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Living With Guys – Episode 26

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Theme: The calm before the storm














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“Oh my God, Henry I love it, it’s beautiful.” Bright exclaims hugging Henry and raining kisses on his face.





“I’m glad you love it because this is where we are going to be living from now on.” Henry says and kissed her on her lips.





“But why??, don’t you want to live with the guys anymore.” Bright asked frowning.





“Not if I can’t have a little privacy with my wife to be, the other time it was bayo that ruined the mood, then uche walked in on us and Zack, he always has one matter or the other he wants you to settle.” Henry says frowning and Bright stands on her toe and kissed the frown away.





“Much better. You look less handsome when you frown.” Bright says grinning and gives him one more kiss on his cheeks.





“WHO IS READY FOR A HOUSE WARMING PARTY!!!!!!!!.” Bayo yells walking into the living room, with Uche and Zack trailing right behind him, with a box of pizza in hand.





“You guys brought pizza.” Bright exclaims excitedly.





“Yep, and it’s for the house warming party.” Zack says and Bright squeals loudly, she has developed a great liking to pizza.








“Oh Henry the only thing standing between you and Bright love is that thing called pizza, it’s a really strong competition.” Uche comments patting Henry on his back and Henry shoved him in his stomach.





“Ouch.” Uche exclaims glaring at Henry.





“Okay guys, I’ll go bring some juice and then we can officially start the house warming party.” Bright announced and the guys cheers.










“Oh my God, that is so funny, how did you guys, do that and at such age.” Bright asks laughing out loud.





“Well that woman was already pissing me off, how could the government supply the orphanage with things the kids will need and you as the caretaker decides to take half of it for your children, who are not even orphans.” Zack says and chugs down his glass of orange juice.





“I’m trying to imagine you guys looking so small and cute with a scissors in hand cutting every single thing the woman had smuggled away for her kids. Tell me, how did she reacts when she found out.”





“She was really mad but the good news is she never found out it was us.” Uche says smiling widely.





“I’m pretty sure if she had found out it was you guys, she would have killed as of you with her hands.” Bright says still laughing, picturing the look on the woman face when she saw the designs the guys did on the stuff she stole.





“Nah, she wouldn’t have been able to do a thing to us, we were really smart back then.” Bayo boasted.





They all talked into the night, laughing at every joke, having a wonderful time together, eating pizza with cold juice.








Bright smiles watching their faces, this is wonderful and lovely. She thinks. But there was this feeling deep down in her heart that this was the calm before the storm.

















Bella walks into her house, really angered by the way Henry has been treating her, she had been calling him but he never picks, she sends him tons of messages and he won’t even reply, she tried going to his house but his gate man wouldn’t let her in, all he ever does is to send her tons of money every week but she wanted more than his money maybe she loves money, but she also want him and to think she had to get herself pregnant, like how could she be that stupid to think that if she’s carrying his child that he would marry her straight away.





Bella thinks for a while on what to do but she had nothing, she got jolted out of her deep thinking by the slamming of the sitting room door.





She raised an eyebrow at her disheveled and slightly drunk father, as he walks into the room.





“I guess I’m not the only one having a bad day.” Bella comments.





“Don’t worry about me daughter. you’re pregnant and the last thing you need right now is your drunk father dumping all his failures on you.” Mr Jhon says plopping down on one of the couch.





“Dad, me being pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t be there for you, tell me what’s going on.” Bella asks.





“The case have been working on for 3 years now, the ones about those four popular arm robbers.”





“Yeah the ones you couldn’t catch.”





“Yeah those ones, Mr Ibrahim, Chief of police asked me to close down the case.” Mr Jhon says rubbing his wrinkled face.








“But why would he asks you to close down the case and let those criminals roam freely in Nigeria.” Bella exclaims standing up, and then sits next to her father on the couch.





“That’s because they haven’t commited any crime in eight months, and now that stupid Mr Ibrahim says if there no crime then there’s no case.” Mr Jhon spits out bitterly.





Bella didn’t know what to say to her dad, so instead she pats him on his back to comfort him.





“And to top it all the only lead I had, the girl that was kidnapped by those criminals refused to say a word.” Mr Jhon utters angrily.





“Maybe she was threatened by the arm robbers.” Bella chirps in.





“That’s what I thought but the detective I sent there, said she did look like someone who wasn’t frightened, infact she acted like she knew the arm robbers on personal terms and Inspector David is a really good judge of characters. I feel like there’s something I’m missing here, there’s a piece of information i can’t see here.” Mr Jhon says hysterical and takes out the kidnapped girl’s photo from his bag, he stares at the picture really hard trying to find the missing information.





Bella gasp in surprise as she saw the person in the picture. “Bella are you alright.” Mr Jhon asked concerned on hearing his daughter gasp.





“Yes, I’m fine father. You know what, I think you should go have your bath, I’m sure it will help take your mind off things, even if it’s just for a minute.”





Her father’s nods and stands up from the couch then walks out of the sitting room.





Once her father was gone, Bella picks up the picture, and stares at it again, on studying the picture, she cane to a conclusion that the person in the photo is Bright.





But if Bright is really the kidnapped victim, then does it mean……, oh my God, that





can’t be possible, right?. But father did say the arm robbers are four in number and Henry, Zack, Uche and Bayo are four in number, and Bright did stay With them


during those two months she was supposed to be kidnapped and not only that Bright left the house eight month ago, beside I always asked what he does for a living but he always brushed the topic off, he only recently started a business. So this means Henry, Zack, Uche and Bayo are the four thieves, while Bright it’s the kidnapped victim. Now I know why Henry said he couldn’t sack her and why Bright was so sure they wouldn’t sack her. You can’t sack a girl you kidnapped. Bella thinks, putting the missing information together.


“Hmm, this is interesting.” She says smirking, a look of determination in her eyes.


Living With Guys

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