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Living With Guys – Episode 21

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Theme: Life in Ghana











“What did you just say, you can’t be pregnant.” Henry yells exasperated.


“Yeah she can be pregnant, if you like had sex with her.” Uche yells from behind the door.

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“GUYS GET OUT OF THERE NOW.” Henry yells at them.


“Fine, we are leaving.” Uche yells back from behind the door but didn’t move.


“Bella, you can’t be pregnant, you told me you were on pills.” Henry says getting angry by the minute.


“Well I said that only bescause I wanted you to get me pregnant, obviously, it’s been a year now since you proposed to me, what do you expect I would wear the damn ring patiently. I’m pregnant Henry and you’re are the father, I’ll advice you to start planning a wedding cause I’m not having this child outside marriage, Bright!! Bright!!.”


“She’s no longer here.” Henry says holding his self from banging Bella head on the wall.



“Wow really, that’s great, here help me with my bags, you know I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to be doing heavy work.” Bella says and drops her back right in front of him then cat walked out of the sitting room.


“Fuck.” Henry exclaims and hits the wall with his fist.


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“Wow can’t believe by this time next year you will be having a baby.” Bayo exclaims walking into the living room, Uche and Zack trailing behind him.


“Bayo shut up.” Zack whispers into his ear.


“So what are you gonna do now.” Zack asked Henry placing a hand on his shoulder.


“I don’t know, I’m pretty sure if I told her to go abort the child she would say no.” Henry says and sighs, sitting down on a couch.


“Well this is fu.cked up, really fu.cked up.” Zack exclaims and sits next to Henry on the couch.


“Well I guess we should get ready for another round of trouble.” Uche says.


“Yeah pregnancy trouble.” Bayo says.




“Wow, Bright after listening to everything that happened to you while you were kidnapped, the only thing i have to say to you, is that next time you get Kidnapped then do me a favour by bringing me along. But girl so you’re telling me that you’re in love with the guy that held you hostage.” Regina utters bewildered. Both of them are currently sitting inside the Ghana government school in kpone close to Bright house, empty plantain leaves that once contained waakye lies on the floor next to them.


“I don’t think I can say I was an hostage, I had complete freedom minus the fact that I couldn’t go out, and yeah what’s there not to fall in love with Henry, he is amazing and I miss him.” Bright says pouting her lips.



“Eh, girl you’re really serious ooh, well if you miss him that much then go back to Nigeria, you still have the money they gave to you, so go back to them.” Regina says.


“No I’m never doing that beside they were the one who asked me to leave, so there’s no way I’m going to go back there, never.”


“I’m pretty sure they wanted you to leave because they felt it would make you happy, come on they gave you a necklace, a beautiful one at that.” Regina exclaims, Bright frowns and pulled the necklace out of her shirt, her hands rubs the smooth surface of the necklace and her mind travels back to the kiss she had with Henry.


“No no I’m not going back there and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind.” Bright utters shaking the disturbing memories away.


“Okay fine, I’ll stop for today, so what about your wassce.”


“I don’t know, but has registration end here”


“Well yes but I know someone that can help you register, but are you sure you want to write here in Ghana, where you not the one saying you can’t write here because the money is too much.”


“Well that’s true but now I have money, it will be enough to pay for my wassce and still remain a little beside I’m not interested in going back to that my country called Nigeria.” Bright says frowning.


“You better not or you will get kidnapped again oo.” Regina jokes.


“So the fact that I got kidnapped is now a laughing matter abi.”


“Ooh please, can you call what you passed through kidnapped, please that one is called enjoyment in the highest level, please the next time you’re getting kidnapped come and inform me, so we can get kidnapped together.”


“Ahh my friend is silly.” Bright exclaims smiling.



“I know right but Bright mafe wo papa (I really miss you)” Regina says standing up from the desk and hugs her friend.


“Saa? Me nso mafe wo (really I’ve missed you too).” Bright replies her back. “That’s pure lie you want to tell me you even remembered my name while you were in that mansion.”


(Join Group) More stories @ “Okay fine maybe I didn’t.” Bright says pouting.


“Ah I’m not surprise, is it not you we are talking about here, Amos Bright the one and only foodie, once you see food you’ll forget everything you have ever know in this life.”


“Regina are you insulting me.” Bright asks standing up.


“Daabi, I can’t do that now.” Regina replies equally standing up from her sit and jumps out of the class through the window.


“Where are you going you should have wait.” Bright yells after her and jumps out of the window too.


“Ah Bright just the person I was looking for.” A man she has never seen in her life says walking up to her, making both her and Regina to stop right in their track.


“Mepa wo kyew(I’m sorry) good evening sir but do I know you.” Bright asked staring at the funny looking old man standing right in front of her.


“Oh forgive me my child for not introducing myself, my name is Mr Kwame and you must be Bright.” Mr Kwame says extending his hand for a hand shake and Bright politely refuse to shake his hand.


“This man has been asking for your mother hands in marriage.” Regina whispers in Bright ear.


“Hmm, Mr Kwame my friend here just told me that you have been asking my mum to marry you.”



“Oh yes that’s true, and I was hoping you could help me talk to your mother, you see I love her very much, if you let me marry you mum, I’ll take care of both you and your mum very well you’ll not lack anything in life.” The man says shaking his head like an agama lizard.


“Do you have a car.”




“I said do you have a car.”


“But what has that …”


“Old man you’re the one asking for my mother’s hand in marriage and so I believe I can ask whatever I want to ask you, so answer the question.” Bright says already getting irritated by the man’s presence.


“No I don’t have a car but I can buy…”.


“Save it, do you have a house or do you pay rent.”


“I pay rent.” The man stutters.


“How many bedrooms does the house have.”




“Hey Awurade(God) you don’t have a car, you don’t own a house and finally the house you’re staying has only one bedroom, and you said you can take care of me and my mum, you must be a joker, see go and ask around this area I’m a crazy person, so if you don’t want me to do something crazy just better carry your two legs and leave this place right this minute.” Bright warns the man.


“But I love your mother.” Mr Kwame exclaims.



“Jesus, shebi it’s your love I and my mum will eat abi.” Bright asks picking up a very long can making Mr Kwame to run away.


“You should have stand here, na. See this man I was thinking of helping him move his ministry, thinking he had money, but no he doesn’t even have one peswa, just look at the way his dressed and he wants to come and marry mum.”


“Ahh Bright you will not kill me, what if I had now told you that the man is married.” Regina asks in between laughter.


“Wait you mean that man is married.” Bright asks bewildered.


“Yes he is, his wife is that woman that fries koosè (Akara or black eyed peas fritters) by the road side.”


“Oghenevo see me see trouble, wait there old man, stop running, today I must break your head open and resets it, does my mother look like second wife material, I said stop right there!!!” Bright yells running after the man who’s already far gone.


Living With Guys


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