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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 9

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Dr. Philip watched his visitors looked mesmerized by his explanations. He wished they understood him perfectly coz he was a man who thirst and hunger for righteousness and would like everyone to stay away from sin especially sexual immorality. Therefore he adjusted from his seat, looking at them all. “I know what you must be wondering in your minds” he said.


Nelson looked up at him likewise Jane and Ben as he continued. “You’re wondering how something that should be happening in the spiritual realm has to be executed physically by physical beings”


They nodded their heads in agreement.


Philip smiled. He drank a cup of water that was presented to him on a stool beside his executive chair. He clears his throat. “As a business man, you get a sample of your product to convince buyers how perfect the real product can be, isn’t it?”

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“Exactly” Ben nodded in addition while others waited for Dr. Philip to land first.


“What’s happening now is a sample of what happens spiritually during pre-marital sex. It’s a warning from God. The unknown planet is regarded as hell where souls


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are trapped during the act. The victims can’t move or show any life in them until their souls are released. That’s what also happens to those who indulge in pre-marital sex; though they might be moving around freely but dead spiritually, some, struggling to make a living physically without knowing they are already dead spiritually. Only God can save them if they turn around. But as for now, Nelson is the god of the V2 victims”


There was another stretch of tranquillity in the very living room of Dr. Philip until the men stood up to leave. Of course they appreciated the old man’s time, but needed to go prepare for the big time. Just at the door, Dr. Philip called on Nelson who turned swiftly to him. “Make sure you spread the good news” he told him.


Nelson narrowed his face. Was the man telling him to become a preacher later? He


didn’t understand. If only the old man knew his lifestyle, he wouldn’t have given


him such task of spreading the good news on sexual immorality when he was a


regular customer to prostitutes. Nevertheless, he smiled at the old man saying,








The car engine of the Range Rover blasted through the gate of the research sanctum and pulled over in the exterior part of the building. Jane stepped down, followed by Nelson. Ben, in his fat body, managed to make it out of the vehicle too, then all hurried inside to see everywhere deserted as if rapture took place right there. It was a sign of danger.


“Where is everybody?” Ben asked, hearing the echo of his own voice.


“Sshh” Nelson sigh to bring out his gun, but three men in suit surrendered them from behind at gun point.


“Oh my God!” Ben raised up his hands.


Just then, the elevator beep opened and Christiana walked out, wearing a black jacket over a short black skirt. Her heel shoes oched as she stepped out from the elevator. Seeing her, Nelson shook his head saying, “You don’t give up, do you?”


“No, not until I get what I want” she replied with a smile.



“You lied to me”


“People lie to get what they want”


“So you just want me to ride on you in the bed”


“Yes, trust me, I know the sensation and satisfaction it gives. Have me with you in the bed and everybody will go free” she moved closer to him, caressing his cheek.


Jane couldn’t tolerate another woman with Nelson in bed again. Therefore she barked at Christiana like a dog in anger. “Fuck you, bitch!!”


Christiana smiled at her. “No, you won’t me. Nelson will be fu.cking me” she said amusingly but mean.


“Where are my friends?” Nelson queried.


“They will be fine if you cooperate” she began to drag him into the elevator, followed by a gun man. Jane and Ben were made to lay on the floor till the act was done.


“This is called rape, Christiana” Nelson suggested in the elevator. “You’re violating the law. Se.x should only be done with the concert of two opposite sex” he added, yet the old woman didn’t say a word until they landed to the room where the lock laid.


The bed had already been set. Christiana left Nelson and the gun man behind him to a distance. “Do not try to be a superman, Nelson, otherwise you’ll make love to me in this bed with a bullet in one of your arms” she clarified then began to undress. The jacket first landed on the floor before a white top. Nelson watched her unbutton her bra also, then dropped it on the floor, hence allowing the breast to fall slightly. She slowly zipped down her skirt in a way only a pussy in red pant salivated for Nelson’s dick. Though she was an average oldm woman but looked attractive. Sooner did she pull off the pant, then the gun-man pushed Nelson to her.



“If only you know what happens spiritually during sex, you won’t think of rapping me”


Christiana neglected him as she grabbed his dick from his trouser, rubbing it vigorously and staring romantically in his eyes. She kissed him. “Hmm.. it’s huge” she giggled, pulled the trouser completely and dragged him towards the bed. Meanwhile, Nelson’s dick had erected, dangling up and down like a ringing bell. He pulled his remaining clothes by himself, swiftly laid the woman on the bed. The gun-man could see both erogenous zone hairy and throbbing until Nelson inserted his dick, feeling the va.gina already wet.


“Oh, yeah, me Nelson” the woman moaned, kissing him passionately. While Nelson’s waist moved up and down, feeling his huge dick totally immense inside the va.gina.


Christiana never let go of him. Neither did her lips had enough of his. She twisted her body haphazardly when she couldn’t explain the tinkling feeling that ran down from her brain to her pelvic region and totally stretched out through her legs. That was the feelings she wanted. “Oh mine..” she moaned, engulfing her whole body on the young man who kept riding on her. Suddenly, a noise came from upstairs.


“What’s happening?” Christiana asked the gun-man from the bed.


“I don’t know, ma’am. Let me go check” as the man opened the elevator, he saw strange beings staring at him with anger. They looked more like humans, visible but invincible. Out of fear, he shot his gun at them. The bullet touched them but couldn’t kill them.


“Set us free!” they said at the same time. Hit the gun man on the floor, one stared into his eyes then he became lifeless.


Seeing that, Nelson’s dick pulled out of the woman’s va.gina, looking wet and still dangling. Both stood up na.ked, watching the strange beings glare at them. They were just like Adam and Eve.


“Who are these?” Christiana’s voice quivered.


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“They are the reason why you should have locked up your pussy. The hunt for me and humanity has started” Nelson replied. “It’s me you want, come and get me!” he shouted then whispered the Christiana. “Run to the elevator when they come”


Immediately the souls approached to them, she did as he whispered while Nelson skaled through and joined her in the elevator na.ked. Immediately they stepped out to the general room where everybody was fighting with the strange beings, they realised they were na.ked then covered their na.kedness with their hands.


“You can’t be kidding me!” Sam exclaimed at the amazing sight. “Does this woman have a suger in her hole that you can’t resist her?” he sounded hilariously… :




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