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Patricia – Episode 12

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(In the room, meditating on the bed) Innocencia enters. “Mother I’m back “she said happily. “Welcome sweetheart. How is school? “asked Sabrina. “Very good, mother. I’m getting along well with the students in school. So you don’t need to worry “replied Innocencia. “Alright my dear. Now go and take a shower before you eat lunch “said Sabrina. “Alright mother “she said as she left.




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(In her office, busying with some work) Ronato enters without even knocking. “You again? “said Patricia. “Yes it’s me. Why? Are you surprised? Did you think I’m never going to return? Well you should be surprised because you failed. I was able to overcome my problem with the help of no one “said Ronato as Patricia stand on her feet, walking towards Ronato. “You’ve said enough. Now get out of my office “she said angrily. “Not this time. I am not a servant that you can just order around. As a doctor, I also have the right just as you in this hospital “said Ronato. “But not in my office. You can do whatever you want, but only in your office. I have the 100% control over my office. Did you get that? “said Patricia. “Tell me something, did you also get affected when you saw me with Liliana earlier? Well I think you are. You couldn’t stand it when I’m kissing other girls. But why? Have you also fallen in love with me as well? “said Ronato as Patricia slapped him once again. “How dare you “said Patricia. Then Ronato angrily hold her arms so tightly that she couldn’t get away. Patricia tried to push him away just like how she did before, but she couldn’t. “Not again Patricia. You slapped me before but I didn’t do anything. This time, I won’t take it likely with you “said Ronato as he forced his lips into hers. Patricia held her breathe so quickly. After a minute, Ronato separated his lips from Patricia’s. “For every slap you give me, I’ll kiss you in return “said Ronato as he left the office. Patricia then touches her lips, feeling extremely furious. A drop of water rolled down from her eyes. She scattered her pretty hair just like a mad woman. Then she begin to disarrange her office, turning things upside down. Alicia hears this, then she hurriedly came to Patricia’s aid. “What’s the matter Patricia? “she asked curiously. “It’s Ronato. He is the most disgusting man I’ve ever found. I hate him. I despise him. I detest him. I abhor him. He has always make my life miserable “Patricia replied, shouting. “Hold on. Take it easy Patricia. Please lower your voice and tell me what really happened “said Alicia. “He kissed me “said Patricia as Alicia uses her palm to cover her mouth out of amazement. “No he didn’t just kiss me. He bit my lips. I’ve had enough. This time, I am going to report him to the director. And he will be kicked out of here for good “said Patricia, trying to leave but Alicia pulled her back. “No Patricia. Don’t do that. If you report him now, then that would be the end of it. And what you did for him earlier will be of no value anymore. Just try and take it easy. Please, for my sake “said Alicia as she hug Patricia.








(In a bar) Liliana explained all that she witnessed in Ronato’s office. “But how could that be possible? Why was she behaving like that? Why was she acting like a jealous wife. I think there is something between the two “said Jessica. “I thought so too. Perhaps they are in a relationship. And that is what I’m not going to allow “said Liliana. “What’s your plan now? “asked Jessica. “First, I’ll have to find out if those two are in a relationship. And if my suspicions turns out to be correct, then I’ll have no choice but to put her in her place as well “said Liliana. “You are indeed great my friend. That’s why I like you “said Jessica as the both smile to themselves.




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(Angelica is a woman of 53 years old who now lives in the US (South America). She is a friend of Antonio in school when they were both studying. In fact, she’s the one Antonio’s family chose for him to get married to because her family is wealthy as well. But despite the love Angelica showed towards Antonio, he never showed any interest towards her. He chose to love Sabrina the more. Ever since Antonio returned back to Mexico, he never calls Angelica. Even if Angelica calls him, he would always ignore her call. This has always been bothering Angelica a lot) “I hope Antonio hasn’t left me for good. I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me. And if that’s the case, then I’ll make sure he won’t be happy with the new family he chose over me. First, I’ll have to find out what he is up to in Mexico. Then I’ll decide what to do next “said Angelica. Then she picked up her phone, dialing a number, telling the person to meet her at the nearest food restaurant.






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(At the restaurant) “I’m glad you honoured my invitation Francisco ‘said Angelica. “Anytime ma’am “said Francisco. “You see, I do have a job proposal for you. And if you succeed in doing it, then I’ll reward you with a sum of two million dollars “said Angelica. “Really ma’am. Tell me what to do and leave the rest to me “said Francisco, looking joyful. Then Angelica handed a picture to him. A picture of Antonio. “I want you to find out what this man has really been up to in the last five years he left for Mexico. His name is Antonio Marcesa “said Angelica. “Alright



ma’am. Do not worry, just consider your job done “said Francisco as Angelica smile to herself.







(In her room) “Now that I found out that Alfredo still cares about me, I am going to do all it takes to get his love. Now that we are good again, it would be easier for me to make him fall badly in love with me just like I do. And no one will ever be able to take him away from me “she said to herself.







“Earlier, it was my doubt. But now, I’m certain about it. Doctor Domingo really loves doctor Gomez. Imagine, she reported him to the director. And she was even the one who persuaded the director to pardon him. Isn’t that romantic? “said Delia. “Hold on Delia, how did you know about this? “asked Lucia. “Remember, I was the one that the director called on to call doctor Gomez. But I haven’t left when I heard doctor Domingo begging the director. I think she likes him “Delia replied. “Oh really? Well I guess you are right. Sometimes, I do witness how she normally react towards doctor Gomez whenever they are together. I also feel that way. I think she likes him “said Laurette. “Hmm……. Well I already know that from the


start that something like this would surely happen. I just didn’t know when. So look, it’s now happening. How romantic! “said Christina as the nurses begin to blush. Ronato was passing by when he overheard the nurses conversation. “So that means Patricia was really the person that saved me. Oh my world! And I already talked really badly to her. I’ll have to apologize to her. Especially for the kiss. I really hope she forgives me “said Ronato, feeling guilty. Then he left the spot.




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