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Patricia – Episode 3

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Patricia P. O. V


At midnight, on the same flat bed, both Sabrina and Innocencia are already fast asleep. Patricia Is still unable to sleep. Apparently, it’s about Ronato. The more she get reminded of him, the angrier she becomes. After a while, Innocencia woke up and noticed Patricia is still awake. Then she whispered to her “Patricia what’s wrong? Why aren’t you sleeping? “Innocencia asked, but Patricia still remained silent. “But are you okay? “Innocencia asked again, feeling worried. “I’m okay Innocencia. You don’t need to be worried about me. You should get back to sleep “said Patricia. “I am your sister, remember. I know when you are happy from the time you are not. But I can see it written all over your face. You are worried about yesterday’s job…….. You know what Patricia, I know you are hiding something


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from us. There is something you are not telling us “said Innocencia. “Just like I said earlier Innocencia, I’m honestly okay. So you don’t have to be worried “said Patricia, trying to change her sleeping position (turning her back towards Innocencia) but innocencia held her arm immediately. “I am not a kid anymore. I am eighteen remember. You just have to tell me. Who knows, I might even be of help. And trust me on this, I won’t tell mother about it “she insisted, then Patricia smile as she turn over to her. “Thanks for your concern my lovely sister. Actually, I really don’t want to bother you. But since you ask, I have no other choice but to tell you. You see, there was a guy I met this morning, he is the reason why I lost that job. Do you still remember when my dress got stained,……….he was the one


that splashed water on me. And can you imagine, he didn’t even say sorry to me. He is so arrogant “said Patricia whose voice start to increase already. “Hey common Patricia. Your voice is becoming too louder. Mother would wake up “said Innocencia as she covered Patricia’s mouth with her palm. “Oh no I’m sorry about that “Patricia whispered. “You know what Patricia, in my own opinion, I think you are only mistaken about that guy. He might not be as bad as you think he is. As you know, all men has their own temper, maybe that is how his temper really is, but not that bad after all “she said. “Are you trying to defend him? “Patricia asked. “No I’m not. I’m just trying to tell you what I think. Perhaps you haven’t seen the other side of him yet as a good person, so don’t crucify him “Innocencia replied. “Whatever. All I know is that he won’t get away with it “said Patricia. “Hmm!



Really now. Have you forgotten you can’t even scream at a rat. You are a coward “said Innocencia, trying to make Patricia smile. “Common get to sleep. I’m even tired of talking to you “said Patricia with a smile on her face,, beating Innocencia with a pillow. After some minutes, they both slept off until the following day.


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At morning so early in the office, he received a call from a nurse at the reception, telling him Liliana is requesting to see him. Then he told the nurse to send her in. He got really excited by hearing Liliana’s (his favourite) presence. Without wasting any time, he quickly suspended his work on the table, and get well seated on his chair, waiting for her to come in. A minute later, Liliana appears and knock the door which is apparently made of glass. “Common in Liliana “said Ronato as she enters. “Good morning my love “she greeted romantically. “Good morning my pretty darling. I must say, you are looking really gorgeous today “said Ronato, then the both move closer to each other and start kissing with passion. After two minutes, he noticed the glass door is transparent, others could easily see them from outside, so he ran to the and roll down the curtain. “Now we are free. No one can never stop us from doing whatever we want “said Ronato as he returned back to Liliana and started kissing her sexy lips passionately, while Liliana is romancing him in return.


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Sabrina P. O. V


She is seen standing in front of a machine and a show glass. In the machine was some corns, while in the show glass was some prepared popcorns. Then a woman from her neighborhood came to buy some popcorns which she sold out quite much to her. In San Miguel, there is no one who doesn’t like Sabrina’s popcorns. She is known as the best popcorn seller in San Miguel, Mexico City. A few minutes after the woman left, Patricia woke and came outside. “Good morning mother “she greeted as she walks towards Sabrina, bowing her head before her mother morning blessing. “Bless you my dear “said Sabrina, touching Patricia’s hair. “Amen “she lifted up her hair. “It’s good that you’ve already woken up. I am running out of stocks already. I need to go to the market to buy more ingredients. So I really need you to stay here till I return “said Sabrina. “Sure mother. You should go now


before it become sunny “said Patricia, taking her mother’s seat as Sabrina stands.


“Alright dear “she said as she left.


At the market, there is a man packing some food stuffs into his red car (Range Rover) boot. By the looks of it, he is a wealthy person. Then Sabrina arrived at the market spot and those two bumped into each other. “Oh I’m sorry “said Sabrina. “Oh I’m really sorry as well “said the man as the both lifted their faces and stares at each other in a surprising look. “Antonio? “she uttered surprisingly. “Sabrina? “he uttered surprisingly as well.




Who could this Antonio really be?




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