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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 15

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Once again, they set in another motion with the range rover, this time, Jane handled the steering wheel. The tyre of the vehicle nearly regretted why an alien took the driver’s seat. They rotated speedily like a microscopic sphere set awhirl at a blistering six hundred million rotations per minute. The sphere rotates five hundred thousand times faster than the average washing machine. Sam became scared just like Jane was when he handled the steering wheel too. Therefore he said from the back seat with Ben, “Jane, this car isn’t taking us to your planet, is It?”


“No” she replied with a glance at Nelson who sat beside her.


“Then slow down before the car suddenly develop wings and fly! I thought you are speedophobia”


“No, I didn’t just trust you on the steering wheel then.” She glanced at his funny face from the centre mirror. “I have been driving even before you were born, Sam” she added.



Sam frowned. “Take back the insult. In fact, insultation yourself! You might have lived for decades but I have lived for centuries. Just that I was still in the scrotum of my ancestors” he fired. He was the type who never wanted to be won in an argument. After his last statement, Ben glanced at him then shook his head.


“Before your ancestors, I was”


“You’re speaking blasphemy, lady”

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Jane slowed down at the sight of crowd of people, running from souls. None of them was able to kill a single one rather many of them dropped dead on the road. Nelson could see them with blood, gushing out from their heads. He couldn’t behold It. Jane could see it on his face, but added another gear thereby flying again. Immediately she tried to glance at Nelson for the third time, both eyes caught each other’s, yet didn’t say anything. Nelson concentrated as an afterthought, growing angry but he controlled his temper and spoke slowly and deliberately, “You hid the truth from me, even after you saw me going crazy just to find the truth about everything. You can kill!” he paused for the words to sink in her ears, but Jane seemed uninterested. “Where are we heading to?” Nelson glanced at her once more.


“What do you care? Is not to take you to my planet?” Jane replied rudely without looking at him. Just then, she took a poor road that had nothing by the two sides except bushes. It wasn’t tiled, hence filled with sandy soil.


Sam grew worried. “Hey, lady, you seem to know the town better than us” he said.


Nobody talked to him as Jane kept driving till dead end for the car which generated dust when she pulled over and stepped down in a hurry, likewise others. Before them was a dark thick bush. It seemed more like the den of wild animals. Seeing that, Nelson held Jane by the arm then glared into her eyes. “Where the are you taking us to?”


She returned the glare without saying a word. She suddenly directed her eyeballs to his hand which had compressed her muscle in a way that explains: GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! Nelson understood the look, therefore he freed her slowly.


“Wait for me here” Jane began to walk into the thick bush.


Sam glanced at Nelson. “Have you seen how someone you think you know suddenly became a total stranger to you? You can’t even predict her next move”


Nelson disdained him as a reply. Just then, grasses and trees found inside the bush began to quiver like the occurrence of an earthquake. The men stood firmly in anticipation of whatever that might come out from the quivering bush. No organ in their bodies functioned more than their eyes that moment. Suddenly, a portable spaceship blasted out of the bush and landed before them.

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“Wow!” Ben approached closer. “How did you come about with this?” he asked Jane.


“After i learn human emotions, I had it built by someone. I do use it to sneak into Krypton to see my family.” She replied.


“Who build It?” Nelson asked.


“None of your business” she turned to enter into the ship. “Are you coming with me or not?”


“So we are not the only one that knows you as an alien” Sam nodded smartly.


“How long is the journey?” Nelson asked Jane.


“Eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds” she replied.


“That’s approximately twenty-four hours” Ben clarified.


Nelson matched into the ship, just as Jane did and they blasted upward like rocket. Sam and Ben watched them until the cloud covered the ship. Sam said as he headed to the driver’s seat of the Rang Rover, “I don’t know why my spirit doesn’t accept that girl”


“I think she has done the right thing” Ben objected.


“She’s a Wolfe” Sam reversed the car then took off too.


Combustion of liquid hydrogen and oxygen which have a very high specific impulse on the spaceship stopped immediately they arrived in space thereby enabling forward-thrust engine to activate, moving the ship gradually from the third planet to the twelfth. Nelson couldn’t believe his eyes at the sight of God’s creatures. Already, both had worn their spacesuits which are specially designed to protect astronauts from the cold, radiation and low pressure in space . They also provide air to breathe.


“It’s so quiet here” Nelson spoke from the suit. His voice sounded like one in a hallow cylinder. “I feel like I’m going to hell” he added.


“Your father once called my planet hell” Jane glanced at him then continued after a long stretch of tranquillity. “I’m doing this because of you. I don’t mind dying on the quest coz I believe you worth it”


Nelson didn’t know what to say but just stared at her. He wished she wasn’t an alien. He wish everything never happened. He wished he was on top of a building, smoking weed with Charlie like old good days. Nevertheless, he said to her, “Thank you”


Krypton seemed deserted at the place the ship landed not because all had gone to exile but because the ship was still far from residential areas. Nelson stepped out without the spacesuit. He took a deep breath to confirm the oxygen that filled his lungs. He was not only happy that he had gotten to his destination, but also happy that his presence there had stopped the attack of the souls on earth. He saw nothing but tress in darkness except some light that shown from poles. “This is Krypton?” he asked.


“Lower your voice” Jane whispered. “My father normally comes here by this hour” she glanced at her wristwatch.


“Where are the trapped souls?” Nelson whispered too.


“Across Bumamine. My father will take you there while i stay back here. If I’m caught, I’m definitely gonna be killed” Immediately she finished her statement, a voice called from behind, saying, “Pakyle, bad to see you again”



Nelson and Jane turned at the same time to see a huge man with group of men standing behind him.


“Derod?” Jane’s heart skipped. How can she be expecting her father then, boom, the leader of kryptonites appeared? She tried to run but was caught alongside with Nelson.


“Leave us alone!” Nelson struggled. “I’m here for a purpose!”


Derod smiled. He had a dark complexion like every other kryptonites which is to say they were naturally black.(Join Group) More stories @ “I know the purpose which you have come, but I’m sorry, you’re doomed” he gestured at his men to set the spaceship on fire which they did at the very sight of Nelson who wondered how he was gonna go back to his planet.


“No ooh!” he cried. The ray of the fire shone on his face as he was being dragged out with Jane to the public for history to repeat itself. Brutally, Jane once again found herself tied on a horizontal wood. Bellow her were pieces of firewood that could be set on at any moment.


On the other hand, Nelson sweated on the road, watching the mean faces of the Kryptonites who were taking him to a different place. His hands were tied backward to prevent him from running. “Where are you taking me to!” he cried out loud. Sooner did they stopped him before a door, opened it and threw him inside. The room was as dark as underground prison. They locked it.


“Let me out!” he banged at the door.


“Sir Nelson?” a voice startled him inside the dark room, but he recognised it.


“Ernest?” he called back.


“It’s me sir”



Nelson became helpless and weak. “Ernest, how could you? How could you use the Tunalin without anyone’s knowledge?”


“I was scared” Ernest replied reluctantly. “Sir, this people are heartless. They have tortured me to provide somebody they call Pakyle.” He began to remember…. :






The yellow light appeared once again after several years, right in front of Derod, at his domain. He fled at the sight of it thereby reminding him of the disappearance of Pakyle. So he hoped to see her coming back from the light. Disappointingly, Ernest blasted from the yellow light which went off immediately. Derod rushed him like the king of the jungle, dragged him up single handedly saying, “Where is Pakyle?”


“Who are you talking about?” Ernest queried with a frightened voice.


“Where are you from?”

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“Earth. My planet is in trouble. That’s why I came”


“You came through the same way Pakyle left, so you must know where she is” Derod pushed him down on the ground and ordered men to torture him…. :






“They bring me out every few hours to have one of my fingers chopped off unless I provide Pakyle” Ernest concluded in the dark room. “Sir, do you know who Pakyle is?” he asked.


Nelson neglected him to listen to the screaming voice of Jane. He wished he could help but there was no way for that.


Jane met with the father’s eyes from the horrible position she was. “Papa? she called in a low tone. “I love you so much Papa” she added.



The father was touched because no one had ever told him that regarding how brutal and heartless Kryptonites are. So he began to shed tears to see his daughter beg to live.


“Set the fire!” Derod commanded.


Jane looked down, hopping to see the yellow light again but it never appeared. Just then, the firewood gradually began to burn……. :





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