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Living With Guys – Episode 27

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“But babe, do you really have to go.” Bright asked hugging Henry really hard.


“Brights I have to go to work, you know I just started the company.” Henry says and placed a kiss on her forehead.


“But the guys can cover up for you.” Bright whines.


“Yeah and then make them mad, Bright I have to ask, are you pregnant.” Henry asks grinning.


“How can I be pregnant, if we haven’t done that stuff yet.” Bright mutters and punched him lightly on his shoulder.


“Well I can’t help but ask, since you refused me from going to work.” Henry utters.


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“Well I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen today and that’s why I don’t want you to go to work.” Bright utters, frowning.


“Bright look at me, I have escaped death a lot of time, even the police couldn’t catch me. So stop being my mum and be my fiancee.” He says cheekily and placed a kiss on her lips.


“Fine, I’ll stop but if anything suspicious happen any little thing at all, call me okay.”


“Okay I’ll, mother.”


“Call me that one more time and I’ll spank your ass.” She threatens, glaring at him.


“Are you sure you want to know how that session is going to end.” Henry whispers in her ear huskily and Bright blushed.




Bella walks into Henry’s company with only one goal in mind, BLACKMAIL.


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She strolled into the company with a devious smile.



“Ma I’m really sorry but you can’t go in there.” The secetary begged trying to stop her but Bella didn’t even pay attention to the lady, instead she walked forward and barged into Henry’s office.


“Sir I’m really sorry, I tried to stop her but she won’t listen.” The secetary says walking behind Bella.


“It’s okay Linda, you can go back to your office, I’ll handle it.” Henry says and Linda walks out leaving her boss alone with Bella.


“Bella what are you doing here.” Henry asked her, frowning at her presence in his office.


“Oh is that the way you talk to me now, no more love, darling, you know sweet pet names.” Bella asked making herself comfortable in his office.


“Bella please leave, if it’s money you want I’ll send it to you, now leave my office.”


“I don want your money Henry, I want something more than that, I want you to love me just like the way you use to, I want us to go back the way we are before Bright came into the picture, I want to feel your touch one more time, Henry I still love you.” Bella says and trails her finger sexily on his face.


“Well the feeling is not mutual.” Henry spit out in disgust, pushing her hand away from his face.


“Come on Henry what does Bright have that I don’t, does she pleasure you like I do.” She whispers in his ear, hotly.


“Do you really want to know what Bright has that you don’t.” Henry asked grinning.


“Yes tell me.”


“She has her dignity and you don’t have that.” Henry says smirking.



“Henry you’re forcing me to do things I don’t want to, I’ll advice you to come back to me or you won’t like tommorow headlines.” Bella warns.


“What could you possibly do to me Bella, or what headline are you talking about.”


“That’s a very good question, now picture this. The 4 top bachelors in the world turns out to be arm robbers or should I say kidnappers.” Bella smiles as Henry smirk drops from his face.


“Where have you got such an idea from Bella, cause I don’t know what you are talking about.” Henry says, comporting his self and pretends to be focusing back on the documents on his desk.


“Henry you seemed to be forgetting one tiny little detail, my father is the d.p.o, you know I don’t know if I should be mad at the fact that you were only dating me all because of who my father is, you used me to get informations.” Bella growls at him.


“I still don’t know what rubbish you’re blabbing out of your mouth, I think you got the wrong person.” Henry says causally.


“I won’t be getting the wrong person, when you’ll be making headlines tommorow, will i??”


“Bella leave my office.”


“Why should I, are you afraid. Henry do I look like like a fool, Bright was a kidnap victim and since she was in your house during her supposed kidnap, so what does that make you guys, oh and to say that you guys never had a real job, it was only recently you all decided to stop your life of crime, I have to say Bright is damn good. Oh Henry I know everything and I’ll advice you not to make me reveal your secret to the world.”


“No one will believe you, so you’re just wasting my time and yours.”


“Oh I don’t know about that bescause every evidence point towards you and I’m sure my father will also appreciate my help in his investigation, to tell you the



truth, there’s nothing else he wants in this life than to see you criminals behind bars.”


“Fine what do you want.” Henry asked trying to keep himself from straggling her to death.


“What I want is very simple, push Bright out of your life and then replace her with me, just think about it, will be the perfect couple, with the perfect baby.” Bella says in a sing song manner.


“I’ll never do that to Bright, never.” Henry says angrily banging his fist on his desk.


“Then get ready to marry Bright behind bars.” Bella says bitterly.


“Leave my office now.” Henry yells at her, getting more angry with each moment that pass.


“Fine I’ll leave, but because of the love I have for you, I’ll give you only three days, three days to get that woman out of your life and if you don’t do as I say then get ready to have a wonderful trip along with Zack, Uche and Bayo to the inner walls of prison. Good bye love.” Bella laughs a little and walks out of his office and his company with a smile of victory.


“Fuck what the hell just happened.” Henry exclaimed.








Living With Guys


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