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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 6

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First, Delgado made Nelson believe that the cure to the visual virus lies in a lock which only him can open through a sexual act. Hence make him rich. Secondly, Christiana made him believe the cure to the virus isn’t inside the lock, rather, he was the cure or preventor which he must implement by having sex with everybody. Lastly, Ben also made him understand that only Anthony’s son, which was him, had the power to end the spread of the virus by releasing the trapped souls of the victims from wherever they could be. But how would he do that? Where are the souls? Which person must he trust and take his or her advice? Therefore Nelson felt like he was caught up in the midst of three demonds, offering him a help without knowing which to take in order not to fall in the wrong hands. But one thing was certain; the whole thing revolved around sexual act. He knew it and needed to be smart and inquisitive.


“The bed is ready, superman” Ernest reminded him again inside the room.


“I’ll be there soon” Nelson replied from the edge of the bed without looking up.


“You gonna do it?” Charlie asked him in surprise.


Nelson stood up. “There are so many things you don’t know, Charlie”


She stood up too. “I don’t think is a good idea to have sex on the bed with any woman. I feel like it’s dangerous”


“What choice do I have? If I don’t do it, souls will come after my life”

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“Souls?” Charlie looked confused. “Whose souls? I don’t understand”


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“You’ll soon understand” Nelson entered into the bathroom, while Charlie wallowed in thought. Sooner did she hear splash of water from the bathroom and slowly walked to the door.


“So who is the lucky girl?” she asked, placing her ear on the door to hear his reply.


Of course she wished Nelson understood that she had developed feelings for him.


“Have you called your granny to see weather she’s fine?” Nelson neglected her question. The same way, she neglected his own and left the room.


A few minutes later, Nelson walked out to the general room na.ked, wearing only a black tight strim boxers. His appearance was more like a swimmer who was on his way to the swimming pool. Fairy hair could be seen from his stomach to his chest where it spread attractively. He had a flat tommy thereby revealing his six packs.


The boxers tightened his dick in a way it made a round shape like a huge donut. Female workers who saw him walking to the elevator in that attractive outfits admired him.


Nelson came out from the elevator to see Jane and Charlie standing outside the transparent glass of the lock. He also saw Delgado and Ernest in their boss and P.A position. Only Sam stood alone. Inside the transparent glass before the lock lies the bed, glowing in blue colour.



“Welcome, Nelson” Delgado said happily.


He didn’t reply, rather walked into the glass where Jane and Charlie admired his body.


“I was expecting you to come with your girlfriend” Delgado added.


“I have no girlfriend” Nelson replied then glanced at the two ladies whose eyes never departed from him. “I’m street. Though I’m not proud of it, but when I’m sexually arose, I know exactly where to go”


“I thought as much. That’s why I went to the place you usually go and got a girl for you”

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Just then, a beeping sound from the elevator filled the room. Everybody directed their eyes towards it to see a beautiful fair girl in pant and bra alone. She cut her hair low and painted her face which added to her beauty. The voluminous nature of her breast was nothing to write home about. They nearly popped out from her bra like a liquid struggling to excap from a container. The shape of her pussy could be seen through the white pant she wore. Seeing her, Jane and Charlie exhaled, feeling extremely jealous.


“She’s the right woman for you, Nelson” Delgado began. “HIV: negative,


Gonorrhea: negative, Syphilis: negative”


“And V2: negative” Ernest concluded.


The lady walked into the glass, standing before Nelson. She began to romance him, starting from the hairy chest to the six packs. Just as she wanted to kiss him, Nelson said without minding his dick which had erected already. “Wait wait wait, are you guys gonna stand there?”


“Where else do you want us to go?” Ernest spread his hand, while Sam kept smiling.


“We want to see the lock opened” Delgado supported.



As the girl resumed the romance, Charlie turned to leave followed by Jane. Immediately the elevator carried them, Nelson returned the romance by first taking off the lady’s bra, feeling the huge breasts in his hand and eventually his face in between them. Meanwhile, the girl had dragged his boxers down, also feeling the hugeness of his erected dick in her hand, stroking it up and down. Suddenly, she left him and laid on the bed romantically where Nelson joined her, took off her pant to see the erogenous zone clean and neat unlike his hairy dick region. The lady spread her legs for easy penetration. Of course, Nelson saw the va.gina wide open and he never hesitated to put his dick in it.


Meanwhile, Ernest’s dick had erected from his trouser as he watched the live pornography. Unluckingly, Sam noticed it and giggled with his hands covering his mouth.


Delgado looked at him. “What’s funny?”


“Your P.A actually wanna join them” he pointed at his dick.


“What?” Ernest covered himself. “Boss, it’s an involuntary response” he said.


Delgado didn’t talk to him, rather concentrated on the live porn. A few minutes later, the lady moaned loudly, engulfing her hands and legs around Nelson. She was actually feeling the best sexual satisfaction and sensation she had ever had, even as a prostitute. Just then, she felt a sperm in her va.gina, and the next thing they heard was a computerized voiced saying, “You’re good in bed”


Delgado smiled. “Now, stand up from that bitch and open the lock” he commanded.


“Allow him to regain his breath” Sam suggested.


“Shut up!” he rebuked him, walking into the glass. Already, the lady had started dressing up likewise Nelson. “Leave” he instructed the lady, and turned to Nelson. “Open the lock!”



Nelson took a deep breath, took the lock handle and rotated it anticlockwise, then it opened. He saw a spherical device glowing in yellow colour. Seeing that, Delgado smiled and brought out a gun, pointing it at Nelson.


“What are you doing?” Sam asked surprisingly. To his greatest surprise, Ernest pointed a gun at him too.


“Let me guess,” Nelson began. “You only wanted us to open the lock then kill us.


You want to be rich alone. Well, you’ve failed coz there are no bullet in your guns.


“What?” Delgado exclaimed, pulled the trigger but nothing happened.


Just then, the elevator opened, Jane and Charlie entered pointing guns at the two men while Sam laughed. Nelson collected the gun from Delgado and pushed him outside. He was made to kneel down with his P.A.


“Sorry Boss, we went ahead of you” Jane said….








Nelson came out from Morton where Ben disfigured his brain with his own philosophy and ideology. He entered into the front seat of their car, looking so worried. Jane and Sam was afraid to talk to him in order not to receive another shout. But Sam finally asked, “Man, what’s happening? Why did you go there?”


Jane swallowed hard. “”First, you said you’re the cure to the virus. What’s wrong?” she added.


“Everything is wrong, and there is a very big problem” Nelson finally replied, while Jane and Sam looked at each other in dismay. “Delgado said the cure to the virus lies behind the lock. Christiana said there is nothing like that. She told me that I am the cure. Only me can’t contact the disease coz my father prepared me for this day.”


“How are you the cure?” Jane asked.



“She said since I can’t contact the virus anyone who I have sex with won’t get it too coz there is a transfer of destiny during sexual act” he paused and continued as Sam and Jane glanced at each other again. “Now, inside the Morton, a man called Ben has revealed to me that there is no cure to the virus, and the victims aren’t totally dead. Their souls are trapped somewhere during sexactual intercourse and only Anthony’s son has the power to free them. If not done, the souls will start hunting me”


Jane exhaled. “Ben doesn’t know you’re the son, does he?”




“I have a plan. We gonna use one stone to kill two birds. We gonna find out who is right among these people”


“How?” Sam asked.


“First, I’ll like to confess” Jane began. “Delgado gonna kill you if you open the lock coz he’s selfish. Now, I’ll take off bullets from his guns. He gonna get you a prostitute who will be a specimen and solution to everything”


“I’m confused” Nelson adjusted from his seat. “What specimen?”


Jane breathed in. “You gonna have sex with her to see if what Christiana said is true and it will also open the lock at the same time. After we must have taken Delgado down, we get the prostitute and infected victim. We make sure she looks into the victim’s eyes to know whether she’ll contact it or not. If she doesn’t, then Christiana is right”


“Wow!” Sam exclaimed. This your plan has opened up my bladder. I gat to pee” he stepped out from the car.


“Thank you” Nelson told Jane. Surprisingly to him, she kissed him…








“You betrayed me, bitch!?” Delgado shrieked from the floor.



“Now Delgado, anyone who wants to kill me will die. You gonna die” Nelson put a bullet in the gun and pointed it at him.


“Please, don’t kill me. I have information that you need” Delgado pleaded. “First, you have to promise me that you won’t kill me”


Nelson placed the cross sectional barrel of the gun on his forehead. “Start talking!” he exclaimed.


“What’s inside the lock isn’t the cure to the visual virus. It’s a pathway out of this earth. I wanted to get hold of it and leave the planet coz no one will remain in this world because of the virus, soon their souls will start hunting you and every other human being”


“Oh my God!” Charlie exclaimed.


“First bird killed” Nelson looked at Sam. “Go make sure the prostitute doesn’t step


out of here” he instructed……








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