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Living With Guys – Episode 22

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Theme: Back to Nigeria


7 months later


Bright was able to write her wassce and the guys business is making headlines, all in all they were having the best time of their life but one thing was sure, they were not as happy as they claimed to be, one thing was missing and they know what it is.




“For the last time Bella, I don’t care if you’re carrying my child, there’s never gonna be a wedding between us, so stop.” Henry yells leaving his room for a certain intruder who refused to pack out of his room.


“Don’t tell me Bella is at it again.” Zack asked in bored eating from his bowl of cereal, since there’s no eatable food in the house he might as well adapt to eating junk food in the morning.


“Yeah, she won’t just take no for an answer.” Henry sighs and sits down next to Uche on the couch.

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“I wish Bright was here, she would have dragged Bella lazy ass out of the house, the lady is so annoying.” Bayo utters and at the mention of Bright name a sad frown appears on Henry face, seven months, seven damn months of not seeing her, of not kissing those sweet lips of her. He miss her, terribly.


“Are you sure you don’t want to visit her in Ghana.” Uche asks.


“No I don’t.”


“Then why do you keep on checking up on her, what she’s doing, where she is, if she’s on a date, you’re only going to end up a crazy stalker, you have to stop.” Zack says.


“Well I can’t okay, i can’t.” Henry utters angrily and left the sitting room.


“Oh, I wish Bright would come back, I don’t not to wish to see the day he would run mad for real.” Uche says and sighs.





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Bright walks into her house humming a song, she stops right in her tracks once she saw her mum and her best friend placing clothes on a travelling bag.


“What are you guys doing, wait a minute isn’t that my clothes.” Bright asked surprise picking up one of the clothes and examined it and just like she thought it was indeed her clothes.


“Oh yeah it’s your clothes, we are helping you pack.” Regina answers calmly.


“But I’m not going anywhere, so why are you packing my clothes.” Bright asked confused.


“Well because you’re going back to Nigeria.” Her mum answers this time.


“And why would I want to go back there.” Bright asked bewildered.


“Because we are tired of seeing you mop the whole house with your sad face, you’re going back to Henry.” Her mum says and drops more of her stuff in the bag.


“What there’s no way I’m doing that, I’m not going back there and I do not use my face to mop the house.” She exclaims frowning.


“Well you do and that’s why you are going back there.” Her mum says glaring at her.


“There’s nothing you guys would say that would make me go back there, okay. I am not going back to Nigeria.” She yells stubbornly crossing her eyes angrily.


“Oh we are not going to convince you to go.” Regina says smiling mischievously at her friend.


“I don’t get you.” Bright says narrowing her eyes on her best friend.


Her best friend only smiles cheekily in response and both her best friend and her mum rushed to her and drags her out of the apartment. “What are you guys doing.”



Bright asked bewildered struggling against them. Her mum didn’t answer instead she pushed her out of the house, while Regina throws her the travelling bag outside with a plane ticket.


“Safe journey, and please once you settle back in the house, don’t forget to call me and send me a plane ticket.” Regina yells locking door.


“And also make sure you tell my son in-law to send me the money I spent on booking you a flight, I borrowed that money oo.” Her mum yells too.


“First of all I did not send you to go and borrow money and lastly henry is not your son in-law.” Bright yells back.


“All this one you’re narrating is jamb story, you better go and catch your flight I put some money at the side of your bag, use it and pay for a taxi to the airport and be fast your plane leaves by 7:25pm and this is already 5:53pm, so start leaving, ehn once you get to Nigeria you can book a hotel room to stay in, the money I borrowed is enough for that, and make sure you send my money back, safe journey.” Her mum says and goes inside the room to sleep.


“Seriously the both of you can’t do this to me oo, open this door, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR REGINA.” Bright yells banging on the door.


“Ah Bright what dey go on.” Mummy Adjua says poking her head outside the door.


“It’s nothing ma, everything is fine.” Bright says putting up a smile.


“Okay, if you say so.” Mummy Adjua says and retreats back into her apartment.


“See I’ll advice you to start heading back into the airport, before you miss your flight, me I’m going to watch a movie, ohh and don’t forget to call me okay, journey mercies.” Regina says.


“REGINA DON’T YOU EVEN DARE LEAVE.” Bright yells angrily.



“Too late I’m already turning on the TV, oh they are showing Almost yours in telemundo, and yeah I’m definitely sitting down to watch it.” Regina yells back and did as she said.


Bright stomps her feet on the floor, frowning, she picks up the plane ticket and stares at it for a while confused.


It would be stupid of you to let this opportunity to see our mates slip by. Her subconsciousness says.


Okay seriously we are not werewolves, and Henry is not our mates!!. Bright retorts and shut her off.


Well it wouldn’t be that bad to go back to Nigeria, beside shebi you’re the one saying you missed them, ehn there’s nothing bad in going back. Bright thinks for a while before coming to a decision, she sighs and picks up the bag and left the compound.


Regina opens the door and peeps outside, she smiles seeing there was no one outside. “Mummy you can stop sleeping she’s gone.” Regina announced.


“Really, yes we did it.” Mummy Bright exclaims and they both hug, laughing out loud.




Bright steps out of the Lagos airport, she smiles taking off her glasses, she looks around the airport and flags down a taxi, for now she will book a hotel room and then tommorow she heads to the guys mansion..


Oh I can’t wait to surprise them. Bright thinks giddy.







Living With Guys


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