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Mad In Love – Episode 4

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Benjamin! Hey!” I patted his hand. We had arrived at my house at half past 21, for some reason I

was taking my time driving back home.

Benjamin shifted slightly in the seat. ” come on inside” I spoke calmly pulling his hand up. He

stared at me his eyes weak. I could bet the effect of the sedutive was still working. Pulling him up,

he slowly stood and I pushed the door behind him not letting go of his hand.

The first thing I did after leaving him seated in my couch was to cook some Nshima for him. I

warned the left over chicken and vegetables from the refrigerator as well.

As I placed the food in front of him, his facial expression changed. He smiled and muttered

something, he wanted to start eating without washing his hands but l held his it..

” From now on, you wash your hands before eating” I instructed like l was telling a small child.

I watched him in silence as he ate, with him taking his time. I couldn’t help smile at his gentleness

in eating. He chewed softly and steadily without making a slight mess of the plates he was eating


After what seemed like forever, he finished the 6 lamps that had put for him. ” Come on now, you

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need to wash your hands” I smiled holding his hands in a basin.

” Who are you? ” he whispered his face close to mine as I was bending pouring water from a jar to

his hands.

I smiled at his soft voice. What marvelled me more was the fact that he spoke to me in English.

” My name is Jennifer!” I exclaimed happily. ” Am your friend Benjamin and I promise to take good

care of you. I just feel something is great about you and that you can be more than who you have

become” I said sadly rubbing his hands as I washed them.

” I will see how we both can find a way to get you better even if I have no idea what way for now” l

added taking time to say the words and he kept his eyes on me like I was crazy.

I was almost opening my mouth to say something, when he bursted out laughing. Startling, I sat

up and placed the jag aside now staring at him for a while. For a moment I thought he was teasing

me or something, but then I realised his condition and I sat back sadly.

I felt some tears rush in my eyes and I let them drop freely. ” What was I thinking?” I asked myself


” How am I going to live with this man in my house? He’s a total stranger and the worst thing is he

is a mad man” I whispered to myself not minding him as he kept chuckling and smiling at nothing in particular.

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” Well, Jennifer deal with It!” My inner voice screamed at me. ” I told you this was a crazy idea but

here you are now. You wanted a mad man so this is it” the voice went on making me shed tears

as l kept my eyes at the smiling Benjamin.

” I want water!” He shouted loudly. ” Yeah, of course” I shrugged wiping the tears and pouring him

some water.

He shook his head and pointed at the container.” Mmmn I see, a container it is” I let a laugh.

He gulped the water rapidly and in an instant half of the water bottle was gone. He placed it down

slowly and sat back rubbing his fingers.

I turned on the TV in front of us and he kept looking at the screen but it was clear he wasn’t seeing

nor understanding a thing. If he was, I couldn’t be certain.

I was taken by the movie, coming to America and didn’t realise he had dozed off. I patted his leg

gently to ask him to go to bed and I was shocked when he sat up abruptly pushing away my hand.

His facial expression changed into that of an angry man. But he said no words.

For a moment I shook with fear. I started imaging what would happen if he strangled me to death. I

would have no one to blame but myself.

I let him lay back down and I slowly switched off the TV and the lamp, after placing a thin blanket

on him.

I watched him in the dark for a couple of minutes. ” I pray God will help us both. I am not sure who

is mad between the two of us. But am not going back. I started this and am gonna see it to the

end” I talked to myself and stood straight up walking to my room.

I made sure I locked the door, so stupid huh, now I was worried of what he might do to me in the

night which I didn’t think of before going on a mad errand to go and kidnap a mad man.

The following morning I woke up so early and found him still fast asleep.

I took the chance and gave him another sedutive. Stripped him off his clothes and with all the

energy in my body, pulled his sleepy form to the bath tab.

I sat in the tab and opened some warm water, using the sprinkler tap I washed his head and went

down his back and chest.

I smiled swallowing hard when my eyes set on his manhood.” All my!” I let a small scream and like

to shock me more I saw it raise up and some urine pushed out of him, turning it into a perfect


Instead of feeling disgusted, I placed my thighs tight together calming my woman down. Feeling

guilty when his weak eyes looked up my silly face.

” Concentrate!” I scolded myself as I went back to scrubbing his body. Still marvelled at his smooth

light skin. Now that the dirty was coming out, I could bet his skin was glowing under the water as it

flowed down his body.

I had no reservations, I had made it a mission to clean him up so I went for the scissors and

started cutting his hair, which was always hidden in a sock and covers. After which I shaved his

arm pits and private parts.

By the time I was done shaving him, he looked different I felt proud of my work. I washed him once

again and pulled him up making sure all the hair was washed out.

Now he stood straight his na.ked body like that of a man in a soap advert. He muttered some

words as I rubbed lotion on his body.

” I need to get you men’s lotion and washing liquid” I spoke loudly. After pulling my big Tshirt on

him and my track bottom which only reached his middle leg I made him sit down in the couch and

took a few photos of him like I did before I bathed him. I had to take some photos just in case one

day, I would need to show them to him. Not that I was looking for any praise or something. I just

needed the evidence I had taken him from somewhere impossible.

After I was done saving him his favourite dish, I sat down feeling tired. I looked at the wall clock

and it showed a few minutes past 10 am.

I left him eating and took a bath myself, settling for a jumper and pamps.

I shook my head when l walked out just to find, Benjamin sleeping on the couch his hands still

covered in cramps. ” Well, I hope we will one day work on washing hands” I murmered to myself

as I washed his hands.

The ringing of my phone brought me up and I quickly picked it.

” Hey girly!” Responded Kegan immediately I picked the call.

” Yes man! What’s up?” I sighed placing the dishes in the sink.

” What time are you coming?” He asked

” Coming?” I inquired surprised.

” Yes coming, don’t tell me you have forgotten today is my birthday and am having a party this

evening! ” He shouted obviously disappointed I had forgotten.

” I was just kidding silly, how can l forget ” I lied thrusting my finger in my hair.

” Am coming definitely” l added looking down at Benjamin and thinking of how I was going to be

doing it. Leaving him alone in the house didn’t seem a good idea and now that I thought of it. It

was like I was going to be my own prisoner.

My movements would be affected. The thought of taking him to Chainama came, but then what

was I going to tell them?. I hardly knew him and the fact that I just kidnapped him worsened the


” Oh my God! ” I sighed sitting down after cutting Kegan’s call. I had to find a solution to that


” Yes!” I exclaimed recalling I had an old friend working at Chainama hospital . I had to give it a

short even if we were not in good terms, she was my only hope of helping my Benjamin.

I looked at the watch once again, ” if I can go now, then pass through Manda Hill to get Kegan a

gift, then I would make it back in time to prepare for the party” I talked to myself and started acting

by walking to my room and grabbing my hand bag.

I walked to the door and stopped recalling I had to make sure Benjamin was okey when he works


I gave him another dose of sedutive, which I knew would take almost 3 hours to ware off. I placed

the Nshima I left in the pot on the table besides him and walked out ensuring the door was locked.

” What a surprise!” Exclaimed Hellen upon seeing me.

” Yeah I know right? It’s been years my dear, how are You?” I acted up trying to pretend she was a

good friend of mine.

” How is the man you grabbed from me?” She asked sarcastically. The main reason we were not

in good pages. The girl couldn’t get over the fact that Daniel choose me over her years back. We

were friends from high school but after Daniel flirt a bit with her he settled for me and she was


” Well, you were saved the heart ach my friend, Daniel is a jerk I shouldn’t have agreed to his

proposal years ago” I shrugged trying to act cool with her sarcasm.

She laughed loudly making me loose my patience, but I needed her so I played a fool.

” Anyway, so what made you recall I still exist?” She made a face taking in my attire. I knew Hellen

always hated my curves and my ability to blend some clothe colours, which was a challenge for

her even after getting herself a rich husband, who showered her with cash. My simplicity, and

uniqueness couldn’t match up her expensive but unmatched choices.

” Well, I missed you and I realise it has been long, besides why fight over that Daniel when we

both have moved on right?” I giggled looking at her across the shining table between us. Thanks

to her Doctor husband, she got herself a position of nurse in charge and she was practically

boasting with her domination in that office.

” spit it out Jen, I know you” she smiled mockingly.

” Okey, you caught me.” I smiled sheepishly.

” I need your help and am willing to pay you.”

” Mmnmmm now it happens I am in need of money” she responded making a face of disgust.

” Oh no don’t get me wrong my dear. The thing is am desperate. My friend is not well. They are

saying he’s developing a mental problem.”

” So ?” She cut me before I could finish my explanation.

” Bring him to the hospital and some doctors will diagnose him” she went on.

” That’s the problem. I can’t ” I sighed sadly.

His family has refused to let him out of the house, so I can’t help him and am here to ask if you

can help me with the medication for mental patients to give to him. I can be taking the drugs to him

every day and am sure he can be fine” I explained trying to sound as genuine as possible.

” No am sorry, it doesn’t work like that, the doctors need to see him and then administer some

medication for him. They all don’t get the same medicine. So please if you want to help that your

boyfriend, then lower your ego and bring him to the right place ” she answered with a bit of

harshness and I felt my temper raise.

” Please!,”l begged but she shook her head.

” Am sorry Jen and now if you don’t mind am leaving to go and check on the patients” she stood


” You b*th! I cursed inside looking at her poorly done extension. I felt like taking my anger out on

her but I needed to stay calm.

” Well thank you for nothing!” I answered as we walked out.

Without answering she walked away leaving her office door slightly open. I pretended to be

walking away and when I looked both directions , I ran back to her office and pushed the door

slowly entering.

Straight away I went to the small cabinet with some drug packs. My hands trembling as I grabbed a hand full placing the medicines in my hand bag.

I got 3 of every type not knowing which one l would need. Satisfied I had enough I ran out and

peeped on both sides of the veranda before walking out and composing myself.

” Am sorry God, I had to” I whispered as I walked to the car park to get my car.

Passing through Manda Hill, I got Kegan a gift and went on a quick shoping for Benjamin’s clothes

and lotion.

I got back home 2 hours later, and found him still sleeping making some soft sounds.

I sat down and went on googling the names of the drugs I had and their use. I had to get to work

on his healing and there was no way I was going to rest till I achieved that.

“If it meant going to steal from Hellen, so be it” I shrugged as I waited for the results to load.

To be continued…

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