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Patricia – Episode 6

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Patricia P. O. V.


She entered her office angrily, she turned her back to the door. One hand on her head, pulling her hair, while the other one on her waist. “Of all people I have to find here, it has to be him? Every time I see him, he usually bring bad luck to me “said Patricia. Then a young lady doctor appears from outside, knocking Patricia’s door which is made of glass as well. She knocks thrice “May I come in? “Alicia asked. Then Patricia Patricia raises up her hand above her head, showing signal to the person to come in even without knowing who it is. Then Alicia enters “I’m really sorry for bothering you “said Alicia as Patricia turned over to her. “It’s okay” said Patricia. “You must be the new doctor, am I right? “asked Alicia. “Yes “she replied. “By the way, I am Alicia…….. Nice to meet you “said Alicia as she



stretched her hand towards Patricia. “And I am Patricia “said Patricia as they both shake each other’s hand.

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Alfredo P. O. V.


Alfredo is in his office busying with some work when Ronato enters angrily. “That girl is so crazy. She’s so arrogant. Can you imagine I was even trying to be friends with her, but she took it for granted “said Ronato. “Hold on, hold on bro. Which girl are you talking about? “asked Alfredo. “The girl I told you about. The one I accidentally wet when I coming to the hospital the other day, you remember? “replied Ronato. “Oh yes I remember. So what about her? “Alfredo asked. “Can you imagine she is a doctor. And not just any doctor. She is a doctor in this hospital “said Ronato. “Oh really. That’s amazing then. You guys would really get along very soon “said Alfredo.





Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


“Sorry for asking Patricia, I’m just curious. What really happened between you and doctor Ronato. I’m sorry for being nosy. I’m just feeling concerned, that’s all “Alicia asked and Patricia explained everything to her. “You should calm down Patricia. I mean, you guys have to give yourselves a break. Doctor Ronato may be cold at times. But believe me, he is a good person. Just let bygones be bygones “said Alicia. “Thank you so much Alicia. Now I have someone I can share my feelings with. You are such a good friend “said Patricia as they both hugged each other.



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Alfredo & Ronato P. O. V.


“Oh really? Well I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t want to be friends with someone like her. She’s so mean “said Ronato. “Alright then, I’ll try to talk to her for you “said Alfredo. “No don’t do that. So what are you going to tell her. Patricia please don’t fight with my friend anymore. You guys should try to be friends. Isn’t that crazy? “said Ronato. “Hey bro, you have to calm down. Why would I say that? Am I stupid?……. Don’t worry, I know what I’ll say to her when I see her “said Alfredo.


“Alright man, I wish you luck. I hope you won’t get into trouble by doing that “said Ronato.






Patricia P. O. V.


Few minutes later, a male patient who had a serious accident was rushed into the hospital. Then the patient’s care was added to her responsibilities. Here, she is holding the patient’s report, walking around the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U ) when she came across with Alfredo. “Oh hi doctor “said Alfredo. “Hi “Patricia replied. “You must be doctor Patricia, right? “Alfredo asked. “Yes but how did you know? “she asked. “How fast gossip spread…… Let’s just forget about that “he replied. “By


the way, I am Alfredo. I would really love it if we could be friends “he added. “Friends? “she asked, looking confused. “I know what you are thinking. But don’t worry, just friends “said Alfredo. “Alright sure “said Patricia as they both smile at each other.





Ronato P. O. V.


After some minutes of waiting inside Alfredo’s office, Alfredo appears at last. He enters. “So what’s up bro? Did you get to speak with her “Ronato asked. “Well yes I did “Alfredo replied. “And? “said Ronato, telling him to continue. “Well I don’t think she’s that kind of person. I mean, from the way I looked at her, she looks genuinely innocent. Maybe it’s just your misconception. I think you should try to talk to her later “said Alfredo. “Thanks a lot buddy “said Ronato. “It’s nothing bro…….But hold on, what are you planning on doing. I hope you are not trying to


play your moves on her “Alfredo asked. “Of course not. I just want to clear up things with her. Besides, she is not even my type “said Ronato. “Well I hope so “said Alfredo. “And you, why are you so being overprotective of her “asked Ronato. “Because she’s my friend now “Alfredo replied. “Hmm…. I see… It’s like

you are already enchanted by her beauty…. Well if you say so “said Ronato as d


both smile.


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Patricia & Alicia P. O. V


At the cafeteria, Patricia and Alicia are viewed eating lunch as they both start their conversation. “So how about Ronato? Spoken to him yet? “Alicia asked. “Well no. I haven’t seen him since our last conversation. He must be busy I guess



“she replied. “Okay friend. But just try and talk to him sooner before things become worse between you two “said Alicia. “Sure “said Patricia.


Thirty minutes later, an alarm rang from a large speaker at the top side of the wall, saying : “The break is over now. All doctors should resume back to their various posts “.The voice said this thrice, then all the doctors disappeared.


At 7pm, Patricia dressed back on her home wears and left the hospital. Ronato on the other hand is still looking for Patricia in order to apologise to her but couldn’t find her. Then she went to meet the nurses. “Hello girls “said Ronato. “Hi doctor “they all chorused romantically. “Have you seen doctor Domingo anywhere around “Ronato asked. “Yes she just left “Lucia replied. “Really? “he asked again, trying to make sure. “Yes doctor “Lucia replied as Ronato left. “Hmm….. He’s so


sweet. I feel like hugging him. How romantic “said Delia. “In your dream…… You


are not even his type “said Laurette. “Neither you as well “Delia replied back. “Stop fooling yourselves. I am the one he loves. Can’t you see how he was trying to get my attention?. That’s why I replied back to him “said Lucia. “Well it’s good he’s trying to get your attention and not ours. Because you would be the one to get pregnant first my friend “said Christina as they all laughed at Lucia.


At Patricia’s home, Sabrina is already fast asleep after eating dinner. Patricia and Innocencia are the only one left awake, both standing outside,


watching the moon . “Tell me about your first day at work sister “she asked. “Good and bad “Patricia replied. “Really? Tell me all about it “said Innocencia. “Professionally, I’m glad things are going well as it should be. The patient assigned to me today is recovering better from how he was brought to the hospital. I’m glad about that “said Patricia. “And the bad one? “Innocencia asked curiously. “Well I ran into Ronato at the hospital today “said Patricia. “Who is Ronato? “Innocencia asked. “He is the guy who splashed water on my dress the other day. He also happened to be a doctor “she replied. “Really? That’s great. Well did you guys get to talk? “she asked. “Yes but things didn’t go well between us “Patricia replied. “But why sister? Did you guys fight again? “Innocencia asked again but Patricia made no response. “You know what sister, I think you should try and talk with him and get things over with. Tomorrow is another day. Just try and fix things “she advised. “Alright Innocencia “said Patricia.







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