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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 2

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Incombusion of gasoline gas escaped through the exhaust-pipe of the motorcycle which Nelson rode speedily, chasing the very car that took the bed from him. Sam rested behind him with hands engulf round his waist like an amoeba engulfing its prey. Their shirts nearly left their bodys due to the wind generated by the motion of the motorcycle. Nelson turned his face cap backward thereby looking more like a



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hard guy. He was a bit fair in complexion with straight beards round his cheek. The car was still at their very sight until they ran out of fuel.


“No no no” Nelson pulled over. “We’re out of fuel!” He needed not to stand the motorcycle with its stand, he allowed it to fall on the ground like one dumping a refuse. Sam looked front and back only to discover that they had gone out of the main city.


“What are we gonna do now?” he asked.


“We proceed. I’ve seen the route where the car followed” Nelson wanted to continue with barefoot.


“Wait wait wait” Sam stopped him. “Guy, this is getting out of hand. It’s beginning to look like what I see on the movie; the actor with his sidekick, chasing men in suit. And trust me, it doesn’t end well. The sidekick always die. Therefore I suggest we don’t act this movie and go back to our mama house” Just then, police siren came from a distance. Sam exhaled. “You hear that? Now the police are after us. It’s really beginning to look like a movie” he added fearfully.


Nelson drew closer to him with all seriousness. Dropplet of heat had started forming on his forehead. “Why it’s beginning to look like a movie is because things are getting wrong” he said.




“How did those men know I was carrying a bed? You should know due to its portability it’s hard to discover that it’s a bed”


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“I don’t care how they know. Let’s go back!”


“If we go back, the police will be on our way. Why don’t we finish what we’ve started?” Nelson began to run.


“I can’t believe this” Sam followed him.



There was an entrance through which the car drove in. It seemed more like an estate, but men in suit and guns paraded around. The vicinity was a bit dark added to the cloudy weather. Street light could be seen almost at every angle.


Nevertheless, Nelson and Sam stood from afar, observing the environment. Of course they made themselves unknown.


“This is a suicide mission” Sam whispered. “How are we gonna enter there?”


“We need suits to enter” Nelson whispered back while Sam glared at him.


“Where are you driving at? I don’t even have a jacket talk more of suit. The other day you threatened to take my only shoes”


Nelson glanced at him. “Are you reciting a poem? I never said we gonna enter with our own suit” Nelson looked at the two gate-men. “You see those men? We shall be taking their suits”


“You must be crazy. Count me out of this. I know the things you’re good at; gambling and fu.cking prostitutes. Not killing men to take their sui..” his cell phone interrupted him. The phone was a dirty Nokia-torch product that feats street gamblers like him who spends money on weed instead of getting a better phone. Even the screen was half blind and held together with a rubber-band. Therefore he recognises callers by their voices. Nelson watched him whisper into the phone until he was done.


“Who was that?”


“Charlie” both stared at each other as Sam was expected to continue. “She said your mother has been shot by gun men”

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Nelson turned immediately, followed by his friend. Their movement was like that of a rabbit escaping from a trap, yet had a mission to accomplish.


“I told her our location. She’ll be coming to pick us” Sam broke the sad silence engrave with anger in the heart of the very young man, Nelson. Even Sam could see it on his face. “Take it easy, man. She’ll be fine” he consoled him….






Jane and other men who went for the search of Mrs Helen came back to Delgado in the research sanctum. She stood before him in the office as he anticipated for her report. Ernest was always seen with Delgado as a hilarious personal assistant.


“Where is the woman?” Delgado broke the silence.


“Sorry sir, she was already shot before we found her” Jane replied.


Delgado swiftly stood up. “By who!?”


“We don’t know, sir”


Tranquillity lingered until Delgado said, “Did you find anything or anybody with her. Is she dead?”


“No. We met a young girl who took her to the hospital. After interrogating her, she disclosed to us that she has a son called Nelson” Jane replied.


“Now, go. Make sure you find the so called son and bring him here” he instructed.


As Jane wanted to leave, Ernest’s voice came dryly like that of a scared Akwaibom man. “He said bring him here, not rape him there because he’s good in bed”


Jane disdained him before she finally left.


Delgado turned to Ernest. “Why can’t you be serious for once?”


“I see what you can’t see, sir.” he replied.


“Like what?”


“Like the heart and thrubing clit of this young lady called Jane. Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later.”



Delgado stared at him in confusion. He didn’t just understand him neither did he care to understand. So he left the office for him. :




Sooner did Charlie arrive with a taxi. Sam and Nelson hurried inside, yet Nelson never said a word. All seated at the back seat while the driver occasionally glanced at them through the centre mirror. He could see the sunset through the side mirror whenever he glanced at it too. Charlie who sat in between the guys spoke up. “Nelson I called your number but you weren’t picking. I heard she was shot by gun men. Though I believe she’ll be fine coz i rushed her to the hospital” she paused then glanced at Sam. “What are you guys doing here?”


Sam exhaled. “Its a long story”


“That reminds me” Charlie continued, looking at Nelson. “A lady met me in the hospital and interrogated me if your mother has a son”


Nelson swiftly returned the look. “Who’s she?”


“I don’t know” silence creep in again. “What is happening?” Charlie grew worried and curious.


“I think we’ve begun to ack a movie” Sam replied.


Charlie turned to him. “What does that mean?”


“That means there is problem.”


The taxi driver drove them straight to the hospital where Sam and Charlie stood at the window, watching how Nelson wept before his sick mother. He only wished he understood what was happening. His wish came to pass when the mother brought his ear closer to her mouth and whispered something. Briskly, he hurried out of the hospital followed by his friends who wondered what came of him or what the mother told him.


Like a rabbit digging a hole so as Nelson searched every nook and cranny of the mother’s room, scattering things around the room, while Sam and Charlie stood at



the door. Suddenly, he rushed out with a VCD drive, slutted it into a VCD and sat opposite the television just like his friends.


“What’s that?” Charlie asked. Nobody responded to her until a man displayed on the screen of the television. He was not too old but he had Nelson’s resemblance. Therefore, Sam asked, “Guy, is that your dad?”


Nelson kept mute listening to the man he supposed to believe was his father. The man began thus: “By the time you are watching this, son, I’m long gone. This is for you as my only seed from Kate, your mother..”


“Mrs Helen isn’t your mother?” Charlie whispered rhetorically then concentrated.


The man in display continued, “I’ve foreseen the future i believe you’re in now. There will come a time the world will be on your shoulder. There will come a disease only you can stop from the source. Many will die and people will run helter and skelter like the world has come to an end. The world will depend on you and the lucky girl who might be with you in the bed. That’s why you have the bed” Light went off.


At this time, Charlie was holding Nelson tightly out of fear.


“Before I said there was problem. But now there is a bigger problem” Sam’s voice echoed in the the living room. Sooner did they hear some noise outside.


“I think what my father said has started happening” Nelson ran out with Charlie in his hand. Just as they opened the door, Jane and her men blocked them.


“Which among you is Mrs Helen’s son?” Jane asked.


“And who are you?” Nelson asked.


“She’s the lady i told you about” Charlie pointed at her.


Jane looked at Nelson from head to toe when she discovered he was the very young man good in bed as Ernest emphasises. He was good looking in her eyes. So



she said in a calmed voice. “Listen, you need to follow us. We know about your father, you, the lock and the bed.”


“What lock?” Nelson asked.


“First, Nelson is going nowhere without me” Charlie deffended, holding him tightly. Jane stared at both of them for a while. :




Nelson, Charlie and Sam arrived at the research sanctum with others. Delgado was pleased to see him when he came out with Ernest who asked, “So who’s the mastermind rider in bed?”


“What’s this all about?” Nelson asked.


“It’s all about you” Delgado began. “You look just like your father. Anthony foresaw the future which he laid on your shoulders. The future is now. Have you listened to the news recently?” he put on a large television found in the research lab. They could see and hear a lady broadcasting thus: “A sudden illness that kills after few hours is just discovered. Therefore citizens are suggested to stay at home. It is believed this disease is contagious through eye to eye contact. You are expected not to stare at a victim within five seconds in the eyes…”

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Delgado put off the television. “Now, I think the solution or the cure for this deadly disease is in a lock only you can open. Your father build it. Follow me” he said.


Nelson hesitated.


“I don’t trust these people, man” Sam whispered to him.


“I know you have so many questions to ask but follow me!” Delgado persuaded. He wanted to open the lock for his own selfish reason after which he will kill Nelson. He will be regarded as one who has the cure for the disease if only he was right about what lies behind the lock. Hence he gonna be not only famous but rich too.



Nevertheless, Nelson stood before the lock which had a handle like that of a steering wheel, while Ernest, Jane, Charlie, Sam and Delgado watched in anticipation. He slowly handled the lock handle to opened it but a computerized female voice said, “You’re not good in bed”


“Unbelievably!” Ernest exclaimed. I thought you’re the hard rider in bed”


Nelson turned to them. He could notice how Jane looked at him. “Listen, I believe this is not a way to open the lock. Although it has to be opened by me, but with me in the bed with a woman”


“How do you know?” Delgado asked.


“It’s on a video my father taped for me. He said at the last part: ..The world will depend on you and the lucky girl who might be with you in the bed.”


“What does that mean?”


“It means I have to make love with a woman in the bed?”


Hearing that, Charlie and Jane stared at Nelson. The same thing ran through their minds.


Ernest giggled, shaking his head. “Now you all have come back to my idea that for this lock to open this young man must be good in bed. Who could this lucky woman be?” he glanced at Jane.


“That isn’t a problem” Delgado said. “Where is the bed?” he asked.


“That’s the problem now” Nelson replied…







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