to leave but Lucia stopped her immediately. “Hold on doctor “said Lucia. “What is it again Lucia? “she asked. “I’m really sorry for disturbing you. I’m just curious. Why are you trying to leave when I mentioned doctor Gomez’s name? “asked Lucia. “So what did you expect of me? To help you look for him? “said Patricia. “Apparently you are a doctor as well. It’s only right for you to know where he could be “said Lucia. “And why is that? “Patricia asked. “Because you may like him as well. And you wouldn’t want him out of your sight “Lucia replied. “What? “Patricia brought up a surprising smile. “Yes doctor……..Even me as well, I do have a crush on him. And not just


me, but all the nurses as well “Lucia replied. “And he knows that? “Patricia asked again. “Of course he knows……….you know what doctor, if you give doctor Gomez


a chance to go out on a date with you, I bet you will surely fall for him. And that is what I’m really dying for. I hope he would ask me out on a date one day “Lucia replied. “Don’t you think that’s the reason why he’s so arrogant, when all the girls here can’t even refuse him “said Patricia. “Honestly we tried to, but we just couldn’t resist his beauty. You know what doctor, maybe you just haven’t realised it yet, but believe me when I tell you. You two look good together. He is handsome and you are pretty. And that makes it a perfect match “said Lucia. “Thanks for the compliment Lucia, but I don’t like people who play tactics “said Patricia as she walk away. “Oh doctors “Lucia sigh, then she left.



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Patricia P. O. V.


At the cafeteria, she has ordered two foods on the table. One for her, and the other one for Alicia. After a minute, Alicia arrives. “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting Patricia “said Alicia as she sit. “No it’s fine “said Patricia. “Wow! Thanks for



ordering for me. I won’t have to go through the stress of ordering my meal. You are such a kind friend “said Alicia. “Don’t mention it. We are friends, remember? You are like a sister to me “said Patricia as they both smile. “So what did you want to tell me? “Alicia asked. “Well I just want to ask you a question “Patricia replied. “What is it? Go on dear “said Alicia. “You see, Lucia said something to me earlier, and I am bothered about it “said Patricia. “Tell me “said Lucia. “We had a discussion earlier, and she ended up telling me that I may also like doctor Gomez somehow. I mean Ronato. I don’t know what to think anymore “said Patricia. “But do you? “Alicia asked. “Common Alicia. Of course not. He’s not even my type. Why would I like someone like him “Patricia replied. “Alright then “said Alicia. “You know, Lucia also mentioned one thing. She said everyone in the hospital have crushes on him alone. So I just want to know if you are also one of them “said Patricia. “Why? If I say yes, will you be affected? “Alicia smile. “Of course not. I’m just concerned, that’s all “replied Patricia. “Well no. I don’t have feelings for him, nor does he have any for me. We only considered each other as friends “said Alicia. “Okay “said Patricia. Then Ronato came into the cafeteria and ordered for his food, coming straight to Patricia and Alicia direction. “Speaking of the devil. Ronato himself is coming right here “said Alicia as Patricia got shocked. She try to look back and she discovers that he is by her side already. “Hi doctors “said Ronato with a cute smile on his face. “Hi doctor Gomez. Actually, we were just talking about you. Right Patricia? “said Alicia. “Uhm? “Patricia got shocked again. “Really? Is that true Patricia? Ronato asked. “Em yes. Actually, Alicia was just telling me how diligent you really are at work “she replied. “Oh that’s so sweet of you Alicia. Thanks for the honour “said Ronato. “You are welcome doctor “said Alicia. “Do you mind if I share a table with you guys. Alfredo is quite busy with work. And I can’t eat alone. So do you mind if I join you guys “said Ronato. “No you can’t “said Patricia. “Common Patricia……… Of course Ronato, you can join us


if that’s what you really want “said Alicia, then Ronato carries a vacant chair on his left hand side and brought it over. And the three begin to eat. After a minute, Patricia begin to feel awkward around him. So she begin to think of a way to avoid him. “Em Alicia. I don’t feel okay having this juice today. I think I should order for water instead “said Patricia. “Alright dear “said Alicia as Patricia excuses herself. “Please excuse me Alicia. I’ll be right back “said Ronato. “Alright doctor “said Alicia as Ronato followed Patricia. “That guy is something else. Why does he have to come here? “Patricia said right in her mind as she got to the waiter. “What do you need doctor? “asked the waiter. “Give me a glass of water. Add it to my bills “Patricia replied. “Same here. I would also like to have a glass of water too “said



Ronato, standing beside her. “What are you doing here? Why are you following me around? “she asked. “Well it’s obvious you are trying to avoid me. Are you afraid of me? “Ronato replied. “And why would I be afraid of you? I just don’t like it when you become a disturbance to my friend and I. And I also don’t want anyone to see us together, they might get the wrong impression “said Patricia. “Hmm……..


Are you suggesting I should invite you out? Just the two of us? “Ronato asked, smiling. “Don’t be ridiculous. I have never set my eyes on a man like you, so remember to keep your distance “Patricia replied angrily. “You are free to think whatever you want about me. But I give you my word, your fragile heart will never be at risk with someone like me “said Ronato as the both started staring at each other.





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