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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 1

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Story Written By Nathaniel Anuma














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The faintly sweet odour of grass filtered into his sleep. At first he rejected it. It wasn’t true. But the odour persisted, growing stronger. Finally, he opened his eyes. In the dark, all he could see was the outline of two persons seated at the foot of his bed and their cigarettes glowing. He sat up, reaching for the lamp next to the bed. One of them reached over and stopped his hand, saying, “We didn’t mean to disturb your sleep, Nelson”


Nelson recognised the voice, plucked the joint from his fingers and dragged on it. “You weren’t disturbing me, Sam” he said. “If I’m going to get stoned, I’d rather be awake to enjoy it.”


“We’ve lost the game, Nelson” Charlie, the other person who was a girl said.


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Nelson hesitated to speak in the dark room for some moment until he put on the lamp thereby seeing the faces of whom invaded into his private room. He could see Charlie in a mini skirt and showback, looking like a street whore. On her lips were red wetlips just like her fingernails. He directed his eyes to Sam to see him looking disappointed too. “Losing the game simply means you’ve lost my money” he reached his shirt, hanging on the wall.


“We’re sorry, man. Joe is just too tough to beat” Sam said.


“We are getting back my money tonight”

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“That’s why we came to you for…”


“I’ve told you millions of times not to gamble with Joe without me” Nelson interrupted Charlie. He was now putting on his shoes. From the bending posture, he looked up at her. “Give me any amount you have left”


Charlie glanced at Sam before turning back to Nelson. There was a detected fear from her voice. “We-we-we gat nothing left”


“No, you gat ear-rings worth of something” Nelson hurried to her. “Stay still” he said as he began to take off her ear-rings from her ears. He forged towards the door followed by Charlie and Sam. They hurried down the staircase. Nelson lived with Mrs Helen, whom he thought was his mother on the last apartment on the last floor of the building. Though, the poor woman wasn’t at home in the moment. Just at the staircase, Charlie said, stopping on the way, “Nelson, my grandmother gave me those ear-rings. She gonna kill me if I don’t come back home with it”


Nelson looked back at her with his two legs on different stairs. “If you go home with it without getting my money, I’m gonna kill you too. So what difference does it make?”


Sam cleared his throat to say something but Nelson interrupted him. “Don’t even


say a word or you pull your shoes too.” They all stood quietly, allowing Nelson’s


voice to sink down into their heads like a metal sinking down into the bottom of an


ocean before they proceeded outside.



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Anthony, Nelson’s father, died years ago after discovering world changing device which he secured in a systematic electrochemical lock. Delgado, being the only person who have the idea Anthony had, discovered the lock recently. Though he worked with him before he died, but they lived like cat and rat. That explains why Anthony had to build a lock without his knowledge.


Nevertheless, Delgado sommorned his workers in the very research sanctum. One could see computers lined up on a longitudinal bench. There was a projector that displayed the structural image of the lock. Delgado stood before his workers saying, “I have tried severely to open up this lock” he pointed at the projector. “yet it keeps telling me that I’m not good in bed. I want to know what that means?”


Some of the workers giggled.


“It simply means you can’t perform in bed, sir. You’re horrible in it” Ernest, one of them said which caused more giggling.


Delgado became dumbfounded at his response. “I need a solution to this lock. That’s why I have you all here!”


Jane, one of his trusted workers walked out. She was in a black plain trouser and a suit. Her shoes echoed as she stepped forward to the projector. “Sir, judging from the response the lock gives whenever one tries to open it. I guess it simply means the only person who can open it is someone good in bed”


“And I’m the one” Ernest interfered while all looked at him. “I’m very good in bed. I can make a woman cum in three seconds”


Delgado provoked. “Ernest if you don’t shut up your mouth, I’ll make your salary cum in three months”


Everywhere calmed down once again for Jane to continue. She pulled out her pen, moving closer to the screen projector. “Sir, being good in bed that we’re talking about here is not literally a sexual satisfaction” she pointed a shape on the screen. “This lock is chemically connected to a bed, and the bed to somebody. Only that



person is good in the bed. Hence only him or her can open the door. I guess late Anthony knew what he created”


“Should we be looking for the bed or the person?”


“The bed is useless. We should rather focus on the person good in it because his or her blood has been screened and embedded on the bed through a chemical reaction”


Delgado thought for a moment. “I kind of agree with your idea. But who could this good for nothing in bed be?” he asked, making a sensitive move like a soldier quietly moving to shoot. “Anthony never disclosed his family to me but I know the only woman who was loyal to him. I think we gonna start from her”


“Sir,” Ernest swallowed hard. “To avoid escalating a dangerous alian or some kind of explosive device, why don’t we first discover what lies behind the lock? My life is so precious to me”


“What lies behind the lock is personal. Now, take few men with you. Go search for Helen” he dropped her picture and hurriedly went his office. :




Street lights shone along the road where Nelson walked happily with Charlie who never let go of his shoulder. They had gotten back their money from Joe through gambling which explained the tremendous mood both exhibited on the street. They felt like the world was made for them and left void just for both of them. Sooner did they get to Charlie’s residence.


“Now you’re home with your ear-rings” Nelson opened his palm where the rings rested.


Charlie smiled while taking them. “Thank you. My granny would have killed me”


“Nobody gonna kill you, Charlie” He returned the smile, watching as she hurried towards their door. It has been like that. They had understanding, do all sort of things together but never had any string attach to it.



Nelson opened the door of their sitting room to find Mrs Helen, the mother, watching television. He greeted her, heading to her room instead of his, but the mother called on him. She was quite old and looking healthy. She had a fair complexion with an open teeth.


“Nelson, I came back to perceive the odour of cigarette”


“My friends stopped by”


“And you allow them smoke in this house?”


“I wasn’t myself, mom. I’m sorry”


Both remained quiet until Nelson proceeded to his room instead of the mother’s coz he knew she would have had vivid understanding that he wanted to steal a portable bed and sell it out for money. The mother had warned him severely never to touch the bed, but Nelson insisted.


Later in the mind night, he sneaked into the mother’s room, carried the bed to his room. It could be folded in a small size which made it portable, but heavy. Later during the day, he walked to Sam’s and stretched out the bed in his room. The young man couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a metal bed made in a unique pattern. There was no mattress on it but just the bed alone, glowing in blue colour.


“Where the hell did you get this?” Sam asked.


“My mom had been harbouring it” Nelson began to fold the bed. “I want to sell it. Do you know any buyer?”


“Of course yes. This gonna worth a fortune” Sam led the way, followed by Nelson with the bed. They walked briskly like criminals on the street without knowing some people followed them from behind in a car.


“Just get the bed and forget the boy for now. There is more to the bed than the boy” a male voice instructed from the car.

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“Yes, sir” a voice also concurred. Suddenly, the car blocked the boys, two men with guns stepped down and pointed the guns at them.


“Hand over the bed” one of them stretched his hand. Nelson gently did as he said while Sam raised his two hands up like a caught criminal. The men took the bed and drove away. They weren’t from Delgado. They were another set of people who knew about the bed and wanted it more than the boy.


“My God, I’m finished!” Nelson exclaimed. “My mom gonna kill me”


“What difference does it make? She would have still kill you if you had sold the bed” Sam challenged.


“At least the money I would have made from it would have shut her up. How did they even know that was a bed?”


“What are we gonna do now?”


“Look!” Nelson pointed at a traffic light. “The traffic light gonna slow them down.


Let’s go after them!” they hijacked a motorcycle and ran after the very car….







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