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Patricia – Episode 2

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Episode 2


When she got home, her mother and her sister saw her face far from calm. So her mother decided to ask her. “Patricia, what’s wrong? And why did you come back home?” Sabrina asked, looking Patricia from head to toe. Then she discovered how dirty her dress is. “Oh my God. What’s this Patricia? Why is your dress so dirty “she added. “It’s nothing mother. You don’t need to worry. I’ll just change “said Patricia as she left to get a shower. After finish dressing herself up once again, she left the house.


On getting to the hospital, she went straight to the manager’s office. “Good morning Mr Alex “she greeted politely. “Oh good morning Patricia “Alex replied in an amazing look. “I thought you were not coming anymore “he said. “I apologize for my unpunctual. I don’t intend to come late. The thing is that an accident occurred earlier, so I had to take care of it “she said. “Accident? Hold on a second Patricia. I hope you didn’t get hurt “said Alex as he checked Patricia’s body thoroughly, feeling concerned. “No I’m okay……. Actually, I accidentally got wet by a car passing by. That was why I went back home for a change “said Patricia,


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then Alex mind got relax. “All I need now is the job. I really want to help my family “she included. “You see Patricia, that is where the problem really is “said Alex. “What do you mean? “she asked out of curiosity. “Honestly, you are such a brilliant girl. After I went through your C. V, I found out your capabilities for the job. And we would have been so lucky to have you in this hospital. But I’m really sorry “he said. “I still don’t understand. What is that supposed to mean? “she asked, looking confused. “I’m really sorry miss Patricia Domingo. Someone else got the job. You didn’t arrive on time “Alex explained. Tears roll down Patricia’s eyes and she used one of her finger to clean it, and she pulled up herself. So she left the office silently without uttering any word. On her way home, she folded her arms together, weeping silently. She started thinking of Ronato once again. The more she thinks of him, the more her anger become more stronger.


Before getting back home, she already pulled up herself, and pretend as if nothing happened. Few minutes later, she arrived at home at last, pretending to be happy. “Wow my dear. By the looks of it, it seems you’ve already gotten the job.


Am I right? “Sabrina asked. “No mother. Actually, someone else got the job instead. But I’m fine. Perhaps the job isn’t meant for me in the first place. I believe there are many hospitals right outside there that would surely need my service. Don’t you worry mother “she replied. “I’m not worrying about myself dear. I am just worried about you. I mean, I should really ask you since that was your last hope of finally getting a job. So are you alright? “Sabrina asked, feeling anxious. “Yes I am. You know what, you are just being paranoid for nothing. There is a say which states that, opportunity comes only ones in a life time. But I believe in God. I will surely get one very soon. That I assure you “she replied, putting up a fake smile, trying to hold her tears. “But are you really sure sister? “Innocencia asked again. “Of course I am………. I just need to rest now “said Patricia as she walk

towards the bed and lie on it. But both Sabrina and Innocencia feels there is

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something wrong. They could see it written all over her face. Even if she tries to


hide it.






Ronato P. O. V


In a general hospital, Ronato is viewed walking around the reception. He is putting on a blue V-top and a blue trouser. Also wearing a pure white shirt with a stethoscope around his neck. This apparently indicate that he is a doctor. He happened to be all the nurses crush because of his beauty. And as a womanizer, he uses his beauty to take advantage of every girl he wants. “Oh hi Doctor Gomez



“said Christina, trying to get Ronato’s attention. “Oh hi Christina. You are so looking pretty today “he flattered, touching her cheek, then he left. “Thank you” she accepted the compliment, trying to feel the hand on her cheek by touching it herself, and she gives herself a lovely smile.


Then Ronato entered into Alfredo’s (Best friend) office, pretending to be angry, but with a little smile on his face. “Honestly dude, those nurses are so foolish. Why can’t they just leave me in peace “said Ronato as he get seated. “What have they done this time? “Alfredo asked. “Can you imagine those girls trying to get my attention. Yesterday was Lucia, and now it’s Christina. I’m tired of them all” he replied. “Tell me something Ronato. Isn’t that what you always wanted? For them to chase after you. So why are you complaining? “said Alfredo. “No no no Alfredo. That isn’t what I want. No no. Not at all. They are such a stalker. Out of all the girls I am presently with, Liliana is the only special one “said Ronato. “Oh I see. Now you are trying to defend yourself. Frankly speaking bro, how do you make them fall into your arms “he asked, trying to get something out of him even if it’s pointless. “Are you trying to make me laugh. How about Kamila? Isn’t she running after you as well? “said Ronato, trying to avoid his question. “Don’t try to change the topic. Everyone knows Kamila and I are nothing but just good friends. Well I know she wants us to be more than friends, but she understood me when I said I have no feelings for her. But you, interested in them or not, you always find a way getting them on bed “said Alfredo. “Well that shows how smart I am dude. You know, this life is very small and simple for people like me “said Ronato, giving himself credit for his wrong deeds. “Hmm……. And I hope a day won’t come


when you’ll have to see the true color of women. Then you will know that not all women aren’t the same “said Alfredo. “Believe me when I tell you that that day will never come true. I always know how to handle them all “said Ronato as the both burst into a smile



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