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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 14

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“That was how I met your father and Delgado” Jane concluded. The story got the men weak and moping. Ben seemed to look more surprise coz his two eyeballs widened as he stared at Jane. One could see it through his transparent eyeglasses. Nelson became speechless, but Sam never lacked words. So he said to Jane, “Are you telling me a movie I have watched or you’re just trying to cook up a story?” Nobody replied him.


“Why did you murder Alkyl?” Nelson asked in a low tone.


“It wasn’t a deliberate act” Jane replied. “I pushed him off when he tried to take advantage of me. I never knew there was a stone behind him where he hit his head and died” she added.


“Now can we hear the part two of your story” Sam interfered. “How come V2 and your ride with Anthony on the bed. Make it romantic” he found a table where he sat down to listen.


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“Anthony gave me the name, Jane, and took me as one of his workers after I told my story. I later found out that he was making a research on Spiritism; what happens in the spirit when a man and a woman have sex” Jane began…. :






Jane met Anthony one night reading a bible. The cracking sound of the door broke his concentration, so he looked up at her. She was an epitome of beauty, wearing just a night gown that pointed out her nipples and made her pant visible. Her breast



seemed like something no one had ever touched, not even Jane herself. It was up and standing regardless of its irresistible large size.


“What are you reading?”


“The bible my dear” Anthony watched her sit beside him. “Do you believe in God, Jane?” he asked.


“The almighty God?” Jane wanted to be sure. “Yes, we do” she answered.

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Anthony exhaled and removed his eyeglasses. “I’m wondering why God set boundaries for sex. I want to know why? Though many men of God like Dan Delzell said there is exchange of destinies between two parties during sex, while some said it is exchange of spirits. I want to know the truth.” he concluded.


“And how are you gonna do that?”


“Leave that for me” Anthony smiled.

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“Do you have a family?” Jane asked as an afterthought.


“I don’t discuss about them dear”


“Okay” she walked out. Of course Anthony admired her back.




Years later after the invention of the bed, Anthony set to carry out the research on it with no other person but Jane. He set the bed in his room then called on her. A screen was connected to the bed for a reason Anthony alone knew.


Nevertheless, when Jane entered in her normal night gown, she looked at the connections. “What’s this?” she asked.


“Wanna carry out my experiment. The bed is electrochemically made. It makes one seem to be good in it during intercourse thereby exploring the opposite sex to an unimaginable satisfaction. While this screen connected to it detect or display what might happen spiritually during the intercourse”


Jane smiled. “I guess your wife will be here soon”


“No, Jane” Anthony objected. “This shouldn’t be between married couple. It should be unholy sex between you and I” Anthony made the move. He gently began to kiss the innocent girl, feeling her breast through the slippery gown. In the same way, Jane reciprocated the kiss, romancing the man from cheek to chest. Sooner did the kiss become intense that both had to pull their clothes and staggered to the bed. Jane had to lay flat on it thereby exposing her black pussy and erected nipples. However, Anthony’s dick had erected too. One could see hair at its base as he gently opened the girl’s legs in order to have a clear view of her va.gina which was already wet. Immediately he forced his dick into it, Jane moaned, grabbed him tightly and located his lips once again. She never knew her present state. It was like she had gone out of the face of the earth regarding how she felt. Suddenly, after some minutes as Anthony enjoyed the tight pussy, light sparked. And that was at the verge of cuming.


Anthony saw himself in a cage where he struggled to come out. It was happening in a spiritual realm, but Jane alone could see it on the screen connected to the bed. She recognised the place. Just then, Anthony collapsed on her like a lifeless being.


“It worked” Jane said. When she didn’t hear his response, she pushed him away


from her body, staring at him fearfully. “Anthony?” she tapped his cheek, yet he


showed no life in him….








Sam shook his head. “So you fu.cked the old man to death?” he stood up from the table.


“He wasn’t really dead. He was just like the victims of V2. Though i had to revive him using my visual power” Jane answered.


“You have a power?” Nelson asked.


“Yes” Jane continued….








Anthony came back to himself to see Jane lying on the ground. How would he had known she saved him with her power which reduced her to the ground. He called on her and pulled her up.


“It worked” she said in a fainting voice.


“You saw it?” Anthony was curious.


“Yes, you were caged in Krypton”


“That was my soul.. wait.. Krypton?” Anthony left her, thinking smartly. “Krypton” he repeated. “This is equivalent to hell”


“Are you calling my planet hell?” Jane turned to him. Both were na.ked like the first humans on earth.


“Not exactly. Why my soul was trapped in your planet is because you are an alien.


But truly, with humans, in the spiritual realm, hell is the destination” Anthony










Jane paused to see the men still looking at her in anticipation. She exhaled. “I know you’re expecting me to tell you how V2 began to spread” she said.


“You’re a mind reader. How did It?” Sam asked.


“I never knew that reviving Anthony caused an abnormality in my eyes. It started manifesting a year later where a man who wanted to make love to me, collapsed after staring into my eyes. I brought him to Anthony and explained to him. He tested and concluded that his souls was also trapped in Krypton by just looking into my eyes. I revived the man too not knowing he had carried the virus. Anthony knew that it will cause problem in the nearest future, so he build the Tunalin again, put it in a lock and reworked the bed using a blood. I saw him.”


“I think that was Nelson’s blood” Ben interfered.


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“Yes, I guess Anthony wanted his son alone to use the Tunalin to escape during the widely spread of the disease” Jane clarified.


“Who spread the disease?” Nelson asked.


“The second man I revived”


“Why not the first man, my father, who you also revived?”


“Because my sight hadn’t been abnormal by then. It even took the second man years before it started working on his body. I don’t know why the duration reduced to just few seconds after visual contact. Though when your father died, I was always on glasses to learn how to control it until I did” she looked at them all. “That’s why none of you were able to get it from me” she concluded.


Everybody remained quiet once more as Ben walked to Jane, touched her body strangely. “How old are you?” he asked her.


“I’ve lived decades. We stop aging from thirty years” she replied.


“Wow!” Ben exclaimed.


Nelson briskly walked to Jane too like an angrily beast, dragged her by the hand saying, “Now everything is clear. Take me to Krypton now. I have my mother’s life to save!”


“Get your hands off me!” Jane flung her hand from his. “I told you I can’t go back to Krypton!” she resisted. Just then, another pandemonium and hullabaloo became the next air in the atmosphere. All looked up with their ears opened.


“The souls are back. And i guess someone like Ernest has to make himself or herself present to Krypton before they leave us again” Sam said.


At that point, Nelson brought down his voice as he stared at Jane. “You need to help me save my planet. The more people die, the more their blood is on my head.



I made a promise to Kate, remember? And the only mother I know is lying helpless and her soul longing to see me on her recure. So please, help me”


Jane exhaled. “Follow me” she said as an afterthought….







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