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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 17

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The faintly sweet odour of grass filtered into his sleep. At first he rejected it. It wasn’t true. But the odour persisted, growing stronger. Finally, he opened his eyes. In the dark, all he could see was the outline of one person seated at the foot of his bed and her cigarette glowing. “Must you guys keep doing this wherever I’m asleep?” He sat up, reaching for the lamp next to the bed.


“I’m the only one, Nelson” a female voice replied. “Though it is already morning, but sorry for disturbing your sleep.” she added.


Nelson finally put on the lamp to see Charlie sipping the last burn of her cigarette, dropped it and matched it to quench the flame. For the first time she wore a pair of trousers, and, but always had that attractive handless top. She slid her hair backwards which exposed more of her innocent, harmless and beautiful face. Calmly, she sat beside Nelson who rubbed his neck painfully.


“What happened?”


“You passed out after the Tunalin brought you back” Charlie placed a hand across


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his shoulder..








Nelson and Ernest blasted out from the yellow light into the lab, smashing the Tunalin beyond repair. Their presence got everybody in the lab taking a few steps backward.



“Wow! It worked!!!” Sam grabbed Canny tightly as a reinforcement for the work well done.


“Son?’ Mrs Helen couldn’t move in order to keep her bullet wound safe.


“Nelson!” Charlie rushed him. Before she could get there, Sam had pulled his friend up. Therefore she hugged him tightly while the young man looked surprised. He had no idea how his hands and legs got freed from the horizontal wood. “Are you okay?” Charlie looked into his eyes.


“I guess” he replied, turned to see his mother smiling at him. He hurriedly hugged her.


“I’m happy to see you, son” she said on his shoulder.


Nelson also saw Kate through the mother’s shoulder then walked up to her saying, “I’ve fulfilled my promise. You’re okay now. Go and sin no more” his words got the mother surprise.


“Hey dude,” Ben called his attention. “What about Jane?”


Nelson turned swiftly at him. He directed his eyes from Charlie to the smashed Teleporter. “Pakyle couldn’t make it.” He breathed in with a heavy heart. “She sacrificed her life for me” he added. Everybody in the sanctum remained silent at the moment to mourn her death.


“Well, nobody wanna notice me?” Ernest broke the silence.


“Yes” Sam replied. Just then, Nelson collapsed and fell down….








“Hope you’re feeling better now?” Charlie asked him still with her hands across his shoulder.


“Yeah” Nelson stretched up.



“I’m sorry for what happened to Jane”


Nelson didn’t say anything rather watched her stood up and began to leave the room. Just at the door, he called her saying, “Thank you, Charlie. If not for anything, for always watching me sleep” he smiled at her which she returned and clutched the door knob. Mrs Helen entered immediately after that.


“Son, thank God, you’re awake”


“You worry so much, mom”


Mrs Helen sat him down again on the edge of the bed. She kept staring at him as the silence lingered. Before she could say anything, Nelson read her mind.


“Mom, I know you wanna tell me about my real mother, Kate”

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“Is a pity she died after your birth” Mrs Helen shook her head emotionally. “Your father didn’t give her the attention she ever needed. He spent his life time working on research. He put his work first before his family. So he never cared. One day after he made me take you, the baby, as my own, he gave me the bed and the tape. He sounded scared like something would soon take his life. He said when the time comes you’ll figure out the meaning of everything” she looked in the son’s eyes and cares his cheek. “I’m happy you figured it out my child” she concluded.


Nelson embraced her. “Thank you, mom” he cares her back too.


Suddenly the door cracked opened then Sam’s voice came loud and clear. “Man, the governor just called. He needs your attention now”


“Let me dress up, buddy” he stood up to enter into the bathroom.


“Nelson?” the mother made the young man to look back. “Always put your family


first. Charlie will be waiting until you’re ready” she began to walk out, rendering


Nelson speechless.





Flash light from cameras took the very best of the large room as Nelson stood before the audience like a preacher on a pulpit. He was on a milky suit, looking charming on the light that shown on his face. Different microphones from different media hung before him. He was not feeling like a street gambler at the moment, but like a celebrity. The whole world watched him from different media.


“God is a mystery” he began with an amazing confidence thereby making his voice very audible. “Therefore his ways are mysterious in the eyes of men. If i can stand before you and talk about God, then believe me, He is in existence. I have heard Him talk to me directly which upset my tear gland whenever I remember it.


What happened in the world is just a revelation of what happens in the spirit. Though the consequences it might have caused should teach people like my father, Anthony Clifford, a lesson that what happens in the spirit should be discovered by spiritualists, not scientists.


When i was on Krypton for V2 souls, God told me that the souls were not mine but for the wicked Kryptonites because any soul that dies with a sin belongs to the devil. Therefore I urge you all today to remain steadfast in his ways. If you do not want your souls to perish in hell, stay away from immorality and any sin that follows it.


My gratitude to Philip Hammond and my friends who helped me discover my purpose especially the woman who gave up her life for me to live” he paused with a sad face. “May your soul rest in peace, Jane” he added, winking his eyes not because of the flash light from cameras but because of the tears that tried to fall from his eyes. Nevertheless, he continued. “I assure the world that there is no case of V2 again and there will never be, so stay freely and live freely. Thank you” he stepped out. Citizens could see him shaking hands with the governor and top men as the flash light continued soaring the environment.


After then, Nelson walked out of the building, still trying to pass many Press that needed more information. He made it into the black Ranger Rover and smiled at Charlie, the driver.


“Nice speech” she returned the smile.


“Thanks” he fastened his seatbelt.



Sam’s voice came from the back seat saying, “I almost thought you’re a man of God”


“I felt that way too, bro” Nelson kept smiling. “Did you bring it?” he asked.


“Yes, I did” Sam replied.


“Let’s go”


Charlie set the car in motion.






The car pulled over on a high bridge with flowing river below it. The depth was deep enough to have a ship sailing on it. Nelson and co walked to the metal frame of the bridge in a way they leaned on it with their hips thrusted backward. Sam looked at Nelson through Charlie and said, “Are you ready?” Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias




“Yeah, go bring it” Nelson replied.

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Sam walked back to the car. Few seconds later, he came back with the bed in his hand and handed it to Nelson.


“Sure you wanna do this?” Charlie asked again.


Nelson looked at her. “Do you want me to be good in it with you?” he asked.


“No” she smiled. “I’m okay with you on a mat”


He smiled too and threw the bed inside the river. They all watched it splash out water when it hit the surface thereby forming a circular wave. A sudden breeze began to blow with the silence that stretched on the bridge. Nelson looked at Charlie and said, “My mother talked about you”


“Really? We talked too” she looked at him.


“She said I should put us first”


“She said I should quit smoking”


Both remained silence, staring at each other, while Sam seemed uninterested on the conversation.


“But what do you say, Nelson?” Charlie broke the silence.


“I’ll say having my best friend as my soul mate will be perfect” he replied as both smiled and kissed each other.


Sam straightened up. “You both wanna make me feel jealous, right?” they laughed as all began to walk back to the car.


“Go get yourself a girlfriend, Sam?” Nelson took the driver’s seat.


“How can I when you’ve restricted us from immorality?” Sam took the back seat, just as Charlie sat beside Nelson.


“I didn’t restrict you from immorality, Sam. God did”


“Then no girlfriend, no immorality” Sam concluded, while the car took off.







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