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Patricia – Episode 4

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The both embrace each other happily. “I can’t believe we could still meet again after such a long time “said Antonio. “Same here. It’s over 30 long years since we see eye to eye last. I’m so happy for seeing you again……. But what are you doing


here? “she asked. “I came here to buy some food stuffs for myself “Antonio replied. “Are you serious? What about your wife and kids? Aren’t they around? Why you? “Sabrina asked again, but Antonio smile instead. “I haven’t married yet Sabrina. You are the only woman I had ever loved. Ever since I returned back from the US, I only had one wish. And that is to see you once again “he explained, then Sabrina brought up a sad look which became obvious to Antonio. “What’s the matter? “he asked. “I’m really sorry Antonio. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you. After you left to complete your studies in the United States, I waited for five good years. But my mother persuaded me to marry someone else. And because I also thought you would have start another family right there. That’s why I did the same as well.



I’m really sorry Antonio “said Sabrina as her eyes turned red. Then Ronato held her on his arms, looking pitiful. “It’s okay. It isn’t your fault. In fact, I am to be blamed for everything. I should have decided to take you along with me then. And we won’t have been separated like this “said Antonio as the both burst into tears. That moment was so touching. Antonio used his thumb to clean up Sabrina’s tears, while Sabrina also did the same to Antonio. Indeed, how romantic. Right guys?. “Let’s forget all about her. It’s all in the past now……….. Do you mind if I take you home?

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“he asked. “Sure. But I still have to buy some things right here “she replied. “Okay then, let me help you with it “said Antonio as the both starts to buy the ingredients for popcorns. After that, they left the market and drove straight home.





Ronato P. O. V


After few minutes of kisses, Ronato’s phone begin to ring. He looks at the phone which is on the table. Then he found out that Romina is the one calling (one of his girlfriends). He picked up the call, not letting Liliana to know who the caller is. On their conversation, Romina told him she would be coming in the next fifteen minutes. Ronato agreed as he hanged up the call. “Who was that? “Liliana asked.

He hesitate “Em……. Actually, it’s my uncle. He said he wants to see me. So I told


him to come “he replied. “Really?…… Well then, I think I should wait and say hi to


him. That’s perfect, right? “said Liliana as Ronato got shocked. “Uhm…… No.


Don’t. “he uttered in a rush tone. “Why? Why are you so eager for me to leave “she asked. He thought of what to say for the moment. Then he begin “No I don’t mean it that way. Why would I want you to leave. You see, the thing is that, my uncle wants to discuss something important with me, that’s why I don’t want to stop you from going wherever you want to go. I hope you understand “said Ronato. “Oh wow. That is so sweet of you. Okay then, I’ll be leaving now. Let’s meet tonight “said Liliana as she left. Then Ronato’s heart beat stopped and his mind came back at rest. “Oh thank goodness. She almost caught me “said Ronato exhale, putting his hand on his chest.

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Patricia P. O. V


After some minutes, Innocencia woke up as well and appears from behind “Patricia where is mother? “she asked, walking towards Patricia. “She has gone to the market. She would probably be coming back by now “Patricia replied. “Do you



need any help? “she asked. “Why? Are you going somewhere? “Patricia responded with another question. “No I’m not. I’m just asking maybe I can be some help “she replied. “Well yes. You’ll have to buy me some candies out there “said Patricia.


“Candies? These are popcorns. Why don’t you eat them instead “said Innocencia, trying to avoid the errand. “Don’t be naughty Innocencia. That is the only help you can do for me. Now take. Go ahead and buy it for me “said Patricia, stretching money towards Patricia. “It’s too early. That candy seller would probably be sleeping at home by now. And besides, that isn’t the kind of help I am talking about “said Innocencia as she collected the money even if she doesn’t want to. “Really? So tell me miss Innocencia, what kind of help can you give to your sister “asked Patricia as Innocencia brought up a smile on her face all of a sudden. “Massage. I’ll give you a massage. Your shoulder must be aching, right?. Even your foots, your head as well. If I massage them for you, you will feel better. That would be great, right? “said Innocencia. “No. That is called ‘TIME WASTING’. People who are bound to be lazy usually do those things. Now move faster and don’t be lazy “said Patricia, then Innocencia left angrily.


On her way, she saw a red Range Rover from afar coming down to her house. At first, she didn’t know who was in the car. She is still saying to herself on how gorgeous the car really is, until the car passed by her and she discovered her mum is in the car. She got so much excited as she run back home as faster as she could before the car gets home. When she got home, Patricia got really scared by seeing her breathing uncontrollably. She got relaxed after seeing her showing a smile of excitement. “You know what Patricia, we are rich now “said Innocencia with a big smile on her face. “What happened again this time? “she asked, not believing. “I know you wouldn’t believe me. You will see for yourself when mother arrives with her brand new car. I saw it with my own eyes. She was sitting next to her driver. She’ll be here soon “said Innocencia, then Patricia raises up her head. Surprisingly, she also see the car, and her mother in it including Innocencia so called driver. “Who could that man be? And why did he bring mother home “she thought for a moment. Sabrina and Antonio drop down of the car, walking towards the house. “These are my two daughters. This is Patricia my eldest daughter. And this is Innocencia the youngest “she pointed. “Oh really? How are you doing girls “Antonio greeted, stretching his hand towards the both of them. “Fine sir “they both chorused. “Hold on a second Sabrina, I can’t see your husband anywhere. Has he gone out? “Antonio asked, looking around. “That jerk “Innocencia said rudely. “Innocencia! “Patricia exclaimed. “Sorry “she pleaded. “Hold on, I think I sent you something, isn’t it? So why are you still here? “said Patricia. “Oh right. I totally



forgot “said Innocencia as she left. “I apologize for my sister’s rude behavior “said Patricia. “It’s okay “said Antonio. “What really happened? “he added. “Well he already left us. He abandoned us because of a rich woman “said Sabrina. “Really?……. That’s bad. He left you with two children. Honestly, you’ve been


through a lot. I’m really sorry about that. Don’t worry Sabrina, I’m here now. Everything is going to be alright “said Antonio, touching Sabrina’s arm. “Thank you “said Sabrina. “So Patricia, you mother told me that you are a graduate. And I was told that you studied medicine back in school “said Antonio. “That’s right sir “said Patricia, nodding her head positively. “What if I could be of help “Antonio asked. “But how? “she asked. “I also happened to study medicine back in school. And now, I am a director in a general hospital. So do you mind if you work with me right there. Are you interested “he asked. “Yes yes yes. Of course I am “she replied, feeling excited. “Well then, you should come to my office tomorrow with all your necessary documents at Doctor Balmis 148, Doctores, 06726 “said Antonio. “Sure I will “said Patricia, with a happy smile on her pretty face.




I hope you guys would enjoy this lovely story episode. Now it’s going to


be fun.




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